Songs About Kings

June 21, 2018
Writer: Chaz Cozens (HopelessCase)
At: The Guardian

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Requiem for the Static KingA Winged Victory for the SullenShoegazer
2King of RomeThe UnthanksSnoopDogStevens
3Love, Love AloneHarry BelafonteIsabelleForshaw
4Over the Hills and Far AwayJohn TamsAddicks123
5King HenrySteeleye SpanNaguchi
6King and LionheartOf Monsters and MenDarceysDad
7In the Hall of the Mountain KingEdvard GriegLondon 2471
8Oh Better Far to Live and DieGilbert and Sullivanmisterbadexample
9From Galway to GracelandRichard ThompsonTheBeast
10My God, My KingPapa Leviseverin
11King of EverythingBoy GeorgeBoreworm
12King of the RoadThe ProclaimersGreatGrendel
13King of MexicoBap KennedyDarceysDad
15A Farewell to KingsRushphilipphilip99

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Hail to the KingAvenged SevenfoldAFictionHabit
2A Tribute to a KingWilliam Bellsonofwebcore
3Crawling King SnakeThe DoorsSeaSal
4Father, Ruler, King, ComputerEchobelly658spark
5King of Wishful ThinkingGo Westnigeljones
6Kings of SpeedHawkwindThesubhuman
7Kings and Queens of the UndergroundBilly Idoldave56
8Alexander the GreatIron MaidenLyntonCrosby
9King of GuitarB.B. Kingattwilightlarks
10Love Is AllKungenvastariner
11His Majesty King RaamLemon JellyDarceysDad
12King's CallPhil Lynott with Mark Knopflerphilipphilip99
13I Wanna Be Like YouLouis PrimaRavi Raman
14A Hard Day's NightPeter Sellars (as Richard III)StevenFlanagan
15He Was the KingNeil YoungLyntonCrosby

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