Songs About Electricity

May 8, 2019
Writer: EnglishOutlaw

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1(She Got) ElectroshockedScreeching WeaselTarquinSpodd
2The Black Mass: An Electric Storm in HellWhite Noisemegadom
3Lazy LightningGrateful DeadChris 7572
4Electric FeelMGMTUncleben
5Love BatteryBuzzcocksseverin
6Ben Franklin's SongThe Decemberistsphiliphilip99
7EdisonBee GeesShivSidecar
8Dance of ElectricityLaurie AndersonBeltway Bandit
9We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)Peter Gabriel9hairs9knots
10ElectricityFrank SidebottomIsabelleForshaw
11Want RemoverProtomartyrvanwolf2
12A Clear Night, A Shooting Star, A Song for BooBand of Holy JoyTatankaYotanka

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Hot! Hot! Hot!The Curehappyclapper
2TeslaThey Might Be GiantsIsabelleForshaw
3Electrically Heated ChildThe Waterproof CandleSweetHomeAlabama
49 VoltMan or Astro-Man?Beltway Bandit
5Gimme Gimme Shock TreatmentRamonesBeltway Bandit
6Engines in the CityJenny Hvalnosuchzone
7ElectricityJoni Mitchellseverin
8Light Up My RoomBarenaked Ladiesphiliphilip99
9Free Electric BandAlbert HammondTarquinSpodd
10ElectricityCaptain Beefheart & his Magic BandNicko
11ElectricityOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Darkswawilg
12Power LinesThe CravatsCarpgate

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