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Artists beginning with the letter N


Bobby James


N'Dour, Youssou Beykat villages
The Lion (Gaiende) bravery
Nadadora Septiembre No Est Tan Lejos September
Nah, Youn Sun (also known as Na, Yoon-sun) Breakfast in Baghdad specific or obscure places
Enter Sandman musically adventurous
Nangarhari, Latif Da Cricket Loba Dagatama Lar Aw Bar Afghanan Loy Afghanistan cricket
Nannini, Gianna Profumo smells
Napalm Death You Suffer ten words or fewer
Napoleon XIV They're Coming to Take Me Away whimsical songs
Naru, Akua Poetry, How Doe It Feel lust


Ether cruel songs


babies and childbirth

(featuring Busta Rhymes) Fried Chicken meat

I Gave You Power


NY State of Mind

New York

Nash, Johnny I Can See Clearly Now the obvious

Nashville Teens

Tobacco Road

roads and streets

Nastasia, Nina Judy's in the Sandbox flirting


Brainy intelligence
Exile Vilify exile

Mistaken for Strangers


Nature Zone Porcupine rodents
Nazareth This Flight Tonight aviation
Necks Hanging Garden gardens
Neeley, Ted Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say) extraordinary vocals
Neil, Fred The Dolphins fish
I Got a Secret (Didn't We Shake Sugaree) secrets and secrecy
The Water is Wide water
Nelly Hot in Here heat # 2

Nelson, Bill

Do You Dream In Colour


Nelson, Ricky Lonesome Town losers
Summertime riffs

Nelson, Willie

Always On My Mind apologies
Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other secrets
Funny How Time Slips Away dialogue
I Never Cared For You opposites

Me And Paul


Midnight Run whisky

Red Headed Stranger


(with Carlos Santana) They All Went to Mexico Mexico & Central America
Nemoy, Leonard The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins books (2)


99 Luftballoons

historical events

Nerea, Maldita El Secreto de las Tortugas reptiles
Nero & the Gladiators In the Hall of the Mountain King myths & legends
Nesmith, Michael Different Drum independence
Rio escape
Rio aviation
Neu! After Eight times of day
Euphoria euphoria
Fr Immer krautrock


long songs

Hero out of tune
Lila Engel purple

Neutral Milk Hotel

Holland, 1945

places in Europe

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea "High" Songs

Neville, Aaron


named after men

Louisiana 1927

bad weather

Neville Brothers Sister Rosa leadership
Sitting in Limbo limbo
Yellow Moon yellow
New Dawn Loser losers

New Model Army

Ballad climate change
Die Trying winter

Green and Grey

rural songs

Higher Wall interlopers
Purity propaganda
Spirit of the Falklands army
Vengeance justice
Western Dreams bad decisions
New Musik Living by Numbers modernity
Living By Numbers mathematics

New Order



Age of Consent coming of age
Blue Monday 1980s 12" Singles

Love Vigilantes


In a Lonely Place

scary songs

Regret regrets
Temptation falling in love
Thieves Like Us love is...
True Faith faith

Your Silent Face


New Riders of the Purple Sage Carl Perkins Wears he Crown crowns
New York Dolls Pills hospitals
Newcomer, Carrie Betty's Diner restaurants & cafes
Newell, Martin Before the Hurricane wind

Newman, Randy


US Cities & states

Big Hat, No Cattle


Christmas in Cape Town


God's Song misunderstanding
In Germany Before the War unsettling songs
Last Night I Had a Dream nightmares
Lonely at the Top wealth
Mikey's old age

Political Science

nuclear war

Texas Girl at the Funeral of Her Father separation
The World Isn't Fair philosophers
You Can Leave Your Hat On hats

Newsom, Joanna

Bridges and Balloons bridges
Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie orchestral string instruments



Go Long special guests
Good Intentions Paving Company companies & corporations
Sadie pets
Sapokanikan unusual rhymes
You and Me Bess horses
Nicely, Nick Hilly Fields (1892) parks
Nicholls, Billy London Social Degree ambiguous songs
Nichols, Jeb Loy CountryMusicDisco45 last night


The Fairest of Seasons

songs that make you cry

(with Velvet Underground) I'll Be Your Mirror mirrors
I'm Not Sayin' debuts
(with Kevin Ayers) Irreversible Neural Damage reversing
Lawns of Dawn dawn
Nibelungen myths & legends
Secret Side secrets

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams


Nicolette No Government left wing politics
We Never Know never
Nigam, Sonu (with Shreya Goshal) Zoobi Doobi stupidity
Nighthawk, Robert Sweet Black Angel sweetness
Nightmares on Wax The Sweetest sweetness
Nightwish Wishmaster so bad they're good
Nikkiya (with Tech N9ne) Delusional confusion and delusion
Nilsson, Harry Coconut futility
Coconut fruit
Me and My Arrow pets
Nine Inch Nails Closer lust
Head Like a Hole holes
March of the Pigs musically adventurous
Terrible Lie broken promises


All Apologies (Unplugged)

guilt and apology

Be a Son feminism
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle scandal



Scentless Apprentice books (2)



Smells Like Teen Spirit


Something in the Way homelessness
Nirvana (UK) Tiny Goddess asafaraes
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (with Emmylou Harris) Mary Danced With Soldiers girl's names
Nitzer Ebb Getting Closer two - part 2
Join in the Chant machinery, industry & technology
Nitzsche, Jack One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Opening Theme) odd sounds and instruments

Nix, Reverend A W

Black Diamond Express To Hell Part 1

heaven and hell

Nizlopi JCB Song yellow
No Doubt Don't Speak loss
Noah and the Whale The First Days of Spring pain
My Door is Always Open doors
Noble, Ray & his Orchestra (with Al Bowlly) Dinner for One Please, James mealtimes
(with Al Bowlly) Love is the Sweetest Thing love is...
Nobles, Cliff & Co. The Horse animals
No Bird Sing (ft Alicia Wiley) Plastic Lines photographs
Nomad (I Wanna Give You) Devotion gifts and giving
NoMeansNo Brother Rat/What Slayde Said treachery & betrayal
Nomi, Klaus Death (Composer: Henry Purcell) high pitched vocals


T.V.O.D. television

Warm Leatherette


Norman, Jessye (composer: Richard Strauss) Im Abendrot (from Four Last Songs) music for funerals

Notorious BIG

Juicy victory

Things Done Changed


Nouvelle Vague

Too Drunk to Fuck


Novas The Crusher dance styles
Numan, Gary Angel Wars disbelief
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Allah Mohammed Char Yaar handclaps

Nuyorican Soul

It's Alright, I Feel It



Fuck Tha Police sound effects

Straight Outta Compton


Nyman, Michael (with Estrella Morente) Le Di A La Caza Alcance saints and martyrs
(with David McAlmont) Secrets, Accusations and Lies secrets and secrecy

Nyro, Laura

And When I Die music for funerals
Blackpatch kindness
Free Thinker freedom

(with Labelle) Monkey Time/Dancing in the Street


Mother's Spiritual nature
Roadnotes birthdays
Stoned Soul Picnic meals

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