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Songs about Journalism and the News
May 30, 2008
Writer: Maddy Costa

A List

  Song Artist Recommended by
1 It's Good News Week Hedgehoppers Anonymous webcorewebcore
2 Sunday Papers Joe Jackson webcorewebcore
3 Black Diamond Bay Bob Dylan rimbaud60
4 Six O'Clock News Kathleen Edwards ajgalla
5 What's in the Headlines Don Covay ejaydee
6 Reuters Wire yarman
7 Headline Hustler 10cc Fuel
8 Piece of Me Britney Spears jasonaparkes
9 Evening News Chamillionaire steenbeck
10 The 4th Branch Immortal Technique steenbeck

B List

  Song Artist
1 Get in the Ring Guns 'n' Roses
2 Bad Review Half Man Half Biscuit
3 A Day in the Life The Beatles
4 It Says Here Billy Bragg
5 Makeshift Patriot Sage Francis
6 My Friend is a Stooge for the Media Priests Pere Ubu
7 Headline News Mikey Dread
8 News at Ten The Vapors
9 Daily News Tom Paxton
10 The President's Dead Okkervil River



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