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Songs About Refusal
Writer: Ravi Raman

A List
  Song artist Recommended by
1 Monkey Wrench Foo Fighters babyant
2 I Find It Hard to Say Lauryn Hill Sunflower84
3 Watch Your Back Cock Sparrer wyngatecarpenter
4 No More Mister Nice Guy Alice Cooper bluepeter
5 When I'm 84 Beautiful South ParaMhor
6 With a Gun in My Hands Otis Gibbs tincanman
7 No More Youth of Today Pantherson
8 Keep Away Lou Reed dave56
9 The Big Ones Got Away Buffy Sainte-Marie sonofwebcore
10 A La Mierda Ska-P Makinavaja
11 God Says No Monster Magnet NoFallForFall
12 Bella Ciao Diego Moreno Oldiebutgoodie
13 Nothing Fugs bleanymyr

B List

  Song Artist Recommended by
1 Ain't Going to Goa Alabama 3 vikingbones
2 Maggie's Farm Toots Hibbert daysinsurrey
3 You Got Another Thing Coming Judas Priest chinhealer
4 Stop the Wedding Etta James tincanman
5 Ninety Nine and a Half Won't Do Wilson Pickett Fintan28
6 No They Might Be Giants tomteddyro
7 The Sea Refuses No River Pete Townshend swawilg
8 Lo Decidi Yo Juana Molino nilpferd
9 Don't Bring That Shit To Me Sean Kuti cantcheatkarma
10 Wasted Life Stiff Little Fingers severin
11 I Will Not Follow Waterboys Albert Ravey
12 Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys The Equals severin
13 I Don't Want to Play This Game The Adventures Misterlks
14 Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive Ella Fitzgerald Ravi Raman

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