Songs About the Invisible and Unseen

June 1, 2022
Writer: Noodsy

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1FlamingPink Floydvanwolf2
2How to Be InvisibleKate Bushmagicman
3Secret Cloak of Invisibility Mik Artistik's Ego TripMax Visconta Nuclerosea
4The Boy Who Stood StillFrost*DiscoMonster
5Invisible Married Breakfast BluesRoy Bailey & Leon RosselsonTatankaYotanka
6Invisible PeopleRobb Johnsontreefrogdemon
7To Be InvisibleCurtis Mayfieldpejepeine
8That Summer, At Home I Had Become the Invisible BoyThe Twilight Sadvanwolf2
9Mikhi Nathan Mu-TomaSeckou KeitaAlaric
10Secret Girl Sonic YouthDiscoMonster
11Perfume do InvísivelCéupejepeine
12The Invisible DogElectrelaneUncleben
13The World UnseenRosanne CashFred Erickson

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1How to Disappear CompletelyRadioheadhappyclapper
2InvisibleOrnette ColemanTarquinSpodd
3The Bird That You Can't SeeThe Apples in StereoShivSidecar
4I UnseenThe Misunderstoodmagicman
5Darker GlassesKeenseverin
6The Little Man Who Wasn't ThereGlenn Miller Orchestra ft Tex BenekeBanazirGalbasi
7Supernaut1000 Homo DJshappyclapper
8InvisibleMichael PennFred Erickson
9Santé Stromaepejepeine
10How to Disappear Lana Del Reymagicman
11Invisible CityHannah PeelDiscoMonster
12In the Hidden PlacesThe Mountain GoatsShoegazer
13Unseen GuestSteel PulseNicko

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