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Songs about Comics and Cartoons
Oct. 17, 2008
Writer: Maddy Costa

A List

  Song Artist Recommended by
1 Comic Strip Serge Gainsbourg frogprincess
2 The Wedding of Mickey Mouse Harry Leader's Band Speng
3 Batman to the Rescue LaVern Baker RockingMitch
4 Batman and Robin Snoop Dogg frogprincess
5 Iron Man Black Sabbath TheSpiderMonkey
6 Superman Lover Johnny 'Guitar' Watson NastyNick
7 Charly The Prodigy onarope
8 Disney Time Jarvis Cocker frogprincess
9 Ghost World Aimee Mann DrEricVornoff
10 Nothing Came Out The Mouldy Peaches emilia

B List

  Song Artist Recommended by
1 We are Siamese Peggy Lee treefrogdemon
2 Batman Theme Link Wray gavw
3 I Wanna Be Like You Louis Prima steenbeck
4 The Mask Danger Doom steenbeck
5 Secret Wars Part 1 Last Emperor kbfrome
6 Ralph Wiggum Bloodhound Gang borrellbaiter
7 Flash Queen suzi
8 Alley Oop Hollywood Argyles RockingMitch
9 Cheree Suicide 2JokersInEveryPack
10 Superman's Song Crash Test Dummies Marconius7
11 Verbal Anime Herbalizer onarope
12 Someday My Prince Will Come Miles Davis May1366
13 When I Was Four Jeffrey Lewis BlimpyMcFlah

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