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Artists beginning with the letter H

Haden, Charlie

Circus '68 '69


Haggard, Merle

I Made the Prison Band hobbies
The Immigrant immigrants & refugees

Mama Tried

guilt and apology

Swinging Doors doors
Haggett, Jimmy Rabbit Action rabbits

Haines, Luke

Death of Sarah Lucas


Hair: Original London Cast Aquarius star signs
Haley, Bill & the Comets Rock Around the Clock patterns & sequences

Half Man Half Biscuit

Asparagus Next Left vegetables
Bad Losers on Yahoo! Chess stiff upper lip

Bob Wilson - Anchorman

famous people

Breaking News

funny songs

Corgi Registered Friends insulting songs
Irk the Purists schadenfreude
It Makes the Room Look Bigger rooms
The Light at the End of the Tunnel social class
Look Dad No Tunes music industry
Lord Hereford's Knob bad decisions
National Shite Day companies & corporations
Old Age Killed My Teenage Bride ages
The Referee's Alphabet cheating
A Shropshire Lad jokes
Tending the Wrong Grave for 23 Years discovery
Vatican Broadside welcome
Hall, Henry & his Orchestra Teddy Bear's Picnic children's songs

Hall, Tom T.

Ballad of Forty Dollars famous last words

A Week in a Country Jail


Hall, Vera Trouble So Hard a capella
Halo, Laurel Throw best piano songs
Hamdan, Yasmine Beirut nostalgia
Hamilton, Paul (with Doug Murphy) Fishes estimates of distance and time

Hammill, Peter

Accidents coincidence
Autumn old age

The Birds


The Lie works of art

A Motor-Bike in Afrika


Narcissus (Bar & Grill) narcissism
Painting By Numbers painters & painting
Pompeii ancient history
Shingle Song the coast
Tango for One narcissism
Hammond, Beres Putting Up Resistance resistance

Hampton, Lionel

Flying Home


Hancock, Herbie Cantaloupe Island islands
I Thought It Was You mistaken identity
Handcart Bwoy Perfect overturning the odds
Handel, Georg Frideric He Shall Feed His Flock (from the Messiah) Jesus
O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion (sung by Take 6 with Stevie Wonder) a capella
(sung by Andreas Scholl) Ombra Mai Fù falsetto
Zadok the Priest crowns

Handsome Family

After We Shot the Grizzly tragedy & comedy
Bowling Alley Bar apologies

Peace in the Valley Once Again


Hansard, Glen Leave commands

Happy Mondays

24 Hour Party People

parties & going out

God's Cop the police
Holiday holidays
Kinky Afro arresting opening lines

Loose Fit


Wrote For Luck (Vince Clarke Remix) 1980s 12" Singles
Har-You Percussion Group Welcome to the Party welcome
Harcourt, Ed Angels on Your Body angels
Black Dress clothes
The Man That Time Forgot being a man or a woman
Hardcastle, Paul 19 stupidity


Acperience 1


Hardy, Bella Herring Girl sharp objects

Hardy, Françoise

La Nuit Est Sur La Ville

night & darkness

Minuit Minuit midnight
(with Jacques Dutronc) Puisque Vous Partez en Voyage departures

Hare, Pat

I'm Gonna Murder My Baby


Hariharan (with A.R. Rahman and Kavita Krishnamurty) Telephone Dhun Man telephones
Harlem River Drive Idle Hands hands

Harley, Steve & Cockney Rebel

Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

smiling and laughing

Harnell, Joe The Lonely Man superheroes

Harper, Roy

Forbidden Fruit secret vices

When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease



On Sunday Afternoon


Harriott, Derrick The Loser losers

Harris, Emmylou

1917 army

Boulder To Birmingham


Here, There And Everywhere

beatles covers

(with Mark Knopfler) I Dug Up a Diamond precious stones
(with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) Mary Danced With Soldiers girl's names
Ooh Las Vegas gambling
Red Dirt Girl pathos
Snake Song reptiles
Harris, Rolf Jake the Peg children's songs
Harris, Thurston Purple Stew recipe songs
Harris, Wynonie Keep on Churnin' ('Til the Butter Comes) recipe songs
Quiet Whiskey whisky
Harrison, George All Things Must Pass change 2
Ding Dong Ding Dong new year songs
Far East Man solo Beatle songs
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) solo Beatle songs
My Sweet Lord faith
What is Life solo Beatle songs
When We Was Fab Beatles

Harrison, Noel

The Windmills of Your Mind


Harry, Debbie

French Kissin France & French Things

(with Iggy Pop) Well Did You Evah!


Harry Leader's Band

The Wedding of Mickey Mouse

comics and cartoons

Hart, Grant Charles Hollis Jones Jones and Joneses
Hart, Lorenz (as lyricist) (performed by Elaine Stritch) To Keep My Love Alive unusual rhymes

Hart, Tim

(with Maddy Prior) The Dalesman's Litany

northern England

Hartman, Johnny (with John Coltrane) Lush Life mistakes
(with John Coltrane) They Say It's Wonderful love is...
Harvey, Alex see Sensational Alex Harvey Band  

Harvey, PJ

50 ft Queenie showing off
A Line in the Sand borders, barriers, walls & fences
Good Fortune recovery
Hair hair
Hardly Wait anticipation
(with Nick Cave) Henry Lee rejection

Send His Love To Me

please and thank you

Sheela Na Gig holes
Victory victory
(with John Parish) A Woman a Man Walked By mistaken identity

You Said Something

New York

Hashim Al Naafiysh (The Soul) 1980s 12" Singles
Hat Fitz & Cara Play Me Something New relaxation & leisure

Hathaway, Donny

Little Ghetto Boy


(with Roberta Flack) Where is the Love? disappointment
Havens, Richie Freedom favourite live versions
Hopelessly Hoping alliteration
Oxford Town justice

Hawkins, Screamin' Jay

Alligator Wine recipe songs
Feast of the Mau Mau strange and surreal

Hong Kong


I Put a Spell on You


Little Demon fantasy
Ol' Man River rivers
Person to Person telephones
Portrait of a Man painters & painting

Hawkins, Sophie B.

Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover


Hawkshaw, Alan Blarney's Stoned TV themes
(with Alan Parker) Hot Pants clothes


Black Elk Speaks philosophers

High Rise


Master of the Universe krautrock

Quark, Strangeness And Charm


Sonic Attack apocalypse

Spiral Galaxy 28948

celestial bodies

We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago mistakes
Hawley, Richard Born Under a Bad Sign star signs
Hotel Room hotels
Lady's Bridge bridges
Open Up Your Door doors
Hay, Colin Next Year People farming
Haydn, Josef String Quartet in E Flat Major "The Joke" stops and starts

Hayes, Isaac

By the Time I Get to Phoenix


Chocolate Salty Balls chocolate
Going in Circles circles
Shaft funk
Walk on By impressive intros
Haza, Ofra Innocent: A Requiem for Refugees homelessness

Hazlewood, Lee

(with Nancy Sinatra) Some Velvet Morning


The Night Before hangovers
(with Nancy Sinatra) Summer Wine recipe songs
Head, Michael & the Strands Queen Matilda queens
Head, Murray One Night in Bangkok specific or obscure places
Headless Heroes True Love Will Find You in the End promises and choices
Heap, Imogen Bad Body Double two - part 1
Heart Dog and Butterfly dogs
Heaven 17 I'm Your Money shopping
Heavenly C is the Heavenly Option teenage self
Hebb, Bobby Sunny summer
Hébert, Didier I Woke Up One Morning in May out of tune

Hecker, Maximilian

Kate Moss


Hedgehoppers Anonymous

It's Good News Week



The Hymn for the Cigarettes


Hefti, Neal Batman Theme superheroes
Helinä, Tiiu Muuri shyness
Hell, Richard & the Voidoids Destiny Street knowledge
Love Comes in Spurts anti-love
Hella Cafeteria Bananas restaurants & cafes
Hello Saferide Long Lost Penpal deception
Hellsongs Run to the Hills running
Helvetia Old New Bicycle bicycles

Hendrix, Jimi (sometimes as The Jimi Hendrix Experience)

51st Anniversary old age
All Along the Watchtower warnings
Castles Made of sand disappointment
Fire power

Foxy Lady

sexy songs

Gloria left or right
Hear My Train a-Comin' ears and hearing

Hey Joe


If Six Was Nine whispering songs
Purple Haze purple
Red House red

Third Stone From the Sun

sci-fi and space

Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) super solos
The Wind Cries Mary girl's names
Henley, Don Boys of Summer nostalgia
New York Minute estimates of distance and time
Henry, Joe Dirty Magazine magazines
Heppner, Ben (composer: Richard Wagner) The Prize Song from Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg songwriting


(with Latyrx) 8 Point Agenda (Version 1 )

numbered one to ten

(ft Jean Grae) More Tea, More Beer beer
Mr. Holmes Mr. and Mrs.
The Sensual Woman words
Herbert Peak wilderness
Strong positive songs
Here and Now It's the Little Things small things
Hernandez, Armando La Zenaida fruit

Hersh, Kristin

The Letter

mental illness

Your Ghost


Her Space Holiday The World Will Deem Us Dangerous lessons in life
Hi-Tension British Hustle Britain
Hiatt, John Riding With the King Elvis
Hibbert, Lennie Village Soul villages
Hibbler, Al The Blues Come Falling Down falling
Hickie, Andy When the World Smiles With You contentment
Hickox, Tom Pretty Pride of Russia ironic songs

Hicks, Dan and His Hot Licks

How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?

missing someone

Hidden Cameras

The Man That I Am With My Man


Smells Like Happiness smells

High Numbers

I'm The Face

I Am Songs

Zoot Suit fads and crazes
Hill, Benny Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West) alliteration
Hill, Lauryn Doo-Wop (That Thing) warnings
I Find It Hard to Say refusal
Hillage, Steve It's All Too Much futility
The Salmon Song fish
Hille, Veda Frank Mills men's names
Hinson, Micah P. The Day Texas Sank to the Bottom of the Sea deep voices
Hisaishi, Joe Huge Tree in the Tsukamori Forest forests
Hitchcock, Robyn Insect Mother insects
Hodges, Eddie (with Frank Sinatra) High Hopes children performing
Hoffs, Susanna (with Rainy Day) I'll Keep It With Mine gifts and giving

Hold Steady

Ask Her For Adderall


Chips Ahoy! victory
Hot Soft Light hospitals
How a Resurrection Feels resurrection
Lord, I'm Discouraged famous last words


Celebrity Skin


Miss World Mr. and Mrs.


US cities & states

Holiday, Billie

But Beautiful opposites
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me jokes
Don't Explain forgiveness
Foolin' Myself repression
I Didn't Know What Time It Was famous last words

It's a Sin to Tell a Lie


Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

please and thank you

Sophisticated Lady failure

Strange Fruit


Strange Fruit murder

This Year's Kisses


What a Little Moonlight Can Do moon

Holland, Jolie

Springtime Can Kill You


Holland, Jools (with Suggs) Oranges and Lemons fruit
Holland, Maggie A Place Called England accents
A Proper Sort of Gardener green
Overnight itinerants and migration
Hollies Bus Stop buses
King Midas in Reverse losers
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress treachery & betrayal
Hollis, Mark The Color of Spring best piano songs
The Daily Planet newspapers
Holloway, Stanley The Lion and Albert hats
Where Did You Get That Hat? inheritance
Holly, Buddy Blue Days, Black Nights debuts
Everyday anticipation
It Doesn't Matter Anymore orchestral string instruments
You're So Square geometrical shapes
Holmes, Richard "Groove" No Trouble on the Mountain mountains

Holt, John and the Paragons

Ali Baba


I've Got to Get Away neighbours
Home T (with Cocoa Tea and Shabba Ranks) Pirates Anthem pirates
Homelife Fruit Machine gambling

Honey Cone

My Mind's on Leaving, But My Heart Won't Let Me Go

goodbye songs

Honey Drippers Impeach the President US Presidents
Honeydogs The Crown crowns

Hooker, John Lee

Boom Boom


Crawlin' King Snake Blues lust
(with Carlos Santana) The Healer healing
Tupelo named after towns

Hope, Bob

Thanks For the Memory

please and thank you

Hope & Social The Big Wide Yorkshire
Hopkin, Mary Y Blodyn Gwyn Welsh songs
Hopkins, Gerard Manley Inversnaid wilderness

Hopkins, Lightnin'

Jailhouse Blues


Walking Round in Circles circles
Hopper, Kev The Sound of Gyroscopes discovery
Hornsby, Bruce & the Range That's the Way It Is unemployment

Hot Butter


sweet foods

Hot Chip Baby Said great opening lines
Over and Over repetition

Hot Chocolate

Brother Louie songs with talking



I'll Put You Together Again recovery
It Started With a Kiss firsts and lasts
Hothouse Flowers Ballad of Katie interlopers
Christchurch Bells bells
Houdini, Wilmoth The Million Dollar Feet feet
Houghton, Beth Jeans & the Hooves of Destiny Dodecahedron geometrical shapes
House of Love Beatles and the Stones Beatles
Never never
House of Pain Jump Around triggering dancing




Get Up Off Your Knees recovery
Houston, Cisco Diamond Joe villains

Houston, Whitney

I Will Always Love You stops and starts

It's Not Right But It's OK

upbeat break-up

Howlin' Wolf Back Door Man showing off
Little Red Rooster laziness
Moanin' at Midnight midnight
Smokestack Lightnin' extraordinary vocals
Wang Dang Doodle celebration
HP Lovecraft The White Stripe books
Hucknall, Mick Sooner or Later (One of Us Must Know) misunderstanding
Hue and Cry Strength to Strength forgotten follow-ups
Hukkelberg, Hanne The Pirate pirates
Human Beinz Nobody But Me narcissism

Human League

Don't You Want Me dialogue
Human forgiveness


upbeat break-up

The Things That Dreams are Made Of adventure
Human Sexual Response Land of the Glass Pinecones glass
Humble Pie 30 Days in the Hole surprising intros
Black Coffee coffee
Hunter, Ian Irene Wilde first love
Irene Wilde rejection
Letter to Brittania From the Union Jack flags
Win It All winners
Hurley, Michael Sweedeedee odd couples

Hurt, Mississippi John

Stack O' Lee Blues


Waiting for a Train limbo

Hüsker Dü

Divide and Conquer internet

Eight Miles High


Ice Cold Ice false endings
New Day Rising dawn
Pink Turns to Blue blue
Something I Learned Today knowledge
Turn On the News news & the media
Huun-Huur-Tu Chiraa Khoor horses
Mezhegel deep voices
Hvoslef, Lise Mapping the Coincidence coincidence
Hyland, Brian Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini embarrassment
Hyldgaard, Susi Regard Je Tends le Main Vers Toi hands
Hyper Kinako Tokyo Invention Registry Office accents
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble War best brass songs


Beware of the Stranger


Hyvönen, Frida Pony horses
Science nerds and geeks

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