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ShivSidecar or SidecarShiv

This longtime RR afficianado goes by ShivSidecar on the Guardian's Readers Recommend site and as SidecarShiv on the Song Bar. He has been following the blog since the Dorian Lynskey days. He is coy about his real name but tells us that his handle is an anagram of his real name - two words with five and six letters respectively. His musical likes include Byrds, Beatles, Velvets, Who, Move, Jam, Clash, Wire, XTC, Beat, Smiths, Hornets Attack Victor Mature… iconoclasts: Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Cale, Eno, Wyatt, Cope, Rundgren, Kate Bush, Richard Thompson, Bevis Frond, White Stripes, Banhart, anybody who can sing in Welsh… folkies: M.Carthy, E.Carthy, S.Collins, many more. 60s psychedelia, 70s reggae, classic soul, Paisley Underground, power pop, Americana, African music. Shiv tells us that he got his first A Lister four weeks after joining RR and got two more A Listers the following week during Dorian's tenure. 


Date Topic Where Column Blog
Nov. 30, 2016 Winter The Song Bar Column Blog



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