Songs About Awkwardness

June 8, 2022
Writer: Loud Atlas

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Dancin' FoolFrank ZappaBanazirGalbasi
2Shy BoyKippington LodgeNicko
3Please Take a Letter, Miss BrownThe Ink SpotsUncleben
4Wrong BathroomTribe 8Max Visconta Nuclerosea
5Does Everyone StareThe PoliceParaMhor
6The Train from Kansas CityThe Shangri-LasMussoliniHeadkick
7I Write Sins Not TragediesPanic! at the DiscoNilpferd
8Excitable BoyWarren ZevonMarconius7
9Wet DreamWet Legseverin
10Awkward BreakfastArt BrutFred Erickson
11Dyltgir?Rio RomeoMax Visconta Nuclerosea
12Tongue TiedDanny John-JulesBanazirGalbasi
13It's All So Incredibly LoudGlass AnimalsNilpferd
14Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?Creative SourceNicko

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Orgasm AddictBuzzcocksvanwolf2
2Leopold AlcocksJake ThackrayAlaric
3Awkward AgeJoe JacksonFred Erickson
4Streets of LondonRalph McTellpejepeine
5At SeventeenJanis IanSuzi
6Wau, WauLord MelodyIsabelleForshaw
7Hole in the GroundBernard CribbinsAlaric
8Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go to the PartyCourtney BarnettShivSidecar
9Look at Him NowThe BusinessCarpgate
10Backhanded ComplimentSunny SweeneyFred Erickson
11Rag Doll Frankie Valli & the Four SeasonsMarconius7
12Don't Look Now (Momma's Got Her Boobs Out)Rodney CarringtonIsabelleForshaw
13Whoops A DaisyHumphrey Ocean & the Hardy AnnualsTarquinSpodd

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