Songs About Denial

Nov. 11, 2020
Writer: Amy Lee (amylee aka RipThisJoint)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1InnocentsJohn Cooper Clarkeseverin
2Who Are You Trying to FoolLittle Annattwilightlarks
3Under Mi SensiBarrington LevyUncleben
4Billie JeanMichael JacksonUncleben
5Sometimes I Don't Know What to FeelTodd RundgrenShivSidecar
6I Saw Her AgainThe Mamas & the PapasSweetHomeAlabama
7The Kids Are AlrightThe WhoShivSidecar
8Reason to BelieveRod Stewartseverin
9Missing YouJohn WaiteSweetHomeAlabama
10In DenialPet Shop Boys & Kylie MinogueOliveButler
11DenialI Break Horsesvanwolf2
12I'm All RightThe Go-BetweensNilpferd
13Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One BeforeThe SmithsTarquinSpodd
14The Living DeadSuedeParaMhor
15Stain on the SunThe Bevis FrondShivSidecar
16Train SongMindy Smithtreefrogdemon
17Would Not Be DeniedBuffalo Tomswawilg
18Nothing to Do with MeStereolabTarquinSpodd
19Dagenham DaveThe Stranglershappyclapper
20The Denial TwistThe White Stripesmagicman
21DenialDropkick MurphysCarpgate
22Ted, Just Admit ItJane's Addictionhappyclapper
23Wall of DenialStevie Ray VaughanPop Off!

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1It Wasn't MeShaggyphilipphilip99
2Pardon Denied AgainRobert Pete WilliamsUncleben
3You Were Never MineRuby TurnerMakinavaja
4You Never Wanted MeSandy Dennytubby Brewster
5Back to the Old HouseThe SmithsNilpferd
6Who Killed Davey Moore?Bob DylanSkippyisaCult
7None of Your Business NowPaul KellyNicko
8It Isn't Gonna Be That WaySteve ForbertJamesowen475
9FlyJackie LevenTatankaYotanka
10One of Us Is DeadThe EarliesShoegazer
11DenialJuice WRLDmagicman
12CharlieSplit Enzajostu
13Not MeShoesShivSidecar
14Don't Marry HerThe Beautiful SouthParaMhor
15Avant Garde MusicBallboyShoegazer
16Spare Me the DetailsThe OffspringIsabelleForshaw
17The River (Never Freezes Over)The Burning Hellmegadom
18Neil JungTeenage Fanclubhappyclapper
19He'd Be a DiamondThe Bevis FrondShivSidecar
20Believe What You're SayingSugarhappyclapper
21Negsonic Teenage WarheadMonster MagnetSweetHomeAlabama

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