Songs About Knots, Ties and Untying

Dec. 22, 2020
Writer: Marco den Ouden (Marconius7)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Trucker's HitchYlvisSuzi
2KnotsLisa HanniganShivSidecar
3Tied UpYelloShoegazer
4Braided Hair1 Giant Leap ft Speech & Neneh CherryIsabelleForshaw
5Tie Me DownShackToffeeBoy
6Let's Get MarriedThe ProclaimersParaMhor
7Tangled Up PuppetHarry ChapinLoud Atlas
8Loosen the KnotLissieMakinavaja
9Apron StringsEverything but the Girlphilipphilip99
10Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak TreeTony Orlando and Dawnmagicman
11Bunny (Song for a Crochet Alligator)Shari ElfTarquinSpodd
12Present Without a BowKacey Musgraves ft Leon BridgesNoodsy
13Undo the KnotsJulie Carrickmagicman

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
2Harmonic (Coldcut Mix)HexNilpferd
3HoudiniKate BushMussoliniHeadkick
4Tie Me TightBob Kayliphilipphilip99
5TopknotCornershop ft Bubbley Kaurhappyclapper
6Women Tied Up in KnotsBongwaterTarquinSpodd
7Tight RopeLeon Russellamylee
8The Ties That BindBruce Springsteenmegadom
9I am a Natty / Knotty KnotsJacob Miller & I-Roypejepeine
10If There's a Rocket, Tie Me to ItSnow PatrolShoegazer
11Just You, Just MeBing CrosbyLoud Atlas
12Sam HallRichard Thompsontreefrogdemon
13Tie Our Love in a Double KnotDolly PartonSuzi
14Six RibbonsJon Englishajostu
15There's a Love-Knot in My LariatSlim WhitmanUncleben
16Words Tangled in BlueBarzinShoegazer
18Choucho Musubi (Butterfly Knot)Aimer ft Radwimpsajostu
19Tongue TiedBetty McQuadeTarquinSpodd
20Tongue Tied Over YouRusty DraperTarquinSpodd
21Fun with RopesThe Go-Go'sIsabelleForshaw
22Double WindsorØyvind HolmMakinavaja
23Reef KnotVibe 18Makinavaja
24Roots NattyThe Gladiatorspejepeine
25The Ups and DownsSteeleye SpanUncleben
26My Favorite ThingsJulie Andrewsseverin
27CruelFoxesLoud Atlas

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