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Artists beginning with the letter F

Fab 5 Freddy Une Sale Histoire (Female Version) B sides


Bad 'n' Ruin coming home
Had Me a Real Good Time bicycles
Pool Hall Richard winners

Stay With Me

one night stands

Fahey, John Dance of the Inhabitants of the Palace of King Phillip XIV of Spain long titles
Red Cross, Disciple of Christ Today red
Fair, Jad (with Teenage Fanclub) Behold the Miracle miracles
Fair, Yvonne It Should Have Been Me weddings
Fairground Attraction The Wind Knows My Name itinerants and migration

Fairport Convention

Crazy Man Michael men's names
Farewell Farewell melancholy songs


historical events

Matty Groves


Meet On The Ledge


Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman capital punishment

A Sailor's Life

long songs

Tam Lin without a chorus
White Dress clothes

Who Knows Where the Time Goes


Faith and the Muse Iago's Demise Shakespeare
Faith No More Be Aggressive commands
Midlife Crisis odd couples
RV inheritance
Faith SFX (with Lowkey) Alphabet Assassin alliteration

Faithfull, Marianne

As Tears Go By


The Ballad of Lucy Jordan


Broken English left wing politics


songs in French

Electra mistaken identity
Flaming September September

Why'd Ya Do It?

sweary songs

Why'd Ya Do It? tragedy & comedy



sleep and insomnia

Music Matters beds
Falcó, Gustavo Pascual see Pascual Falcó, Gustavo  


Bill Is Dead hangovers

British People in Hot Weather


Dice Man gambling
Edinburgh Man Scotland
Hip Priest dynamic volume changes

Hit the North

Northern England

I'm Into CB hobbies
Lost in Music unlikely covers
New Face in Hell books
No Xmas for John Quays anti-Christmas
Repetition repetition
Rowche Rumble companies & corporations

Telephone Thing

letters, emails, etc.

Theme from Sparta FC



named after women

Falla, Manuel de (pianist: Alicia de Larrocha) El Circulo Mágico circles
Fallon, Brian Steve McQueen wanting to be someone else
Fame, Georgie The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde smuggling and stealing
Family Scene Through the Eye of a Lens photographs
The Weaver's family ages
Family Stand Shades of Blue blue
Fanfare Ciocarlia Caravan itinerants and migration
Fanfario Cell Song small things
Farm All Together Now peace
Fat Boys All You Can Eat restaurants & cafes
Fatal Bazooka Fous Ta Cagoule safety and danger
Fatal Microbes Violence Grows violence
Fatback Band Goin' To See My Baby coming home
Fatboy Slim Praise You without a chorus
Fatima Mansions Blues for Ceausescu cruel songs
Brunceling's Song spying
Shiny Happy People anger
Fauré, Gabriel (composer) La Chappelle Royale (artist) Requiem Op 48 VII: In Paradisum angels
Libera Me (from Requiem in D Minor) music for funerals
Faust It's a Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl) bright and beautiful
Jennifer dynamic volume changes
Krautrock krautrock
Faust vs. Dalek T-Electronique special guests
Fay, Bill Inside the Keeper's Pantry rooms
Features Leave It All Behind moving on
Feeder Buck Rogers overturning the odds
Oxygen breathing
Feelies Crazy Rhythms vim
Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey) monkeys and apes
Feist 1234 numbers
My Moon, My Man (Boys Noize Remix) moon
Sea Lion Woman coffee
Secret Heart secrets
So Sorry regrets
Felice Brothers Marlboro Man advertising
Feliciano, José La Copa Rota glass
Moliendo Café coffee


All the People I Like Are Those That Are Dead long titles
Ballad of the Band songwriting
Henrietta Longbottom gossip

Primitive Painters


Femme en Fourrure Bronco lust
Fendermen Mule Skinner Blues indecipherable songs
Ferrat, Jean Ma France France & French Things
Ferrer, Ibrahim Cienfuegos Tiene Su Guaguancó Caribbean
Ferrier, Kathleen (Gustav Mahler - composer) Das Lied Von Der Erde (6th Movement, Part 3) vibrato, tremolo or oscillations
Ferry, Bryan Cruel Ship's Captain ships and boats
Goddess of Love movie and TV stars
Fessor Funk Love is Such a Good Thing love is...
Fever Ray If I Had a Heart unsettling songs
FFS Piss Off stick it to the man
Fiasco, Lupe The Cool ghosts
Dumb It Down stupidity
Kick Push intriguing narratives
Field Mice September's Not So Far Away September
Field Music In the Mirror mirrors
Figure Mr. Hyde odd couples
Finch, Catrin (with Seckou Keita) Live: Bamba two - part 1
Fine Young Cannibals Blue blue
Funny How Love Is firsts and lasts
Johnny, Come Home forgiveness
Fingers, Inc. Can You Feel It? community
Fink Biscuits mealtimes
Finn, Craig Rented Room records
Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich (composer Franz Schubert) Die Liebe Farbe green
Fischer-Z Room Service hotels
Fishbone Modern Industry music industry
V.T.T.L.O.T.F.D.G.F. monsters
Fisherman's Friends The Last Leviathan fish

Fitzgerald, Ella

Anything Goes modernity
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea stuck or trapped
Dancing on the Ceiling neighbours
Get Happy apocalypse
Hard Hearted Hannah girl's names
I'm Beginning to See the Light light
(with Count Basie) I'm Beginning to See the Light falling in love

Miss Otis Regrets



New York

(with Louis Armstrong) Moonlight in Vermont New England
Old McDonald Had a Farm farming
Ringo Beat Beatles
Stiff Upper Lip stiff upper lip
Suppertime mealtimes
There's a Small Hotel hotels
They All Laughed overturning the odds
(with Louis Armstrong) They All Laughed laughter
Too Darn Hot heat # 2
Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer aliens
(with Louis Armstrong) Under a Blanket of Blue blue

When I Get Low I Get High


(with Louis Jordan) Baby It's Cold Outside


Five Guys Named Moe She's on the Mountain mountains
Five Hand Reel My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose Valentine's Day Songs

Five Satins

In the Still of the Night

night & darkness

Five Stairsteps O-o-h Child consolation

Flack, Roberta

Angelitos Negros painters & painting

The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face

devoted love

(with Donny Hathaway) Where is the Love? disappointment
Flamenco a Go-Go Make Me Stinked smells
Flamin' Groovies Shake Some Action opening album tracks
Teenage Head teenagers
Flaming Ember Mind, Body and Soul Valentine's Day Songs

Flaming Lips

Do You Realize??


She Don't Use Jelly


Race For The Prize


Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Part 1) fantasy


Lovers Never Say Goodbye

goodbye songs

I Only Have Eyes for You

eyes and sight

Flanders and Swann The Gas Man Cometh finish where they begin
The Gnu Song children's songs
Ill Wind loss
A Song for the Weather climate change



US cities & states

Flatt And Scruggs

So Happy I'll Be

optimistic songs

Fleet Foxes Meadowlarks birds

Fleetwood Mac

Albatross independence
The Chain never
Everywhere Valentine's Day Songs
Go Your Own Way divorce
Landslide coming of age

Man Of The World

songs that make you cry

Someone's Going to Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight

B sides
Tusk dynamic volume changes
Flesh Sweet Defeat sweetness
Fleur de Lys Circles circles
Flight of the Conchords Foux du Fafa France & French Things
Floaters Float On so bad they're good
Flogging Molly Salty Dog pirates
Florence and the Machine My Boy Builds Coffins funerals
Flower Travellin' Band Satori Part 1 screams, howls, grunts & shrieks

Flying Burrito Brothers

Dark End of the Street secrets
Sin City American west

Wild Horses


Flying Lizards

Money (That's What I Want)


Flytronix A Rosary for Rhythm records
Foals Black Gold gold
Two Steps, Twice two - part 2
Focus Hocus Pocus excess
House of the King TV themes
Fogelberg, Dan Leader of the Band leadership
Fogerty, John I Saw It On TV news & the media

Folds, Ben

Bastard teenage self
Brick mistakes
Fred Jones Part 2 Jones and Joneses
The Luckiest contentment
Songs of Love songs about love songs

You To Thank

please and thank you

Foley, Blaze Oval Room US Presidents
Folk Implosion My Ritual pain
Fondettes The Beatles are in Town Beatles
Fontaine, Richmond Let's Hit One More Place hedonism
White Line Fever itinerants and migration
Fontana, Wayne and the Mindbenders 24 Sycamore addresses
The Game of Love games
Foo Fighters Exhausted tiredness
Monkey Wrench refusal
The Pretender surprising intros
Razor sharp objects
Forbert, Steve The Oil Song scandal
Ford, Tennessee Ernie That Old Time Religion religion
Fordham, Julia Lock and Key keys and locks
Foreigner I Want to Know What Love Is love is...
Forest A Glade Somewhere forests
Much Ado About Nothing procrastination
Formby, George Leaning on a Lamp-post anticipation
When I'm Cleaning Windows glass
Forqueray, Antoine Viola da Gamba from Suite No. 2, Chaconne, La Buisson orchestral string instruments
Forrest, Helen (with Artie Shaw) Deep Purple purple
Forster, Robert Locked Away keys and locks
Foster the People Pumped Up Kicks ambiguous songs

Fountains of Wayne

Stacy's Mom

unrequited love

Four Seasons December, 1963 (Oh! What a Night) firsts and lasts
Four Tet Circling circles
Reversing reversing
Slow Jam sound effects

Four Tops


named after women

It's the Same Old Song

songs about songs

Loco in Acapulco Mexico & Central America
Reach Out (I'll Be There) gifts and giving
Standing in the Shadows of Love shadows
Four Vagabonds Rosie the Riveter iron and steel
Fox S-S-Single Bed beds
Foxes Youth zeitgeist
Foxx, Jamie (with Kanye West) Gold Digger greed
Foxx, John (with Louis Gordon) Broken Furniture confusion and delusion

Fran, Carol

Tous les Jours C'est Pas la Même


Francis, Connie

Robot Man

machines, robots & computers

Francis, Sage

Makeshift Patriot

historical events

Makeshift Patriot flags
Franco Sept Ans de Mariage anniversaries
Frank, Jackson C. Blues Run the Game moving on

Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Two Tribes (Annihilation)

numbered one to ten

Welcome to the Pleasuredome visitors

Franklin, Aretha

Amazing Grace miracles
Bridge Over Troubled Water bridges
Call Me telephones
Chain of Fools finish where they begin
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man being a man or a woman
Don't Let Me Lose This Dream great middle eights

The House That Jack Built


It Ain't Necessarily So books (2)
Respect revolution
Rock Steady dance styles
Rough Lover rough and smooth
(with the Eurythmics) Sisters are Doin' It for Themselves feminism
Think extraordinary vocals
When the Battle is Over crowns
Franklin, Erma Piece of My Heart one hit wonders

Franz Ferdinand



All for You, Sophia

famous people

Auf Asche

unrequited love

Fratellis Cuntry Boys and City Girls odd couples
For the Girl songs that go la

Frazier Chorus

Dream Kitchen rooms

Living Room

domestic songs


Mr. Big stick it to the man

My Brother Jake


Free Design Kites Are Fun toys
Freeland, Adam We Want Your Soul advertising
French for Rabbits Claimed by the Sea climate change
Freschard Monsters monsters
Fresh, Doug E. & the Get Fresh Crew La Di Da Di na-na-hey-hey songs


I'm in Love With the Girl On the Virgin
Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk


Frick, Brandt Brauer Bop minimalist songs
Fried When You Get Out of Jail waiting
Friedberger, Matthew The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Letter companies & corporations
Friends of Distinction Grazing in the Grass summer
Frightened Rabbit My Backwards Walk reversing

Frizzel, Lefty

Saginaw, Michigan

songs with a twist

Frog, Wynder K. Green Door green
Fruko Y Sus Tesos No Tiene Billete sound effects


The Argument


Fugs Nothing refusal
Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Rot inspired by poetry

Fujiya and Miyagi



Full English Stand By Your Guns commands
Fuller, Blind Boy What's That Smells Like Fish? smells
Fuller, Jesse Leavin' Memphis, 'Frisco Bound leaving
Fun Boy Three Well Fancy That teachers
Funk, Farley "Jackmaster" (with Jessie Saunders) Dub Can't Turn Around 1980s 12" Singles
Funk Off Follow the White Rabbit rabbits


The Electric Spanking of War Babies machines, robots & computers

Funky Dollar Bill


Get Off Your Ass and Jam ten words or fewer
Maggot Brain nature
One Nation Under a Groove unity

Who Says a Funk Band Can't Play Rock?!

music genres

You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks community
Funker Vogt Maschine Zeit machinery, industry & technology
Funki Porcini Dybble (Organ Swell) ascension
Purrfect breathing
Furman, Ezra That's When It Hit Me falling in love
Furniture The Wrong Shoes forgotten follow-ups
Furse, Tom The Ocean is Teacher teachers
Furtado, Nelly I'm Like a Bird independence
Fury, Billy Last Night Was Made for Love last night
Future of the Left Throwing Bricks at Trains safety and danger
Future Sound of London Papua New Guinea euphoria


First Day


Fuzzbox Self! One Word Titles

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