Songs About Adversity

Sept. 14, 2017
Writer: Andrew Morrissey (Makinavaja)
At: The Guardian

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1I Believe in YouTalk TalkDarceysDad
2My Shit's Fucked UpWarren Zevonmisterbadexample
3Another Lonely DayBen HarperFatherChewyLouie
4Gibsom StreetLaura Nyroattwilightlarks
5All the Money I Had Is GoneThe Deep Dark Woodsmisterbadexample
6BustedRay CharlesMelRoy
7Here's the Tender ComingThe Unthanksseverin
8Woman of the GhettoMarlena ShawSpotTheWhopper
9Love of the Common PeopleNicky Thomassonofwebcore
10SubcityTracy Chapmanbishbosh
11Jarrow SongAlan Pricegordonimmel
12Streets of LondonRalph McTellHopelessCase

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1La NiñaMala RodriguezFuel
2VincentDon McLeanID0004499
3LluviaJosé el Francéssonofwebcore
4Traded In My CigarettesPlan BRavi Raman
5In the GhettoElvis PresleyShoegazer
6Tennessee JedGrateful DeadChris7572
7Inner City PressureFlight of the Conchordschomomskyochs
8Declaration of RightsThe Abyssiniansalexito
9Born Under PunchesTalking Headsnosuchzone
10Get ByTalib Kwelisteenbeck
11JeaneThe SmithsPairubu
12Born Under a Bad SignAlbert KingAlfieHisself

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