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Artists beginning with the letter J

J.B.'s Breakin' Bread meals
Pass the Peas vegetables
J. Geils Band Centerfold na-na-hey-hey songs
Jaar, Nicolas History Lesson tragedy & comedy
Jackpots Jack in the Box toys

Jackson 5

ABC three
Can You Feel It? vim
(as the Jacksons) Goin' Place travelling
I Want You Back children performing

Never Can Say Goodbye

goodbye songs

Jackson, Alan

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere


Jackson, Brian

(with Gil Scott-Heron) The Bottle


(with Gil Scott-Heron) H2Ogate Blues scandal
(with Gil Scott-Heron) Madison Avenue advertising
(with Gil Scott-Heron) Winter in America winter
Jackson, Janet Control control
That's the Way Love Goes songs with talking

Jackson, Joe

Got the Time multitasking
Happy Loving Couples two - part 2
I'm the Man fads and crazes
Is She Really Going Out With Him? monkeys and apes

Steppin' Out

parties & going out

Sunday Papers


Jackson, Mahalia In the Summer of his Years assassination
Jackson, Michael Beat It super solos
Ben pets
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough falsetto
Earth Song climate change
Off the Wall triggering dancing
Thriller songs with talking

Jackson, Millie

If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right)




There You Are flirting

Jackson, Wanda

Hard Headed Woman Elvis

Riot In Cell Block No 9


Tongue Tied embarrassment
Jade, Faine Cold Winter Sun Symphony in D Major winter

Jagger, Mick

(with Ry Cooder) Memo From Turner

songs recorded for movies

Jah Stitch (with Dr. Alimantado) The Barber Feel It motorbikes
Jah Wobble Ungodly Kingdom forgotten follow-ups
Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart Everyman's an Island advertising


A-Bomb in Wardour Street apocalypse
The Butterfly Collector prostitution

David Watts


Down in the Tube Station at Midnight


English Rose hidden tracks
Eton Rifles ambiguous songs
Going Underground promises and choices
News of the World newspapers
Smithers-Jones unemployment
That's Entertainment ironic songs
Town Like Malice social class
Wasteland trash
Jamal, Ahmad Poinciana flowers


Gold Mother

babies and childbirth

Laid lust
Sit Down Manchester
Sometimes rain
James, Danny Boogie in the Mud earth, soil & dirt
James, Dick Robin Hood forests

James, Elmore

Stranger Blues


James, Etta

All I Could Do Was Cry disappointment

In The Basement

domestic songs

Steal Away smuggling and stealing

Stormy Weather

bad weather

James, Skip Broke and Hungry desperation
Crow Jane cruel songs
Drunken Spree apologies
James, Tommy & the Shondells Crimson and Clover repetition
Mony Mony companies & corporations


Canned Heat

redefined by films


It's Grim Up North

Northern England

Jan & Dean I Found a Girl starting over
Surf City two - part 1
Jane's Addiction Three Days three
Jankowski, Horst A Walk in the Black Forest forests
Jansch, Bert Black Waterside treachery & betrayal
The Bright New Year new year songs
Needle of Death futility
Toy Balloon toys


Cantonese Boy




Japanther The Gravy monsters
Jara, Victor (with Isabel Parra) Lo Único Que Tengo hands
Jarre, Jean-Michel Oxygène gases
Jarrett, Keith Shenandoah rivers


(with Beyoncé) Crazy in Love falling in love
(with Alicia Keys) Empire State of Mind ambition


guilt and apology

Jay and the Techniques Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie games
Jayhawks The Baltimore Sun newspapers
Jaynetts Sally Go 'Round the Roses flowers
Jazz Butcher Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present gifts and giving
Southern Mark Smith wanting to be someone else
Jean, Wyclef Perfect Gentleman unusual rhymes
Jeays, Philip Seven Signs of Ageing advertising
The Soldier army

Jefferson Airplane

Lather birthdays
We Can Be Together youth cults

White Rabbit

literary songs

Jefferson, Blind Lemon

Jack O'Diamond Blues games

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean


Jefferson, Marshall

Move Your Body

music genres

Jellyfish All is Forgiven forgiveness
Jenkins, Billy with the Blues Collective I Love Your Smell smells

Jennings, Waylon

Mental Revenge


Jenova 7 (with Groove Cereal & Andrew Linn) Sound Breakfast meals
Jessie J Who's Laughing Now schadenfreude

Jesus and Mary Chain

Happy When It Rains

bad weather

I Hate Rock 'n' Roll music industry
The Living End motorbikes
Sidewalking (Extended Version) 1980s 12" Singles

Some Candy Talking

sweet foods

(with Hope Sandoval) Sometimes Always


Stardust Remedy brothers and sisters
Teenage Lust lust
You Trip Me Up falling
Jesus Lizard Thumbscrews screams, howls, grunts & shrieks
Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl surprising intros
Jethro Tull Crazed Institution crowns
Fat Man opposites
Heavy Horses horses
Living in the Past flutes, pipes, or whistles
Steel Monkey iron and steel
Thick As a Brick (Pt. 1, #2) musically adventurous
Up the 'Pool anticipation
Jewell, Eilen Too Hot To Sleep heat # 2
Jian, Cui A Piece of Red Cloth left wing politics
Nothing to My Name bravery
Jilted John Fancy Mice rodents
Jilted John separation
Jimmy Eat World The Middle survival
Joan as Police Woman Anyone Valentine's Day Songs

Jobim, Antonio Carlos

(with Elis Regina) Aguas de Marco (Waters of March)

list songs

(with Stan Getz & João and Astrud Gilberto) Corcovado South America
(with João Gilberto and Herbie Mann) One Note Samba austerity
JoBoxers Just Got Lucky luck
Jobriath Wildfire-in-Memphis prostitution
Joel, Billy The Downeaster Alexa New England
Just the Way You Are change 2
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) ambition
Stiletto sharp objects
The Stranger misunderstanding
Johansson, Jan Visa från Utanmyra Nordic Countries
John and Jehn Shy shyness
John Coltrane Quartet see Coltrane, John  

John, Elton

The Bridge bridges
Grimsby named after towns

Tiny Dancer

redefined by films

Your Song forgetting
John, Little Willie Leave My Kitten Alone animals
Johnny Otis Quintette (with Little Esther & the Robins) Double-Crossing Blues treachery & betrayal

Johnson, Al

Carnival Time

carnivals and funfairs

Johnson, Blind Willie

Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

scary songs

John The Revelator

biblical songs

Soul of a Man resurrection
Johnson, Jack The 3 R's trash
Holes to Heaven holes
Johnson, Joe D. Rattlesnake Daddy reptiles

Johnson, Linton Kwesi

Forces of Vicktry victory

Sonny's Lettah (Anti Sus Poem)

letters, emails, etc.

Johnson, Lonnie Too Late to Cry Baby firsts and lasts

Johnson, Robert

Come On in My Kitchen welcome

Me And the Devil Blues

God and the devil

Johnson, Robb Little Vinnie Jones Jones and Joneses
Moronland stupidity
My Mother Taught Me to Waltz inheritance

Johnson, Syl

I Hate I Walked Away

guilt and apology

Is It Because I'm Black? obstacles
Johnston, Daniel Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievance forgiveness
Hey Joe Beatles
Speeding Motorcycle motorbikes
Johnny Boy You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes
and You Get What You Deserve
Jompson Brothers On the Run being scared
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 2 Kindsa Love riffs
Jones, Booker T. (see also Booker T and the MGs) (with the Drive-By Truckers) Space Wing organ
Jones, Diana Pony inheritance

Jones, Etta

Don't Go to Strangers


Don't Misunderstand misunderstanding
Jones, George Bubbles in My Beer beer
Choices regrets
Developing My Pictures hobbies
Good Year for the Roses divorce
He Stopped Loving Her Today futility
No Show Jones Jones and Joneses
Where the Grass Won't Grow earth, soil & dirt

Jones, Grace

The Apple Stretching

New York

Corporate Cannibal misanthropic songs
The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game ironic songs
I've Done It Again firsts and lasts

Love On Top Of Love


Pull Up to the Bumper

one night stands

She's Lost Control (Long Version) 1980s 12" Singles
Warm Leatherette fetishes
Williams' Blood roots
Jones, Johnny & the King Casuals Purple Haze screams, howls, grunts & shrieks
Jones, Nic Canadee-i-o opening album tracks
Jones, Norah Man of the Hour dogs

Jones, Oran "Juice"

The Rain


Jones, Quincy The Hot Rock precious stones
Soul Bossa Nova flutes, pipes, or whistles

Jones, Rickie Lee

Chuck E's in Love opening album tracks
Danny's All Star Joint pubs and bars

The Last Chance Texaco


Ugly Man stick it to the man

Jones, Sarah

(with DJ Vadim) Your Revolution

other songs

Jones, Spike and his City Slickers Holiday For Strings laughter
Jones, Tom Detroit City exile
Green Green Grass of Home songs with talking
Jonny Goldmine gold

Jonzun Crew

Space is the Place

sci-fi and space

Joplin, Janis

A Woman Left Lonely being a man or a woman
Ball and Chain keys and locks
Little Girl Blue pathos
Little Girl Blue extraordinary vocals

Me and Bobby McGee


Mercedes Benz wealth

Piece Of My Heart

the heart

What Good can Drinking Do hangovers
Joplin, Scott Silver Swan Rag animals

Jor, Jorge Ben

Descobri Que Sou um Anjo

surreal songs

Pais Tropical nature

Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma)


Take It Easy My Brother Charles

multilingual songs

Jordan, Louis and his Tympany Five

(with Ella Fitzgerald) Baby It's Cold Outside duets
Deacon Jones Jones and Joneses

Saturday Night Fish Fry

Friday & Saturday

Sure Had a Wonderful Time Last Night last night
Two Little Squirrels rodents
Jordan, Ronny (with Dana Bryant) The Jackal glamour & style
Jordan, Sass (with Geroge Clinton) Ugly One Word Titles

Josef K

Sorry for Laughing

smiling and laughing

Joy Division


walking and running

Dead Souls nightmares
Decades out of tune
Love Will Tear Us Apart failure
New Dawn Fades desperation
Shadowplay shadows

She's Lost Control





places in Europe

Joy Zipper

Christmas Song


Judas Priest Breaking the Law criminals
Diamonds and Rust precious stones
Electric Eye surveillance
Judas Rising excess
Painkiller screams, howls, grunts & shrieks
White Heat, Red Hot red
Juliana Hatfield Three My Sister brothers and sisters
Jungle Brothers Black is Black black
Done by the Forces of Nature nature
Sunshine dawn
Junkyard Band The Word/Sardines austerity
Justice Stress (Auto Remix) impressive intros

Justice Vs Simian

We Are Your Friends



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