Songs About Singing

Mar. 4, 2020
Writer: Suzanne Saxby (Suzi)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1What Can a Song Do to You?The Unthanksseverin
2Canta MaisAnt├┤nio Carlos Jobimmagicman
3Singing a SongJackie Wilsontincanman
4Looking for an EchoThe PersuasionsSweetHomeAlabama
5Money NoteCamilleShoegazer
6Killing Me Softly with His SongRoberta Flackphilipphilip99
7The Night I Heard Caruso SingEverything but the Girlswawilg
8Singing to the BirdsLisa GermanoTarquinSpodd
9Let Robeson SingManic Street Preachersmagicman
10How Can I Keep From Singing?EnyaPop Off!
11Voices, That's AllChumbawambauneasy listening
12I Shall SingMarcia GriffithsPop Off!
13Sing a Simple SongSly & the Family Stoneamylee

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1I Know Why the Caged Bird SingsBuckshot LeFonqueMogdog
3Coo CooBig Brother & the Holding Companymegadom
4Happy Days and Auld Lang SyneRichard Thompsontreefrogdemon
5Hymn to LoveCyndi LauperPop Off!
6The Whole House Is SingingAlasdair RobertsUncleben
7One White WhaleLaurie Andersonphilipphilip99
8Edge of SeventeenStevie NicksParaMhor
9The Song We Were SingingPaul McCartneymagicman
10Larf and SingFamilyShivSidecar
11Singin' in the KitchenBobby Baremagicman

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