Songs About Switches, Buttons, Knobs and Levers

June 23, 2021
Writer: Marco den Ouden (Marconius7)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1H.A.P.P.Y. RadioEdwin Starrflorian7
2Back on Your RadioAgnetha FältskogFred Erickson
3In the Days Before Rock 'n' RollPaul Casey with Terri HooleyMax Visconta Nuclerosea
4Are You Ready, Eddy?Emerson, Lake & Palmerajostu
5Computer Age (Push the Button)NewcleusLoud Atlas
6Here Comes That Man AgainKirsty MacCollPop Off!
7Nintendo ThumbHeath McNeaseLoud Atlas
8Coin Operated BoyThe Dresden Dollsamylee
9INS Green Card A-19 191 500Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyTraktor Albatrost
10Railroad ManMurray McLauchlanBanazirGalbasi
11Keep Your Hand on the ThrottleBrother RodneyBanazirGalbasi
12The Art of DrivingBlack Box Recorderhappyclapper
13Everyone's Hand Is on the SwitchGraham ParkerFred Erickson
14The SwitchGemma RayFred Erickson
15Finger on the ButtonBobby BareFred Erickson
165:15 AMMark Knopflermagicman
17Mr. LaceyFairport ConventionDaysinscotland
18Turn Me OnNorah Jonesamylee
19Press My Button (Ring My Bell)Lil JohnsonNicko
20TypewriterObject Onephilipphilip99

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1IgnitionR. Kellyamylee
2Push a Little ButtonNinetteTarquinSpodd
3You Turn Me On, I'm a RadioJoni Mitchellamylee
4The Dedication SongFreddy CannonTarquinSpodd
5Typewrite LessonCorneliusTraktor Albatrost
6(Turn My) Motor OnKirsty MacCollShivSidecar
7Pull Out the PinKate Bushmagicman
8Experiment IVKate Bushphilipphilip99
9Turn Off the LightsTeddy Pendergrassmagicman
10The Happy WorkerTori AmosFred Erickson
11Bang OnPropellerheadsTraktor Albatrost
12Panic ButtonThe ChampsPop Off!
13Baby's in Love with the RadioJohnny Guitar WatsonPop Off!
14Long Long Way to GoPhil CollinsFred Erickson
15The Temptation of AdamJosh RitterUncleben
16The Button PusherThe Dublinersphilipphilip99
17The Switch Kenny BurrellFred Erickson
18Click ClickThe BeatShoegazer
19In the Days Before Rock 'n' RollVan MorrisonMax Visconta Nuclerosea
20Turn It On! Turn It Up!Roomful of BluesFred Erickson
21Miss It So MuchRöyksopp & Lykke LiFred Erickson
22Handful of KeysFats WallerNilpferd
23Button on My DeskCult with No NameTatankaYotanka
24This YearThe Mountain GoatsShoegazer
25The Typewriter SongLeroy AndersonVincentVassiliev
26Press RewindAlan Parsons ProjectFred Erickson

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