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Artists beginning with the letter K


Boxing My Shadow tiredness
The Dusty Foot Philosopher feet
My Old Home exile
Wavin' Flag flags

What's Hardcore?


K-Doe, Ernie



Kabasele, Joseph & African Jazz

Independence Cha Cha

historical events

Kabeedies Fuzzy Felt toys

Kaiser Chiefs

The Angry Mob news & the media
Everyday I Love You Less and Less great middle eights
I Predict a Riot songs that go la

Saturday Night

parties & going out

Kaisers Alligator Twist reptiles
Kaji, Meiko Urami Bushi (My Grudge Blues) stupidity


Flight From Ashiya


Kane, Big Daddy Warm It Up Kane great opening lines
Kane, Silvana Cardo o Ceniza opposites
Kantner, Paul (with Grace Slick) When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves dogs
Karas, Anton The Third Man Theme fairgrounds
Karbasi, Mor Schecharhoret vibrato, tremolo or oscillations
Kardemimmit Tuonen Tyttö Nordic Countries
Karnataka The Gathering Light moving on
Kassav Zouk La Sé Sčl Médikaman Nou Ni Caribbean

Katie Elliott Quartet


surreal songs

Katzenjammer A Bar in Amsterdam resistance
Cherry Pie inheritance
I Will Dance (When I Walk Away) leaving
Lady Grey passage of time
Land of Confusion confusion and delusion
My Own Tune whimsical songs
Rock, Paper, Scissors decisive songs
Tea With Cinnamon meals
Kauan Valveuni wind
Kaur, Bubbley (with Cornershop) Once There Was a Wintertime winter
Kay, Janet Silly Games flirting
Kaye, Danny The Square of the Hypotenuse mathematics
Ugly Duckling rejection
Kaye, Debbie Lori Iron Cross crosses
Keane Somewhere Only We Know secrets and secrecy
Keawe, Genoa Papalina Lahilahi falsetto
Keb' Mo' Perpetual Blues Machine rejection
Keen, Robert Earl The Road Goes On Forever asafaraes

Keetman, Gunild

(with Carl Orff) Gassenhauer nach Hans Neusiedler

instrumental soundtracks

Keďta, Salif Wamba high pitched vocals
Keita, Seckou (with Catrin Finch) Live: Bamba two - part 1
Kékélé Mbote Ya Pamba hello


Caught Out There

hatchet jobs

Milkshake showing off
Suspended nightmares
Kelly, Paul (Australian Musician) Beautiful Promises promises and choices
Bradman winners
Every Fucking City travelling
Everything's Turning to White discovery
From Little Things Big Things Grow justice
God Told Me To murder
How to Make Gravy recipe songs
(with the Coloured Girls) Maralinga specific or obscure places
Rally Round the Drum fighting
Stolen Apples Are the Sweetest sinners
Kelly, Paul (US Musician) Stealing in the Name of the Lord warnings
Kelly, R. Trapped in the Closet dialogue
Kembe, Emmanuel Intikhabat elections
Kent, Stacey La Venus de Melo works of art

Kenton, Stan

Opus In Beige


Kestner, Lotte Halo crowns
Keys, Alicia (with Jay-Z) Empire State of Mind ambition
Superwoman superheroes
Khan, Chaka Fate fate & destiny
I Feel For You super solos

Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali

Allahu Allahu saints and martyrs

Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Remix)


Khusugtun Mongol vibrato, tremolo or oscillations
Kid Acne South Yorks Yorkshire
Kid Creole & the Coconuts Stool Pigeon villains

Kid Koala

Flu Season


Kidjo, Angelique Congoleo Caribbean
Kilbey, Steve A Loveletter From Sydney Australia

Kilburn And The High Roads

Crippled With Nerves



Jenny Was A Friend of Mine


Mr. Brightside


When You Were Young (Lindbergh Palace Remix) teenagers

Killing Joke

Adorations forgotten follow-ups



European Super State roots
Glitch power
Requiem words

King Biscuit Time

I Walk The Earth

walking and running

King Blues Sex Education internet
King Creosote And the Racket They Made famous last words
Rims bicycles
Spystick spying

King Crimson

21st Century Schizoid Man opening album tracks
The Court of the Crimson King myths & legends
Exiles orchestral string instruments

The Night Watch


King Kurt Banana Banana fruit

King Missile

Hamsters rodents
Jesus Was Way Cool miracles

Sensitive Artist


King Trigger The River forests
King Tubby Great Stone doom
King, Albert Crosscit Saw crosses
King, B.B. Chains and Things melancholy songs
Hummingbird One Word Titles

King, Ben E

I Who Have Nothing

unrequited love

Stand by Me best bass lines

King, Carole

He's a Bad Boy villains
It's Too Late separation

So Far Away


King, Freddy Lonesome Whistle Blues ears and hearing
King, Kaki (with the Mountain Goats) Black Pear Tree black
Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be a Bad Person? ears and hearing
Kings Go Forth Don't Take My Shadow (Tom Moulton Remix) shadows
Kings of Convenience Free Fallin' (Live) falling


Art Lover ambiguous songs

Autumn Almanac


Celluloid Heroes


Come Dancing nostalgia


upbeat break-up

Dead End Street


Dedicated Follower of Fashion shopping
Did You See His Name newspapers
Here Comes Flash villains

Do You Remember Walter?


Holiday in Waikiki holidays
Lola mistaken identity

People Take Pictures of Each Other


See My Friends remembrance
Sitting by the Riverside rivers
Sunny Afternoon beer
Village Green villages
Village Green Preservation Society community

Waterloo Sunset


Kirby, Leyland A Longing to Be Absorbed for a While Into a Different and Beautiful World Manchester
Kirk Degiorgio's Offworld Black Magic black
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Old Rugged Cross crosses
Serenade to a Cuckoo flutes, pipes, or whistles
Kirton, David Green Camouflage green
Kiss (with Momoiro Clover Z) Yume no Ukiyo ni Saite Mi na painters & painting

Kitchens of Distinction

Breathing Fear


On Tooting Broadway Station forgiveness

Kitt, Eartha



Kittel, Jack Psycho criminals
Kiwanuka, Michael Black Man in a White World interlopers
Kjellvander, Christian (with Nina Persson) Roaring 40s wind
Two Souls deep voices
Klaatu Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft welcome


3 AM Eternal (Live at the SSL)

times of day

KMFDM Juke Joint Jezebel alliteration
Knack My Sharona one hit wonders


Pass This On


Reindeer anti-Christmas

Silent Shout


Knight, Frederick

I've Been Lonely For So Long

being alone

Knight, Gladys & The Pips Midnight Train To Georgia US cities & states
The Way We Were old age
Knight, Jean Mr. Big Stuff wealth
Knight, Oliver (with Lal Waterson) Midnight Feast mealtimes
Knopfler, Mark Back to Tupelo Elvis
Baloney Again rough and smooth
Done With Bonaparte leadership
(with Emmylou Harris) I Dug Up a Diamond precious stones
Monteleone making things
Song for Sonny Liston fighting
Kočani Orkestar Byram Sekeri weddings
Kodaline Moving On moving on
Kode9 & the Spaceape Am I being a man or a woman
Kodo "Dadan" Men Drumming outstanding percussion
Koerner, "Spider" John (with Willie Murphy) Magazine Lady photographs
Kongos, John Tokoloshe Man monsters
Konono No 1 Konono Wa Wa Wa outstanding percussion
Kool & the Gang Celebration celebration
Heaven at Once dialogue
Jones vs Jones Jones and Joneses
Let's Go Dancing (Ooooh la, la, la) songs that go la
Koshi, S. (with Crystal) Break the Dawn best piano songs

Kouyate, Basselou

Lament For Ali Farka


(with Ngoni Ba) The River Tune rivers
Kozelek, Mark (with Jimmy Lavalle) What Happened to My Brother? brothers and sisters




Elektro Kardiogramm hospitals

Europe Endless

places in Europe

Home Computer

machines, robots & computers

Kometenmelodie 2 krautrock
Les Mannequins (Showroom Dummies) foreign language versions
The Man-Machine books
The Model magazines
Neon Lights light
Numbers numbers
Ohm Sweet Ohm resistance



Showroom Dummies krautrock


sci-fi and space

Spiegelsaal mirrors

Tour de France


Krane, Kristoff In the Light of the Miracle miracles
Krauss, Alison Down the River to Pray crowns
Ghost in This House ghosts
(with Robert Plant) Gone, Gone, Gone collaborations and side projects
(with Robert Plant) Please Read the Letter departures
(with Yo-Yo Ma) Simple Gifts New England
(with Brad Paisley) Whiskey Lullaby whisky
Krishnamurty, Kavita (with A.R. Rahman and Hariharan) Telephone Dhun Man telephones

Kristofferson, Kris

Jesus Was a Capricorn star signs
Me and Bobby McGee retrospection

Sunday Morning Coming Down


Kronos Quartet

(with Steve Reich & Pat Metheny)
Different Trains: Europe During The War


(with Clint Mansell & Mogwai) Death Is The Road To Awe

instrumental soundtracks

KRS-One American Flag flags
Sound of Da Police the police
You Must Learn knowledge
Kumar, Kishore Aye Mere Bete stiff upper lip
Saara Zamana excess
Kumar, Niladri Untitled musically adventurous
Kursaal Flyers Little Does She Know intelligence

Kuti, Fela

Expensive Shit cheating
Fear Not for Man being scared
Gentleman social class

He Miss Road

long songs

ITT the truth
Lady feminism
Mistake mistakes
Original Sufferhead reckless consumption
Sorrow, Tears and Blood the police
Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense elections
Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense teachers

Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am

sleep and insomnia

Unknown Soldier Pts 1 & 2 justice

Viva Nigeria


Water No Get Enemy the obvious



Yellow Fever yellow



KVB White Walls borders, barriers, walls & fences

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