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Artists beginning with the letter O

O'Connell, Robbie Kilkelly, Ireland exile

O'Connor, Hazel

Eighth day


Will You? anticipation

O'Connor, Sinead

Curly Locks curves and spheres

I Am Stretched On Your Grave



named after men

This IS a Rebel Song anger
O'Hooley and Tidow Summat's Brewing Yorkshire


Back Stabbers


Love Train


Ship Ahoy

the sea

Unity unity
O'Sullivan, Gilbert Alone Again, Naturally disappointment


Champagne Supernova wine
Half the World Away Manchester

Rock 'n' Roll Star


Fade Away


Obel, Agnes Fuel to Fire best piano songs
Golden Green green
Obey, Chief Commander Ebenezer Austerity Measure austerity
Ocean, Billy Caribbean Queen queens
Ocean, Frank Thinkin' 'Bout You falsetto
Oceansize Music for a Nurse Manchester

Ochs, Phil

Chords of Fame effects of fame
Crucifixion assassination
Here's to the State of Mississippi rejection

Love Me, I'm a Liberal

funny songs

Rehearsals for Retirement failure

Talking Cuban Crisis

historical events


Another Man Done Gone minimalist songs

Freedom Trilogy


Masters of War deep voices
(with Harry Belafonte) There's a Hole in the Bucket geometrical shapes
Odetta & Larry Old Blue pets


Native New Yorker

New York

Of Montreal The Actor's Opprobrium theatre
Sing You a Love Song songs about love songs
Offenbach, Jacques Infernal Gallop (Can Can) France & French Things
Oh Susanna Greyhound Bus buses
Oh What a Lovely War Soundtrack Bombed Again Last Night survival
Ohia Hot Black Silk rough and smooth
Ohio Players Funky Worm whimsical songs
Paint Me painters & painting
Oi Polloi A Whole New Ball Game curves and spheres
Anarcho Pie recipe songs
Nuclear Waste power
Union Jack Thall's Cac! Scotland

Okkervil River

Black secrets and secrecy
Down Down the Deep River New England

John Allyn Smith Sails

songs with a twist

Listening to Otis Redding at Christmas

other songs

Plus One patterns & sequences
Red red
The President's Dead US Presidents
The War Criminal Rises and Speaks justice
Your Past Life as a Blast brothers and sisters
Okoawo, Iyeoka Revolution songwriting
Old Crow Medicine Show Motel in Memphis hotels
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells musically adventurous
Olson, Mark (with Gary Louris) Bicycle bicycles
Ones Flawless glamour & style

Only Ones

Another Girl, Another Planet

sci-fi and space

Another Girl, Another Planet

impressive intros

Ono, Yoko Approximately Infinite Universe estimates of distance and time
Fireworks (Katy Perry cover) eccentric songs
Looking Over From My Hotel Window hotels
Opal Harriet Brown actors
OPM Heaven is a Halfpipe religion

Orange Juice

Falling and Laughing pain
Felicity out of tune
Poor Old Soul (French Version) foreign language versions

Rip It Up

other songs

Orange Lemon Dreams of Santa Anna (Extended Club Mix) startling songs
Orb A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Centre of the Ultraworld long titles
Fussball winners
Little Fluffy Clouds opening album tracks

Orbison, Roy

In Dreams

redefined by films

It's Over divorce
Oh Pretty Woman change of mind
Running Scared escape

Working For The Man



Belfast Ireland

Impact (The Earth Is Burning) (USA Version)


Walk Now

walking and running

Orchestra Baobab Utras Horas saxophone
Orchestra Harlow Freak Off hedonism

Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark (OMD)

Electricity machinery, industry & technology

Enola Gay

nuclear war

Enola Gay aviation

Genetic Engineering


Maid of Orleans historical figures


Northern England

Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou Mi Ni Non Kpo riffs

Orff, Carl

(with Gunild Keetman) Gassenhauer nach Hans Neusiedler

instrumental soundtracks

Organized Konfusion Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken? nostalgia
Originals The Bells weddings
Orioles It's Too Soon to Know uncertainty
Orlando, Tony Don't Let Go genre switch

Orton, Beth

Galaxy Of Emptiness

celestial bodies

(with The Chemical Brothers) Where Do I Begin? hangovers

Os Mutantes

Bat Macumba


Desculpe, Babe apologies
Osborne, Kell You Can't Outsmart a Woman intelligence

Osborne, Ozzy

Mr. Crowley


Osbourne, Johnny Buddy Bye stops and starts
Oslin, K.T. Hold Me decisive songs


Crazy Horses


Otis, Johnny (with Marci Lee) Casting My Spell on You making things
Willie and the Hand Jive fads and crazes
Otis, Shuggie Strawberry Letter 23 red


B.O.B. vim
Dracula's Wedding myths & legends
Hey Ya! handclaps
Hollywood Divorce actors
The Mighty "O" call & response

Ms. Jackson


Rosa Parks

named after women

The Train


Over the Rhine If a Song Could Be President US Presidents
Let's Spend the Day in Bed beds
Overseer Heligoland islands
Heligoland Britain
Over the Rhine The King Knows How Elvis
Oyster Band (with June Tabor) The Dark Eyed Sailor eavesdropping
(with June Tabor) Susie Clelland intriguing narratives
When the Helicopter Comes aviation
Ozark Mountain Daredevils It'll Shine When It Shines teenage self

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