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A-Z by Topic

The complete list of topics alphabetically listed is below. Each links to their topic pages where you will find the Play List for that topic and links to the blog and column at The Guardian website.

A-Z by Topic Complete List

Numbers and Symbols

1980s 12" Singles        


a capella

accents accidents accordion actors
addresses adolescence adventure advertising advice
Africa afterlife, the afternoon ages aliens
alliteration ambiguous songs ambition America American west


        ancient history
angels anger animals anniversaries anti-Christmas
anti-love anti-work anticipation anxiety apocalypse
apologies arguments arguments, heated army arresting opening lines
art & photography art, works of asafaraes ascension Asia
assassination austerity Australia autumn aviation


B sides

babies and childbirth

bad decisions bad weather bass lines, best
Beatles covers Beatles, solos by beauty beds beer
being alone bells bereavement biblical songs bicycles
birds birthdays black blood blue
bodily fluids books books (2) borders, barriers, walls & fences boredom
brands brass bravery breathing bridges
bright and beautiful Britain brothers and sisters broken promises buildings



call & response Canada capital punishment Caribbean
carnivals & funfairs cars and driving cats celebration celebrity
celestial bodies change change # 2 change of mind chaos
character songs cheating chicken and egg songs children children's songs
children performing chocolate Christmas circles classical songs
cleansing climate change clothes    


coast cocaine & heroin coffee coincidence cold
collaborations and side projects colours comeback songs comics and cartoons coming home
coming of age command or instruct, songs that community companies and corporations concerts
confusion and delusion consolation contentment    
  control cooking covers better than the originals covers by the opposite sex
covers, unlikely cricket crime criminals crosses
crowns cruel songs cry, songs that make you crying curves and spheres


dance styles


dancing, songs that trigger dates dawn, set at
days of the week        
death debuts deception decisive songs deep voices
departures desperation dialogue disappointment disbelief
discordant songs discovery divorce doctors dogs
domestic songs doom doors dreams drinking
dub, influenced by duets dynamic volume changes    


ears and hearing earth, soil and dirt eavesdropping eccentric songs elections
embarrassment end of the world environment escape estimates of distance and time
euphoria Europe, places in excess exile extraordinary vocals
eyes and sight        


faces failure fairgrounds faith falling
false endings falsetto, songs with fame, effects of famous last words famous people
fantasy farm produce farming fashion fate & destiny
fathers fear (see also being scared and scary songs) feet feminism fetishes
fictional places fighting films, inspired by or about films, redefined by films, recorded for
finish where they begin finishing fire firsts and lasts fish


flavour flirting flowers flute, pipe or whistles flying
food fools foreign language versions forests forgetting
forgiveness forgotten follow-ups France freedom French songs
fresh starts Friday & Saturday friendship fruit funerals
funerals, songs and music to play at funk funny songs futility future, the


gambling games gardens gases genre switch
geology geometrical shapes      
getting older ghosts gifts and giving girl's names glamour & style
glass God and the Devil gold goodbyes gossip
greed green guests, special guilt and apology guns




handclaps hands hangovers
harmonies hatchet jobs hats healing heart, the
heat heat # 2 heaven and hell hedonism hello
hero worship hidden tracks high pitched vocals "high" songs historical events
historical figures hobbies holes holidays home
homelessness homosexuality hope and resilience horses hospitals
hotels hunting      


I Am Songs

illness immigrants & refugees impermanence incidental music
indecipherable songs independence infidelity inheritance innuendo
insects instrumental soundtracks instrumentals instruments, musical instruments, odd sounds and
insulting songs intelligence interlopers internet intriguing narratives (see also storytelling)
intros, impressive intros, surprising Ireland iron and steel ironic songs
islands itinerants and migration      

J, K


Jesus jokes Jones and Joneses journalism
joyous songs justice keys and locks kindness kissing
knives knowledge krautrock    


la, songs that go last night laughter law enforcement laziness
leadership leaving left or right lessons in life letters, emails, etc.
lies light limbo list songs literary songs
live versions (favourite) London long songs long titles losers
loss love, devoted love, falling in love, first love, unrequited
love is... love songs, songs about luck lust  


machinery, industry & technology

machines, robots & computers

magazines magic making things
mammals man or woman, being a Manchester manual labour marriage
mathematics meals and mealtimes      
meat melancholy songs memory men, named after men's names
mental illness Mexico & Central America middle eights, great midnight minimalist songs
miracles mirrors misanthropic songs misheard, nonsense or inaudible lyrics missing someone
mistaken identity mistakes misunderstanding    


modernity money monkeys and apes monsters mood-changing music
moon morning songs mothers motorbikes mountains
movie and TV stars moving on Mr. and Mrs. multilingual songs multitasking
murder music genres music industry musically adventurous myths & legends


na-na-hey-hey songs narcissism nature neighbours nerds and geeks
never New England new year songs New York news & the media
newspapers night & darkness nightclubs nightmares noise
Nordic Countries Northern England nostalgia nuclear war numbered 1-10


obstacles obvious odd couples old age one (the number)
one hit wonders        
one night stands one word titles opening album tracks opposites optimistic songs
orchestral string instruments organ, songs featuring other musicians other songs out of tune
overturning the odds        

P, Q

pain painters parks

parties and going out

patterns & sequences peace percussion, outstanding pets philosophers
photographs piano songs, best pirates    
please & thank you poetry, inspired by police politicians politics, left wing
positive songs poverty power precious stones prisons
procrastination promises and choices propaganda prophets prostitution
protest proverbs pubs and bars purple queens




rain rallying cries recipe songs
reckless consumption records recovery red refusal
regrets rejection relaxation & leisure religion remembrance
repetition repression reptiles resistance  
  resolutions, new restaurants & cafÚs resurrection retrospection
revenge reversing revolution rhymes, unusual riffs
rivers roads and streets rodents rooms roots
rough and smooth royalty running rural songs Russia


safety and danger saints and martyrs sampling and recycling saxophone schadenfreude


scared, being (see also fear) scary songs school science
sci-fi and space Scotland screams, howls, grunts & shrieks sea, the secrets
secrecy seduction

self-referential songs

separation September
sexy songs shadows Shakespeare sharp objects ships and boats
shoes shopping short songs showing off shyness
siblings silence sinners skin sky
sleep and insomnia small things smells smiling and laughing smoking
smuggling and stealing so bad they're good social class    


songs songs that build songwriting sound effects South America
space specific or obscure places speed spiritual songs spoken word
sport Spring spying star signs starting over
startling songs stick it to the man stiff upper lip stops and starts storytelling (see also intriguing narratives)
strange and surreal (see also surreal songs) strangers stuck or trapped    
  stupidity suburbia summer sun, the
super solos superheroes surreal songs surveillance survival
sweary songs sweet foods sweetness    


talking, songs that contain taxis teachers teenage self, songs for teenagers
telephones television ten words or fewer theatre three
time, passage of times of day tiredness tools towns, named after
toys tragedy & comedy trains trash travelling
treachery & betrayal trees, grass and flowers tributes truth TV themes
twist, songs with a two - part 1 two - part 2    

U, V

unemployment uncertainty unity unsettling songs upbeat break-up
upbeat breakup # 2 US cities & states US Presidents Valentine's Day Songs vegetables
vibrato, tremolo or oscillations vices, secret victory villains villages
vim violence visitors volunteering  

W, X, Y, Z

walking and running wanting to be someone else war warnings water
wealth weddings weekend, the welcoming Welsh songs
whimsical songs whisky whispering songs wilderness wind
wine winners winter with or without you songs without a chorus
women, named after words work yellow Yorkshire
youth cults zeitgeist      

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