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Artists beginning with the letter E

Eagles Desperado borders, barriers, walls & fences
Hotel California hotels
Eaglesmith, Fred Thirty Years of Farming farming
Eaglin, Snooks I Get the Blues When It Rains melancholy songs

Earle, Steve

Copperhead Road whisky

The Devil's Right Hand


Johnny Come Lately coming home
Justice in Ontario scandal
Promise You Everything promises and choices
The Rain Came Down farming
Snake Oil reckless consumption
Way Down in the Hole holes
Early Music Consort of London (composer: Antoine Brumel) Gloria from Missa et Ecce Terra Motus harmonies
Early Years All Ones and Zeros mathematics
Earth, Wind and Fire (with The Emotions) Boogie Wonderland triggering dancing
September September
Earthling First Transmission movie and TV stars
East River Pipe King of Nothing Ever losers
Easton, Sheena Modern Girl modernity


Friday on My Mind

Friday & Saturday

Echo And The Bunnymen

Nothing Lasts Forever finishing
Over the Wall obstacles
Thorn of Crowns vegetables

Villiers Terrace

roads and streets

(with the Drummers of Burundi) Zimbo collaborations and side projects
Echobelly Pantyhose and Roses control
Eddy, Duane Shazam! superheroes
Edgar Broughton Band Old Gopher American west
Edgar Winter Group Frankenstein asafaraes
Edmunds, Dave Girls Talk gossip
(also as Rockpile) Heart of the City Welsh songs
Queen of Hearts queens
Edward's World Soul Roots best piano songs

Edwards, Kathleen

Six O'Clock News


Edwin Hawkins Singers Oh Happy Day call & response
Oh Happy Day spiritual songs


$200 Tattoo skin

Climbing to the Moon (Jon Brion Remix)

songs that make you cry

Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor


End Times finishing
Hospital Food hospitals

Mr E's Beautiful Blues


Mr E's Beautiful Blues Mr. and Mrs.
Novocaine for the Soul great middle eights

P.S. You Rock My World


Things That the Grandchildren Should Know inheritance

Einstürzende Neubauten



Seele Bennt whispering songs
Eitzel, Mark My Pet Rat St. Michael rodents
Ekaya (with Abdullah Ibrahim) The Mountain mountains
El Cigala, Diego Garganta Con Arena genre switch


Car Song secret vices

Never Here

hatchet jobs


short songs

Your Arse, My Place seduction


Forget Myself forgetting
Fugitive Motel dialogue
My Sad Captains contentment
One Day Like This euphoria

Scattered Black And Whites

domestic songs

Station Approach

Northern England

Eleanora Rosenholm Maailmanloppu end of the world
Electric Chairs Eddie & Sheena odd couples
electric eels Accident accidents

Electric Light Orchestra

The Diary of Horace Wimp bravery
Rockaria surprising intros

Yours Truly 2095

machines, robots & computers

Electric Prunes

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night


Electric Six

Gay Bar

nuclear war

Electric Wizard Funeralopolis doom
Elephant Skyscraper "High" Songs
Elephants Obvious the obvious
Elias and his Zig Zag Flutes Tom Hard flutes, pipes, or whistles
Ella Guru I Got My Mojo Working cats

Ellington, Duke

Blood Count blood
Jack the Bear best bass lines
(with Ivie Anderson) Mood Indigo purple

Sonnet to Hank Cinq

short songs

Sophisticated Lady super solos
Up and Down, Up and Down Shakespeare
Elliott, Missy 'Misdemeanour' (with Tweet) Oops (Oh My!) sexy songs

The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

bad weather

Ellis, Shirley The Clapping Game left or right
Ellis-Bextor, Sophie Cassandra prophets & prophecy
Ellison, Lorraine Stay With Me desperation
Ely, Joe Gallo del Cielo fighting
Emerald, Caro Liquid Lunch mealtimes
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Karn Evil 9 visitors


3 AM nightmares
(with Dr. Dre) Forget About Dre forgetting
Lose Yourself bravery


letters, emails, etc.

Without Me narcissism
Emotions (with Earth, Wind & Fire) Boogie Wonderland triggering dancing
En Vogue Hold On harmonies
My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It) asafaraes
English Beat Can't Get Used to Losing You loss
English Dogs Fucked Up People misanthropic songs

Eno, Brian

(with Harold Budd) A Stream of Bright Fish fish
An Ending (Ascent) instrumental soundtracks
An Ending (Ascent) moon

Baby's on Fire


By This River krautrock
Deep Blue Day space

Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960


Here Come the Warm Jets indecipherable songs
(with David Byrne) The Jezebel Spirit ghosts
King's Lead Hat clothes

(with Harold Budd) Plateaux of Mirror

fictional places

(with John Cale) Spinning Away

celestial bodies

Taking Tiger Mountain mountains
Episode Six Gentlemen of the Park parks
Equals Police on My Back the police
Erasure Hideaway rejection

Eric B and Rakim

Casualties of War


Follow the Leader adventure
Paid in Full sampling and recycling
Erik Truffaz Quartet The Walk of the Giant Turtle reptiles
Esbjorn Svensson Trio Gagarin's Point of View curves and spheres




Estelle, Don (with Windsor Davies) Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees) gossip
Estes, Sleepy John Rat in My Kitchen rodents
Etheridge, Melissa I Need to Wake Up climate change


Knowledge is Power knowledge
Socialism Train left wing politics

Train To Skaville


Ettrick Sky Bellower sky
Europe The Final Countdown firsts and lasts
Eurythmics Doubleplusgood propaganda
I'm Never Gonna Cry Again never
Love is a Stranger love is...
(with Aretha Franklin) Sisters are Doin' It for Themselves feminism
Evanescence Bring Me to Life starting over
My Last Breath breathing
Evans, Bill Lucky to Be Me luck
(with Tony Bennett) Some Other Time procrastination
Sweet September September
Everclear The Joker teenage self
Wonderful promises and choices
Everlast Black Coffee coffee
The Greatest fighting
Letters From the Garden of Stone army
(with Carlos Santana) Put Your Lights On! warnings
Everly, Phil (with Dion) Queen of '59 queens
Everly Brothers Down in the Willow Garden murder
So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) change of mind
The Price of Love vibrato, tremolo or oscillations
When Will I Be Loved cheating

Everything But the Girl

Missing (Todd Terry Remix)

missing someone

Hatfield 1980


Oxford Street coming of age
Pigeons in the Attic Room rooms
Wrong bad decisions
Everything Everything Photoshop Handsome modernity
Évora, Cesária Miss Perfumado smells
Ex Embarrassment embarrassment
Excitements Take the Bitter With the Sweet teenage self
Exciters Tell Him procrastination
Executive Suite When the Fuel Runs Out power
Exitmusic White Noise crosses
Exotics Cross My Heart crosses
Exploited Army Life army
Explosions (with Juanita Brooks) Garden of Four Trees gardens

Explosions in the Sky

Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean

numbered one to ten

Your Hand in Mine TV themes
Your Hand in Mine two - part 2
Explosive (Who Planted Thorns in) Miss Alice's Garden gardens
Exuma Exuma, the Obeah Man Caribbean
Mama Loi Papa Loi resurrection
Eye Alaska Cheetah and the Tiger cats

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