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Technical Tips and Useful Information

Here you will find instructions for the following:

  1. How to check whether a song has already been nominated
  2. How to check whether a song is zedded (that is, previously listed)
  3. How to add a link to a post
  4. Information about The ‘Spill
  5. Information about Dropbox

1. How to check whether a song has already been nominated

  • You must be registered/logged in to The Guardian site and inside the Readers Recommend topic

  • Go to the menu which lets you look at the comments by page (Located just above the first post on the page)

  • Click on All - give it a moment to load

  • Use the control function on your computer or device to search for the song/name of the band – e.g. Control F or Apple F or click on the wrench icon in Google Chrome and select Find from the drop down menu.  

2. How to check whether a song is zedded (previously listed)

  • Go to The Marconium  http://www.rrindex.com/
  • Near the top on the home page (and all other pages) are five menu buttons.
  • The 3rd and 4th are A-Z by Song and A-Z by Artist
  • Use these buttons and the search function on your computer or device to see whether the song you want to nominate has been previously listed
  • Note: If a song has been listed under an artist, it might be accepted by the Guru as a nomination under a different artist.

3. How to add a link to a post

  • At the bottom of each page in an active topic blog you'll find a posting menu as shown below

  • To link a song clip (e.g. YouTube) do the following:
  • If you wish to have the text for your artist & song title in bold face, highlight it and click the 1st button (B)
  • In a separate window find, select and copy the address/link from the address bar (Youtube, for example). For Spotify songs, right click & choose ‘copy http link’
  • Highlight your song title text again.
  • Click the 3rd button (link symbol) Paste the copied address/link into the new box which is displayed.
  • Hit OK It’s always a good idea to preview your post (you can even check whether the link works)
  • Post your comment

4. Information About The 'Spill

  • Readers Recommend's companion site is The ‘Spill http://thespillblog.co.uk/.  
  • There are regular posts and playlists on random and regular topics, a weekly challenge, and weekly earworms.  
  • Commenting doesn’t require registration.
  • If you would like to create your own profile, register at wordpress.com.  
  • To create your own posts on The ‘Spill, complete the request form on the Contact tab at the top of the page.

5. Information About Dropbox

  • There is also a dropbox we can use when necessary.  
  • Here RR community menbers can share songs with others
  • Contact rr@tincanland.com for information

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