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Songs about Suburbia
Oct. 24, 2008
Writer: Maddy Costa

A List

  Song Artist Recommended by
1 Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James Manfred Mann sourpus
2 Pleasant Valley Sunday The Monkees BeltwayBandit
3 Sounds of the Suburbs The Members sourpus
4 Subdivisions Rush Kalyr
5 Bentswood Boys Suede Janeicon
6 007 Shanty Town Desmond Dekker Proudfoot
7 Hatfield 1980 Everything But the Girl garrynorfolk
8 South London Boroughs Burial jforbes
9 Suburban Dream Martha and the Muffins ShivSidecar
10 I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town Ray Charles lonniej

B List

  Song Artist Recommended by
1 Pink Half of the Drainpipe Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band sonofwebcore
2 Suburban Homeboy Sparks TonNL
3 For What is Chatteris Half Man Half Biscuit TerminalDecline
4 Penny Lane The Beatles sonofwebcore
5 Shangri-La The Kinks ElDerino
6 Suburbia The Pet Shop Boys symbionic
7 Comme Dans un Film MC Solaar May1366
8 The Big Country Talking Heads Fuel
9 Suburban Home The Descendents MagmaTimes
10 New Town Slits exodus

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