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Artists beginning with the letter I

I Am Kloot Northern Skies sky

I Monster

Daydream in Blue


I-Roy Buck and the Preacher movie and TV stars
Don't Get Weary Joe Frazier tiredness
Tribute to Roy Holding cricket
IAMX I Come With Knives knives
I Salute You Chroistopher (Ode to Christopher Hitchens) tributes
Land of Broken Promises broken promises
Ian Campbell Folk Group Marilyn Monroe actors

Ian, Janis

At Seventeen


Ibeyi River starting over
Ibrahim, Abdullah (with Ekaya) The Mountain mountains

Ice Cube

(with Dr. Dre) Natural Born Killaz



(with Public Enemy and Anthrax) Bring the Noise noise





Icicle Works

Sweet Thursday days of the week

Up Here in the North of England

Northern England

Icons of Filth One Second to Midnight the number one
Id Boil the Kettle, Mother gases
Ideals The Gorilla monkeys and apes
Idle Race I Like My Toys toys
Idlewild In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction Scotland
Igginbottom see 'Igginbottom  
Iggy & the Stooges Search and Destroy great opening lines
Ikenga Super Stars of Africa Soffry Soffry Catch Monkey monkeys and apes

iLIKETRAINS (aka I Like Trains)

The Beeching Report


Spencer Perceval treachery & betrayal
Illy Our Country Australia
Imagined Village The Handweaver and the Factory Maid manual labour
Hard Times of Old England Retold villages
Imbruglia, Natalie One More Addiction addiction

Immortal Technique

The 4th Branch


Bin Laden deception
(with Lowkey) Voices of the Voiceless justice
Impressions We're a Winner winners
You Been Cheatin' cheating
In Love With a Ghost We've Never Met But Can We Have a Coffee or Something? hello

Incredible Bongo Band



Incredibles Standing Here Crying departures

Incredible String Band

The Actor


The Eyes of Fate fate & destiny
Painting Box painters & painting

Witches Hat



Last Night a DJ Saved My Life


Indian Ocean Are Ruk Ja Re Bande (Bandeh) incidental music
Indians in Moscow Naughty Miranda startling songs
Indigo Girls Jonas & Ezekiel prophets & prophecy
Moment of Forgiveness forgiveness
Indila Derniere Danse sweetness
Inti-Illimani El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido left wing politics

Ink Spots

That Cat is High cats

Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees)

trees, grass and flowers

Inner Circle Sweat (A, la, la) songs that go la
Inner City Unit Bones of Elvis Elvis
Innocence Mission Song About Travelling never
Insane El Salvador Mexico & Central America
Inspiral Carpets This is How It Feels Manchester
Inspirational Choir Abide With Me songs that build



New York

Invitations Written on the Wall borders, barriers, walls & fences
Iron & Wine (with Calexico) 16, Maybe Less nostalgia
Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car angels
The Trapeze Swinger the afterlife
Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog) animals
Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida ancient history

Iron Maiden

Alexander the Great

historical events

The Educated Fool chicken and egg songs
Flight of Icarus ascension

Hallowed Be Thy Name


Number of the Beast religion
Rime of the Ancient Mariner inspired by poetry
Sheriff of Huddersfield Yorkshire

Isaacs, Gregory

Night Nurse


Isaak, Chris Blue Hotel hotels
Isbell, Jason Elephant One Word Titles

Isley Brothers

Behind a Painted Smile


Footsteps in the Dark feet
It's Your Thing independence

Love The One You're With


Summer Breeze smells

This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak For You)

the heart

Israel Vibration Prophet Has Arise prophets & prophecy

It's Immaterial

Driving Away From Home (Jim's Tune)


Iver, Bon For Emma girl's names
I Can't Make You Love me covers by the opposite sex
Ives, Charles Putnam's Camp, Redding, Connecticut (from Three Places in New England) New England
Iwan, Dafydd Yma O Hyd (Still Here) roots

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