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Artists beginning with the letter M

µ-Ziq The Fear fear
The Motorbike Track motorbikes


Pop Muzik

music genres


$10 shopping
Galang purple
Paper Planes sound effects


letters, emails, etc.

M-People Movin' On Up upbeat breakup # 2


Pump up the Volume (USA 12" mix)

rallying cries


Run Into Flowers

trees, grass and flowers

Ma, Yo-Yo (with Alison Krauss) Simple Gifts New England
MacColl, Ewan (with Peggy Seeger) Dirty Old Town Manchester
Joy of Living mountains
The Manchester Rambler the weekend
The Moving On Song moving on

MacColl, Kirsty

Big Boy on a Daturday Night days of the week
Dancing in Limbo limbo

England 2 Colombia 0


(with the Pogues) Fairytale Of New York


In These Shoes shoes


There But for the Grace of God Go I


Macka B Unemployment Blues unemployment
MacKenzie, Billy 14 Mirrors mirrors
MacLean, Dougie Scythe Song tools
MacPhee, Catherine-Ann Cànan nan Gàidheal Scotland
MacRae, Gordon Oh What a Beautiful Mornin' bright and beautiful


Baggy Trousers


Cardiac Arrest


Driving in My Car machinery, industry & technology
Embarrassment embarrassment
House of Fun anticipation
In the Middle of the Night news & the media
It Must Be Love love is...

My Girl


Our House



Burning Up




Justify My Love whispering songs
Lucky Star great middle eights
Vogue glamour & style


Andorinha da Primavera



The Light Pours Out of Me light



Shot By Both Sides


A Song from Under the Floorboards

songs about songs

Magnetic Fields

The Book of Love Valentine's Day Songs
The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure historical figures
The Dreaming Moon moon
Fido, Your Leash is Too Long pets
I Shatter deep voices

I Think I Need A New Heart

the heart

Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits hedonism
The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side luck
Queen of the Savages queens

Very Funny

short songs

Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget rejection
Magnetic Man The Bug internet
Magnum Les Morts Dansant justice
Maguire, Emily Start Over Again recovery
Mahavishnu Orchestra You Know, You Know outstanding percussion
Mahlathini & the Mahotella Queens Thokozile flutes, pipes, or whistles
Mahler, Gustav (Kathleen Ferrier, singer) Das Lied Von Der Erde (6th Movement, Part 3) vibrato, tremolo or oscillations
Symphony No 8 excess

Main Source

Looking at the Front Door


Mainer, J.E. Why Do You Bob Your Hair, Girls? fads and crazes
Major Lance Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um parks
Make a Change Kill Yourself - Chapter 1 Nordic Countries


Born on the Floor

babies and childbirth

I Am Pentagon numbers

Makeba, Miriam

The Click Song

songs about songs

Soweto Blues named after towns
Malaria! (vs Chicks on Speed) Kaltes Klares Wasser (Cold Clear Water) cleansing
Malchak, Tim It Goes Without Saying the obvious
Malia Yellow Daffodils retrospection
Malkmus, Stephen & the Jicks Gardenia flowers
Malú Aprendiz teachers

Mamas and the Papas

California Dreamin'


Creeque Alley retrospection

Dream A Little Dream of Me


Midnight Voyage midnight
Sing for Your Supper mealtimes
Man Never Say Nups to a Nepalese Welsh songs
Man or Astro-man? Escape Through the Air Vent escape
Manassas Johnny's Garden gardens
Mandel, Johnny (with Mike Altman) Theme From M*A*S*H failure

Mandell, Eleni



Pauline glamour & style
Mandell, Steve (with Eric Weissberg) Duelling Banjos call & response

Manfred Mann

Doo Wah Diddy misheard, nonsense or inaudible lyrics
Ha Ha Said the Clown laughter

Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James


Manfred Mann Chapter Three One Way Glass glass
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Pluto the Dog dogs
Mangelsdorff, Albert (with Don Cherry) I Dig It - You Dig It austerity
Mangeshkar, Lata Wada Na Tod vibrato, tremolo or oscillations

Manic Street Preachers

4st 7lbs control
A Design for Life orchestral string instruments


I Am Songs

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next


The Intense Humming of Evil

scary songs

Kevin Carter

famous people

Motorcycle Emptiness motorbikes
NatWest Barclays Midlands Lloyds companies & corporations
Manilow, Barry Copacabana so bad they're good

Mann, Aimee

4th of July


Fifty Years After the Fair prophets & prophecy

Ghost World

comics and cartoons

I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up Christmas


Wise Up pathos
Mann, Herbie

(with João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim) One Note Samba

Manowar The Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings) crowns

Mansell, Clint

(with Kronos Quartet & Mogwai) Death
Is the Road to Awe

instrumental soundtracks

Mansfield, Keith Grandstand incidental music
Mansour, Shadia (with Ana Tijoux) Somos Sur (We Are the South) unity

Manuva, Roots

Again and Again cricket
Sinny Sin Sins sinners

Yellow Submarine

Beatles covers

Mar, Kathy Flowers for Algernon rodents
Mar-Keys Last Night last night
Marcels I Wanna Be the Leader leadership
Marilyn Manson Dope Show addiction
Márquez, Rocío Cómo Pasa La Vida minimalist songs
Margot and the Nuclear
So and So's
A Journalist Falls in Love
With Deathrow Inmate #16
capital punishment




Lady Nina prostitution
Warm Wet Circles geometrical shapes
Marina and the Diamonds Hermit the Frog secrets
Marine Life in Reverse reversing
Mariza Medo extraordinary vocals
Mark, Louis 6 Sixth Street addresses

Markie, Biz

Spring Again


Markley Roger the Rocket Ship ships and boats

Marley, Bob and the Wailers

Buffalo Soldier immigrants & refugees
Exodus moving on
Get Up, Stand Up lessons in life
Iron Lion Zion iron and steel
Midnight Ravers midnight
No Woman, No Cry Caribbean
One Love unity
Redemption Song freedom
Revolution revolution

Roots, Rock, Reggae

music genres

Them Belly Full anger
Trenchtown Rock (Live) mood-changing music
Marling, Laura My Manic and I two - part 1
Marmalade I See the Rain water

Marrow, Queen Esther

Walk Tall Baby (That's What I Need)


Marsalis, Wynton Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child best brass songs
Marshall, Amanda Dark Horse overturning the odds
Martha 1997, Passing in the Hallway ages

Martha and the Muffins

Echo Beach one hit wonders

Suburban Dream


Martha and the Vandellas

Dancing in the Street celebration

(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave


Nowhere to Run stuck or trapped
Martin, Dean Memories are Made of This recipe songs
Martin, Janis My Boy Elvis concerts
Martin, Mayte (with Tete Montoliu) Contigo en la Distancia estimates of distance and time
Martino, Al Come Share the Wine community

Martyn, John

(with Beverley Martyn) Primrose Hill


Singing in the Rain rain
Small Hours (live) vibrato, tremolo or oscillations

Solid Air

other musicians

Spencer the Rover independence
The Sky Is Crying sky


The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game hunting
I'll Keep Holding On waiting

My Baby Must Be a Magician


My Daddy Knows Best unemployment
Marvin, Lee Wandering Star out of tune

Marvin The Martian

I Hate My Job


Masekela, Hugh Stimela manual labour
Mason, Nick (with Robert Wyatt) I'm a Mineralist secret vices

Mason, Willy



Mass Influence (with Dynamic Syncopation) 2 Tha Left left or right

Massive Attack

Group Four control
Inertia Creeps impressive intros





Teardrop special guests
Masta Killa (with Afu-Ra) Mortal Kombat fighting



the sea

Masuka, Dorothy



Matching Mole O Caroline regrets
Signed Curtain futility
Mathis, Johnny 99 Miles from LA anticipation
Misty falling in love
Mattafix Living Darfur peace
Matthews, Cerys (with Space) Ballad of Tom Jones Jones and Joneses
Mawkin (ft Jim Causley) Bellringers/Peacock Follow the Hen bells
Maximo Park My Life in Reverse reversing
May, Imelda Knock patterns & sequences
Mayall, John & the Bluesbreakers Double Crossing crosses
Mayer, John Walt Grace's Submarine Test making things
Your Body is a Wonderland discovery

Mayfield, Curtis

Back to Living Again overturning the odds

(Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below
We're All Going To Go

God and the devil

Freddie's Dead

songs recorded for movies

Move On Up

optimistic songs

People Get Ready revolution
The Pusherman ironic songs
Readings in Astrology star signs
We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue black
Wild and Free freedom
Maytals (see Toots and the Maytals)    

Mazzy Star

Be My Angel angels

Fade Into You

sexy songs

Mbuti Pygmies Hindewhu flutes, pipes, or whistles


The American Ruse deception

Kick out the Jams

rallying cries

MC Buggz Zika 101 unusual rhymes
MC Frontalot Goth Girls shyness
MC Junior (with MC Leonardo) Rap das Armas South America
MC Leonardo (with MC Junior) Rap das Armas South America
MC Lyte Absolutely Positive jokes
MC Solaar Qui Sème le Vent Récolte le Tempo wind

McAlmont, David & Butler

(with Bernard Butler as McAlmont & Butler)Yes

upbeat break-up

(with Michael Nyman as McAlmont & Nyman) Secrets, Accusations and Lies secrets and secrecy
McCain, Jerry She's Tough laughter
McCallum, David House of Mirrors mirrors


The Home Secretary Briefs
the Forces of Law and Order

law enforcement

We Are All Bourgeois Now zeitgeist
McCartney, Linda (with Paul McCartney) Ram On solo Beatle songs
McCartney, Paul (with Wings) The Broadcast solo Beatle songs
Coming Up solo Beatle songs
(with Wings) Let Me Roll It solo Beatle songs
Maybe I'm Amazed solo Beatle songs
(with Wings) Mull of Kintyre Scotland
(with Linda McCartney) Ram On solo Beatle songs
(with Wings) Silly Love Songs songs about love songs
We All Stand Together unity
McClintock, Harry Big Rock Candy Mountain fantasy
McClusky KKKitchens, What Were You Thinking? bad decisions
McCoy, Kansas Joe (with Memphis Minnie) What's the Matter Wih the Mill? dialogue
(with Memphis Minnie) When the Levee Breaks earth, soil & dirt
McDuff, Brother Jack Hot Barbeque meals
McFadden and Whitehead Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now obstacles
McFerrin, Bobby Opportunity covers by the opposite sex
McGregor, Freddie Big Ship ships and boats
McGuinness, Eugene Monsters Under the Bed nightmares
McKenzie, Scott San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair) zeitgeist
McLean, Don Rivers of Babylon finish where they begin
McRae, Carmen I'm Going to Lock My Heart and Throw Away the Key keys and locks

McGarrigle, Kate and Anna

Complainte Pour Ste-Catherine songs in French
Dancer With Bruised Knees two - part 2
Go Leave divorce

Heart Like A Wheel

the heart

NaCl (Sodium Chloride)


Tell My Sister brothers and sisters
McGhee, Brownie (with Sonny Terry) Fox Hunt hunting
McGhee, Sticks Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee wine
McGuire, Barry Eve of Destruction apocalypse

Mckay, Nellie


guilt and apology

McKee, Maria Breathe breathing
Panic Beach the coast
McKenzie, Bob and Doug (with Geddy Lee) Take Off Canada
McLachlan, Sarah Possession ambiguous songs
McLaren, Malcolm Double Dutch fads and crazes
McLaughlin, John Guardian Angels angels
McLean, Don American Pie mood-changing music
Vincent works of art
McLennan, Grant Easy Come, Easy Go impermanence
Fingers falling
McManus, Ross Secret Lemonade Drinker secrets
McMurtry, James We Can't Make It Here Anymore stick it to the man
McNabb, Ian Not Lost Enough to Be Rescued loss

McRae, Carmen

How Long Has This Been Going On? arresting opening lines

Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most


McTell, Blind Willie Amazing Grace minimalist songs
Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues funerals
Travelin' Blues travelling
McWilliams, David Days of Pearly Spencer one hit wonders
Me'Shell NdegéOcello If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night) last night

Meat Beat Manifesto

Radio Babylon


Meat Loaf

Paradise By the Dashboard Light bad decisions

You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth


Meat Puppets

Lake of Fire

heaven and hell

Plateau wilderness
Mediæval Bæbes Veni Veni Bella harmonies
Megadeth The Beginning of Sorrow bad decisions
Megson The Long Shot coincidence
The Riddle Song chicken and egg songs
Mèkurya, Gétatchèw Gedamay discordant songs
Melanie Brand New Key fads and crazes
What Have They Done to My Song, Ma music industry
Melodians Rivers of Babylon exile
Mellow Candle Buy or Beware water
Melua, Katie Nine Million Bicycles estimates of distance and time
Melvin, Harold & the Bluenotes Bad Luck luck
I Miss You desperation


Sounds of the Suburbs


Memphis Minnie I'm a Bad Luck Woman luck
(with Black Bob) If You See My Rooster (Please Run Him Home) running
Joe Louis Strut fighting
(with Kansas Joe McCoy) What's the Matter With the Mill? dialogue
(with Kansas Joe McCoy) When the Levee Breaks earth, soil & dirt
Men at Work Down Under unusual rhymes
Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing Brunel machinery, industry & technology
Goggles machinery, industry & technology
Men They Couldn't Hang The Colours flags
The Ghosts of Cable Street resistanceresistance
Tiny Soldiers army
Mendelssohn, Felix Fingal's Cave islands

Mendes, Sergio and Brasil '66

The Fool on the Hill

Beatles covers

Mas Que Nada triggering dancing
Mercé, José Pueblecito Mio villages
Vivo Cielo sky
Merchant, Natalie Kind and Generous gifts and giving
Nursery Rhyme of Innocence and Experience opposites
Ophelia feminism
Mercury, Freddy (with Montserrat Caballé) Barcelona excess

Mercury Rev

The Dark Is Rising

night & darkness

Goddess on a Hiway speed
Hercules ancient history
Holes odd sounds and instruments
Merrill, Helen What's New regrets
Merz Silver Moon Ladders adventure
Merzbow Minus Zero discordant songs
Messaien, Olivier L'Alouette Lulu birds


Creeping Death

biblical songs

Enter Sandman


Hit the Lights debuts
One songs that build

Wherever I May Roam


Meteors Don't Touch the Bang Bang Fruit warnings

Metheny, Pat

(with Kronos Quartet & Steve Reich)
Different Trains: Europe During the War


Method Man

(with Mary J. Blige) I'll Be There For You/You're
All I Need To Get By (Puff Daddy Mix)


Metro Flame alliteration
Metro-tytöt Hiljainen Kylätie villages
Mey, Frédérik J'aimerais Bien Etre Mon Chien dogs
MGMT Time to Pretend debuts
Mhlongo, Busi Yehlisan'umoya ma-Afrika (African Nation - Calm) peace
Miami Sound Machine Dr. Beat doctors
Michael, George A Different Corner coincidence
Faith impressive intros
Freedom '90 change 2
Middleton, Malcolm Shadows shadows
We're All Going to Die doom


(with John Grant) I Wanna Go to Marz flavour


named after men

Midler, Bette (with Tom Waits) I Never Talk to Strangers dialogue
Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning Australia
Midnite Wearing Her Crown crowns
Mighty Baby Egyptian Tomb ancient history
Mighty Diamonds Pass the Kouchie left or right
Mighty Mighty Bosstones Riot on Broad Street New England
Migil 5 Mockin' Bird Hill songs that go la
Milburn, Amos One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer numbers
Miles, Robert Children best piano songs
Milk Kan God With an iPod internet
Millan, Amy He Brings Out the Whisky in Me whisky
Miller, Glenn & his Orchestra Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand hotels
Miller, Jacob Tenement Yard surveillance
Miller, Jonathan Thomas Demented Bells of Rhymney bells
Miller, Roger King of the Road independence
Millinder, Lucky Savoy nightclubs
Mills Brothers Caravan a capella
The Jones Boy Jones and Joneses

Mimms, Garnet

A Quiet Place


Minchin, Tim If You Really Loved Me jokes
Storm stupidity
Mindbenders A Groovy Kind of Love classical songs
Minelli, Liza Ring Them Bells coincidence

Mingus, Charles

A Foggy day sound effects
Eat That Chicken meat

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

other musicians

Oh Lord, Don't Let Them Drop
That Atomic Bomb on Me

nuclear war

Pithecanthropus Erectus



Breathe! breathing

Jesus Built My Hotrod

God and the devil

The Last Sucker US Presidents
Mink Stole Sometimes I Wish I Had a Gun control
Minogue, Kylie Can't Get You Out of My Head songs that go la
(with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds) Where the Wild Roses Grow flowers
Minton, Phil The Cutty Wren deep voices
Minus 5 The Days of Wine and Booze procrastination


History Lesson part 2


Miracle of Sound Hammer the Buttons and Wiggle the Sticks tools
Mischief Brew Boycott Me resistance
Coffee, God & Cigarettes tragedy & comedy
Gimme Coffee or Death coffee
Gratitude and Thanks positive songs
Jobs in Steeltown iron and steel
Misfits Them monsters
Miss Kittin (with Golden Boy) Rippin Kittin knives
Misty's Big Adventure Fashion Parade music industry
Misunderstood Find a Hidden Door doors
I Can Take You to the Sun space
I Unseen ghosts
Mitchell, Anais (with Greg Brown) Why We Build the Wall obstacles
Mitchell, Bobby & the Toppers Send Me Your Picture photographs

Mitchell, Joni

A Case of You with or without you songs



Banquet reckless consumption

Big Yellow Taxi


The Blonde in the Bleachers effects of fame
Blue blue
Both Sides Now two - part 1
California coming home
Carey men's names

Chelsea Morning

morning songs

The Circle Game fate & destiny

The Hissing of Summer Lawns

trees, grass and flowers

The Jungle Line painters & painting

Little Green

songs that make you cry

The Magdalene Laundries scandal
My Old man falsetto

People's Parties


This Flight Tonight "High" Songs
Urge for Going finishing
Mitchell, Willie The Champion Part 1 winners
Mitra, Lopamudra Bangla Amar Sorse Ilish fish
Mittoo, Jackie & the Soul Vendors Rock Steady Wedding weddings
Moby Porcelain best piano songs
Mock Turtles And Then She Smiles forgotten follow-ups
Mocky Birds of a Feather birds
Mo-Dettes White Mice animals
Moddi A Matter of Habit propaganda
Model 500 The Future the future

Modern Lovers

Dignified And Old

optimistic songs

Government Center multitasking



Ice Cream Man (live) false endings

Pablo Picasso

famous people



Modest Mouse The Good Times Are Killing Me hangovers
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes small things
Moffat, Aidan (with Bill Wells) The Copper Top funerals


Cody mood-changing music

(with Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet) Death
Is the Road to Awe

instrumental soundtracks

George Square Thatcher Death Party Scotland

Mogwai Fear Satan


Mohawk and the Rednecks Enchanted Forest forests
Moldy Peaches Downloading Porn With Davo internet
Jorge Regula laziness
Molly Hatchett Dreams I'll Never See favourite live versions
Flirtin' With Disaster speed
Molotov Frijolero Mexico & Central America
Momoiro Clover Z (with Kiss) Yume no Ukiyo ni Saite Mi na painters & painting
Momus Jeff Koons works of art
Trust Me I'm a Doctor doctors
Monáe, Janelle Dance Apocalyptic apocalypse
Faster speed
Q.U.E.E.N. independence
Wondaland fantasy

Monch, Pharaohe

Simon Says

sweary songs

Money Can't Buy Music We Will All Asphyxiate philosophers
Moni, Shaan & Saurav O Mahji Re arresting opening lines
Monk, Thelonius Everything Happens To Me losers
Hackensack named after towns
Ugly Beauty beauty


A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You apologies
The Door Into Summer doors

I'm a Believer


Pleasant Valley Sunday


Porpoise Song

songs recorded for movies

Randy Scouse Git (Alternate Title) Beatles
Shades of Gray opposites
You Just May Be the One the number one
Monkey Majik (with the Yoshida Brothers) Change surprising intros

Monkey Swallows the Universe

Sheffield Shanty

Northern England

Monks I Hate You with or without you songs
Monochrome Set Jacob's Ladder weddings


Book of Love

literary songs

Monroe, Ashley (with Blake Shelton) You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter) records
Monroe, Marilyn Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend anti-love
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend reckless consumption
Monsieur R Verset R songs in French
Monster Magnet God Says No refusal
Monster Truck Power of the People unity
Montand, Yves La Bicyclette bicycles
Montano, Machel (with Claudette Peters) Come Rise With Me cricket
Monteverdi, Claudio (performed by Elin Manahan Thomas & Robin Blaze) Pur Ti Miro high pitched vocals
Montoliu, Tete (with Mayte Martin) Contigo en la Distancia estimates of distance and time
Monty Python Accountancy Shanty pirates
The Galaxy Song intelligence
The Philosophers Song philosophers
Spam meat
Moody, Ron Got to Pick a Pocket or Two (from Oliver!) smuggling and stealing
Moody Blues Legend of a Mind flutes, pipes, or whistles
Nights in White Satin rough and smooth
Moodymann Black Mahogani sampling and recycling
Moon, Sun Kil Song for Richard Collopy remembrance
Moondog Lullaby (2, West 46th Street) addresses
Moonglows Ten Commandments of love songs with talking
Moonpools and Caterpillars Hear ears and hearing
Moore, Christy Delirium Tremens hangovers
Yellow Triangle geometrical shapes
Moore, Dorothy Misty Blue blue
Moore, Dudley (with Peter Cook) Bedazzled call & response
Moore, Gary (with Phil Lynott) Out in the Fields flags
Moore, R. Stevie Goodbye Piano best piano songs
Moorer, Allison Thunderstorm/Hurricane songs that build
Morcheeba The Sea holidays
Morecambe & Wise Bring Me Sunshine laughter
Moreno, Diego Bella Ciao refusal
Morente, Enrique Generalife parks
Morente, Estrella (with Michael Nyman) Le Di A La Caza Alcance saints and martyrs
(with Mala Rodrigues) Patito Feo misanthropic songs
Seguirillas de la Vedad tributes
Tangos Del Cerro forgiveness

Morgan, Lee

I Remember Clifford

hero worship

Morgan, Lorrie

Something in Red


Morissette, Alanis Narcissus narcissism
Untitled hidden tracks




Morricone, Ennio

Chi Mai TV themes
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly American west

Il Clan dei Siciliani

instrumental soundtracks

Il Giardino Delle Delizie gardens
Le Photographie photographs
Titoli One Word Titles
Silhouette of Doom Doom
(ft. Edda Dell'Orso) Una Spiaggia a Mezzogiorno falsetto

Una Voce Allo Specchio (A Voice at the Mirror)


Morrison, Van

And It Stoned Me rain
Astral Weeks spiritual songs
Beside You extraordinary vocals
Brown Eyed Girl na-na-hey-hey songs
Bulbs One Word Titles
(with The Chieftains) Carrickfergus named after towns
Cleaning Windows manual labour
Coney Island Ireland
Did Ye Get Healed healing
In the Garden three
Into the Mystic music for funerals
The Lion This Time cats

Madame George


Rave On John Donne inspired by poetry
Rough God Goes Riding rough and smooth
Streets of Arklow Ireland

TB Sheets



Boxers fighting

Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice


Get Off the Stage concerts
I Have Forgiven Jesus sinners
Irish Blood, English Heart roots

Late Night, Maudlin Street

roads and streets

The Lazy Sunbathers laziness
The Lazy Sunbathers ironic songs
Now My Heart is Full books
Morrissey, Bill Birches winter
These Cold Fingers intriguing narratives
Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir Myfanwy a capella
Morse, Ella Mae 40 Cups of Coffee coffee
The House of Blue Lights nightclubs

Morton, Jelly Roll and the Red Hot Peppers

Doctor Jazz

music genres

Mos Def (with the Robert Glasper Experiment) Black Radio collaborations and side projects
Hip Hop youth cults
Mathematics numbers
(ft Q-Tip) Mista Nigga justice
New World Water reckless consumption
Pistola falling
Umi Says light
Mostly Autumn Find the Sun orchestral string instruments
Winter Mountain mountains

Motello, Elton

Jet Boy, Jet Girl


Mother Love Bone Stardog Champion children performing


Ace of Spades gambling



I Don't Believe a Word disbelief
No Class insulting songs
Motors Airport aviation

Mott the Hoople

Saturday Gigs (Alternate Version)


Sea Diver regrets

Mouldy Peaches

Nothing Came Out

comics and cartoons

Mounk'a, Pamelo Ce N'est Que Ma Secrétaire songs in French
Mountain Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) books (2)
Sittin' On a Rainbow "High" Songst

Mountain Goats

(with Kaki King) Black Pear Tree black
Liza Forever Minelli limbo

No Children


No Children the truth

Pale Green Things



I Can Hear the Grass Grow

trees, grass and flowers

Moyet, Alison (composer: Henry Purcell) When I Am Laid in Earth (Dido's Lament) pathos
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Dies Irae (from Requiem) apocalypse
Là Ci Darem La Mano from Don Giovanni seduction

Mr. Bloe

Groovin with Mr Bloe


Mr. Fingers Can You Feel It? euphoria
Mr. Fox Mr. Fox criminals
Mr. Gnome House of Circles circles
Mr. Scruff Fish whimsical songs
Mr. Zip Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone? keys and locks
Mubarek, Abdel Aziz El Ya A'Asaal favourite live versions
Mudcrutch Scare Easy asafaraes


Hate the Police

law enforcement

Judgment, Rage, Retribution and Thyme mirrors

Mulcahy, Mark

Hey Self Defeater


Muldaur, Maria Don't You Feel My Leg seduction
Midnight at the Oasis one hit wonders
Muldrow, Georgia Anne Great Blacks positive songs
Mull Historical Society Animal Cannabus escape
Mulligan, Gerry (with Chet Baker) The Lady is a Tramp eccentric songs
Mumford and Sons The Cave songs that build
(with Baaba Maal) There Will Be Time collaborations and side projects
Mungo's Hi Fi (with Solo Banton) Dancehall School teachers
Munsey, Adrian The Lost Sheep eccentric songs
Muppets Mah Na Mah Na so bad they're good
Murphy, Rose Busy Line odd sounds and instruments
Murphy, Doug (with Paul Hamilton) Fishes estimates of distance and time
Murphy, Willie (with "Spider" John Koerner) Magazine Lady photographs

Murray, Bill

More than This

redefined by films

Murvin, Junior

Police and Thieves

law enforcement

Workin' in the Cornfield manual labour


Apocalypse Please end of the world

Feeling Good


Supermassive Black Hole

celestial bodies

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist


Music Go Music Just Me decisive songs
Mussorgsky, Modest The Great Gate of Kiev (Orchestral Version) works of art
Trepak Russia
Mutton Birds A Thing Well Made making things
Mvula, Laura Diamonds precious stones
Green Garden green
My Bloody Valentine I Only Said vibrato, tremolo or oscillations
We Have All the Time in the World estimates of distance and time
You Made Me Realize great middle eights
My Chemical Romance Welcome to the Black Parade surprising intros
My Darling YOU! Midsummer Party Nordic Countries

My Latest Novel

The Reputation of Ross Francis


My Little Airport Love is Not a Romantic Song love is...
My Morning Jacket Old September Blues September

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