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Find the artist alphabetically in the menu at left. Artists whose names begin with punctuation marks or numerals are in the A-Z by Artist page linked at the top.

Artists beginning with the letter Z

Zac Brown Band (with Chris Connell) Heavy is the Head crowns
Zager & Evans In the Year 2525 the future
Zainichi Funk Bakudan Kowai (Scary Bomb) funk
Zamfir, Gheorghe Doina Sus Pe Culmea Dealului (Picnic at Hanging Rock soundtrack) meals
Zanes, Dan (with Barbara Brousal) Hello hello
Zap Mama Brrlak! a capella
Zapp & Roger More Bounce to the Ounce fetishes

Zappa, Frank

Conehead geometrical shapes

The Dangerous Kitchen

domestic songs

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow yellow
Dumb All Over stupidity
The Gumbo Variations saxophone
Man With the Woman Head faces
Stink-Foot feet

Trouble Every Day


Valley Girl gossip
Zé, Tom

A Briga do Edifício Itália com o Hilton Hotel

South America
Zebda On Est Chez Nous France & French Things
Zetlitz, Bertine Apples and Diamonds fruit

Zevon, Warren

Accidently Like a Martyr saints and martyrs
Desperados Under the Eaves hotels
Detox Mansion healing
Frank and Jesse James criminals
Genius unusual rhymes
Lawyers, Guns and Money stuck or trapped
Macgillycuddy's Reeks Ireland
Mr. Bad Example sinners

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner


Run Straight Down gases

Werewolves of London


Ziegler, Anne (with Webster Booth) We'll Gather Lilacs positive songs
Zola Jesus (with LA Vampires) Eulogy funerals


A Rose for Emily flowers
Care of Cell 44 coming home

This Will Be Our Year


Zoot Woman

The Model


Zounds Did He Jump shyness
Zutons Freak prostitution
It's the Little Things We Do hangovers
Secrets secrets
ZZ Top Cheap Sunglasses glamour & style
Ten Foot Pole misheard, nonsense or inaudible lyrics
Waitin' for the Bus buses



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