Songs With Non Sequiturs

June 24, 2020
Writer: Stephen Males (severin)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Let's Have a PartyWanda JacksonSuzi
2RaisinsBarenaked Ladiesphilipphilip99
3PineappleSparksOlive Butler
4Far OutHomeboy SandmanDiscoMonster
5Only a Northern SongThe Beatles9hairs9knots
6Blood Red RiverBeth OrtonAlison Dempster
7The BarrelAldous HardingUncleben
8Subterranean Homesick BluesBob DylanNoodsy
9Apples in BedThe Go-BetweensNicko
11Ah Feel Like AhcidCaptain Beefheart & his Magic Bandsonofwebcore
12Abattoir BluesNick CaveShoegazer
13Time Has Come TodayThe Chambers Brothersattwilightlarks
14The Murder MysteryThe Velvet UndergroundMakinavaja

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Petty SessionsHalf Man Half Biscuittubby Brewster
2Everybody's Rich But UsGlenn YarboroughTarquinSpodd
3Let It All Hang OutHombresSweetHomeAlabama
4My Uncle Used to Love Me Till She DiedThe Wind in the Willowsajostu
5Too Many Fish in the SeaThe Marvelettesattwilightlarks
6Dedicated to You But You Weren't ListeningThe Soft Machinenosuchzone
7Anyone for Tennis?CreamTarquinSpodd
8The Best of Jill HivesGuided by VoicesShivSidecar
9Swan Swan HR.E.M.ShivSidecar
10Meet Me at Velma's GraveLuke WestawayEnglishOutlaw
11Pentecost HotelNirvanaattwilightlarks
128 Line PoemDavid BowieMakinavaja
13African Night FlightDavid BowieOlive Butler
14Brenda's Iron SledgeRobyn HitchcockShivSidecar
15Peaches in the SpringtimeMemphis Jug BandNicko
16Sleep on the Left SideCornershophappyclapper
17Here Comes a CityThe Go-BetweensNicko
18Into the ValleySkidsShoegazer
19Holidays in the SunSex PistolsCarpgate
20Bongu KitchenSantosh NarayananRavi Raman
21That Was Then But This Is NowABCParaMhor
22AdriftBarenaked Ladiesphilipphilip99
23Pink FlagWireamylee
24Flavour CrystalSuburban Lawnsphilipphilip99
25Good DancersThe Sleepy Jacksonhappyclapper
26CitiesTalking Headsmagicman
27Blue LinesMassive Attackhappyclapper
28Get It OnT. Rexamylee
29There Should Be UnicornsFlaming LipsSeth Miller
30Too HighStevie Wonderpejepeine
31Bring On the Dancing HorsesEcho and the Bunnymenhappyclapper
32CelebrateSimple MindsCarpgate
33We Call Upon the AuthorNick Cave & the Bad Seedsajostu
34The True WheelBrian EnoUncleben
35Eso Se Baila AsiWillie Colonpejepeine
36A Very British CoupJah WobbleShoegazer

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