A-Z by Song 2022

Here are the songs making the A List in 2022. To sort alphabetically, click on the up-down symbol beside a column title.

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DateTitle ArtistRecommended ByTopicGuru 
Jan. 5, 2022Thank You for Being a FriendGold, AndrewSuzigratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022Thank You for the MusicABBASuzigratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022The Best Things in Life ar FreeMelbourne Ska OrchestraIsabelleForshawgratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022Thank You (For Loving Me at My Worst)WhitlamsNickogratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022GratitudeSilver, HoraceBanazirGalbasigratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022Be Thankful For What You've GotDeVaughn, WilliamAltraEgogratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022GratitudeEarth, Wind & FireamyleegratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022Gracias a la VidaParra, VioletaswawilggratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022A Better TimeHammill, PeterTatankaYotankagratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022Thanksgiving SongCarpenter, Mary ChapinFred EricksongratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022Gratitude and ThanksMischief BrewEnglishOutlawgratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022Thank UMorissette, AlanisswawilggratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022DaysRusby, KateAlaricmcgratitudePop Off!
Jan. 5, 2022Sunshine on LeithProclaimersmegadomgratitudePop Off!
Jan. 12, 2022Love is Like an Itching in My HeartSupremesAltraEgomallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022Monkey ManRolling Stonesamyleemallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022Poor Skeleton Steps OutXTCShivSidecarmallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022Opus PocusPastorius, JacoNickomallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022Autun CarillonCults Persussion EnsembleVikingChildmallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022DéliSissoko, BallakéSeth Millermallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022Tarrilup BridgeTriffidsParaMhormallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022MoonglowBenny Goodman Quartetmagicmanmallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022How is the Weather in ParisRomans, AlainTatankaYotankamallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022Cover MeBjörkGeorge Boylandmallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022MoulaAnalog Player's Society ft Missia Saran Dioubate & Famoro DioubateUnclebenmallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 12, 2022Music for 6 MarimbasReich, Stevemegadommallet instrumentsNilpferd
Jan. 19, 2022The Yellow of the FlowersRheingans SistersAlaricmceternityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022Organ EternalThese New Puritansmegadometernityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022Perpetuum MobilePenguin Cafe OrchestraTraktor Albatrosteternityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022Never Ending HappeningFay, BillyUnclebeneternityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022Eternal Source of the Light DivineHandel, George FriedrichSuzieternityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022ForeverlandDivine Comedymegadometernityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022Time in a BottleCroce, JimMarconius7eternityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022Everlasting EverythingWilcoswawilgeternityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022Future ForeverBjörkGeorge Boylandeternityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022EternityHall, Emily with Olivia Chaneyseverineternityajostu
Jan. 19, 2022Perpetual ChangeYesamyleeeternityajostu
Jan. 26, 2022The Clouds Will Soon Roll ByAmbrose & his Orchestra ft Elsie CarlisleseverinhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Three Little BirdsMarley, Bob & the WailersSuzihopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Harvest for the WorldIsley BrothersmegadomhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022There's HopeArie, IndiaNickohopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Message in a BottlePoliceamyleehopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022ImagineLennon, JohnmagicmanhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022YouthDisturbanceCarpgatehopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Hope is the Last Thing to DieHolmes David ft Raven VioletUnclebenhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Waiting HopefullyD*NoteNilpferdhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022HopeParks, ArlobarbrynhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022This is the DayThe TheTraktor AlbatrosthopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022HopeBauhausCarpgatehopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022People's FacesTempest, KaeDiscoMonster WChopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Love Theme from Spartacus (Zero 7 Remix)Callier, TerryNilpferdhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022The Big E (I Won't Stop Loving You) (W.S.L.U.)A Certain RatioDiscoMonster WChopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Another Day, Another Ray of HopeNelson, BillShoegazerhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Black BoyCulpepper, JoelLoud AtlashopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Shine a LightRolling StonesIsabelleForshawhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022My Friend the SunLewis, LindaShivSidecarhopeDiscoMonster
Jan. 26, 2022Hope Street, Tomorrow AfternoonJohnson, RobbtreefrogdemonhopeDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Dawn ReturningGriffiths, Dave & Tim RenwickGlass Halfemptystarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022She Bangs the DrumsStone RosesParaMhorstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Wake Up Boo!Boo RadleysUnclebenstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Morning DanceSpyro GyraPop Off!starting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Daydream BelieverMonkeeshappyclapperstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022All I Wanna DoCrow, Sherylhappyclapperstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022EasyCommodoresLoud Atlasstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022You're in a Bad WaySaint Etiennehappyclapperstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Deal Wiv ItMasa, Mura with slowthaivanwolf2starting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Morning SunBlock 16 ft Jon Lucienvanwolf2starting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022MorningBeckMussoliniHeadkickstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Black Coffee in BedSqueezeShoegazerstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022The LadyDenny, SandySuzistarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Gold DaySparklehorse ft Nina PerssonDiscoMonster Wild Cardstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022SunflashLemon SolNilpferdstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022BlameGabrielsParaMhorstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Let's Get It OnGaye, MarvinSeth Millerstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022All Day MusicWarSeth Millerstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Lay DownMelanieSeth Millerstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Ba Soucis Ya Week-EndFranco et l'Orchestre OK Jazzpejepeinestarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Black Orpheus (Morning of the Carnival/Manha de Carnival)Jones, Quincymegadomstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Keep Cool BabylonMichael, Ras & the Sons of NegusTatankaYotankastarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022It's My Life (12" Extended)Talk TalkMakistarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022FrontierHerndon, Hollyajostustarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Don't Stop Believin'JourneyLoud Atlasstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Open My EyesNazzShivSidecarstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Fait AccompliCurvehappyclapperstarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022I'm CivilizedMenaceCarpgatestarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 2, 2022Non-Stop 'Sikyi' MedleyGyasi, Dr. K. & his Noble Knightspejepeinestarting the morningDiscoMonster
Feb. 9, 2022Strange PhenomenaBush, Kateswawilgsixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022IntuitionLinxDiscoMonstersixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022My Intuition Tells MeTurner, RubyMakisixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022Sixth SenseMay, ImeldaLoud Atlassixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022Sweet, Sweet IntuitionBjörkseverinsixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022Sixth SenseBrubeck, DaveBanazirGalbasisixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022TelepathyTorrini, EmilianaFred Ericksonsixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 20221798Leven, JackieTatankaYotankasixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022Scarlet BegoniasGrateful Deadamyleesixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022The Seventh SonMabon, WillieNickosixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022The Quiet OnesCadaver ClubEnglishOutlawsixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022Powers in the AirBlegvad, Petermegadomsixth senseSuzi
Feb. 9, 2022Five String SerenadeLee, Arthur & Loveamyleesixth senseSuzi
Feb. 16, 2022Song of ReproductionFlanders and SwannJoellemusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022Vinyl RecordsSnider, ToddIsabelleForshawmusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022My TurntableLee, BenIsabelleForshawmusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022AmplifierdB'sShivSidecarmusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022Wow and FlutterStereolabmegadommusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022Put Your Records OnRae, Corinne Baileyseverinmusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022Put the Needle on the RecordCriminal Element OrchestraIsabelleForshawmusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022Pumping on Your StereoSupergrassLoud Atlasmusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022SoundsystemReggae Roast ft Brother CultureNickomusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 20228-TrackSetzer, BrianFred Ericksonmusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022I Can't Live Without My RadioLLCool Jpejepeinemusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022C'mon Every BeatboxBig Audio DynamiteParaMhormusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 16, 2022He's Making a TapeChildish, Billy and the MBE'smegadommusic mediaMussoliniHeadkick
Feb. 23, 2022(If Paradise Is) Half as NiceAmen CornerMussoliniHeadkickperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022The Greatness and Perfection of LoveCope, JulianParaMhorperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022You're the TopFitzgerald, EllamegadomperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022PerfectFairground AttractionseverinperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022This Perfect DaySaintsseverinperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022Perfect 10Beautiful SouthswawilgperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022Sweet and DandyToots & the MaytalsNickoperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022Ahí Na' Má'Rivera, Ismael & Cortijo Y Su CombopejepeineperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022Hit That Perfect BeatBronski BeatDaysinScotlandperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022PerfectionRun D.M.C.IsabelleForshawperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022My IdealBaker, ChetmegadomperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)Hillside SingersUnclebenperfectionLoud Atlas
Feb. 23, 2022A Perfect DayRobeson, PaulmagicmanperfectionLoud Atlas
Mar. 2, 2022MarthaWainwright, RufusNickosistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Letter to Sister FriendRucker, UrsulaNilpferdsistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Sister Rosetta Goes Before UsPlant, Robert & Alison KraussNickosistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Witches' SongFaithfull, MarianneAltraEgosistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Sisters' ChantMowatt, JudymagicmansistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022SisterKravitz, LennyswawilgsistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022The LodgerThackray, JakeSuzisistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Little SisterPresley. ElvisSuzisistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Sister AnneMC5Fred EricksonsistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Soul Sister, Brown SugarSam and DavemagicmansistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Papa Come Quick (Jody and Chico)Raitt, BonnieIsabelleForshawsistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Sheath and KnifePrior, MaddySuzisistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 2, 2022Half SisterStandard FareLoud AtlassistersGeorge Boyland
Mar. 9, 2022Glastonbury SongWaterboysMussoliniHeadkicklove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022MilanoDalla, LucioJoellelove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022Avalon BluesHurt, Mississippi JohnTarquinSpoddlove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022Skin and BoneHeartless BastardsShoegazerlove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022Llanura Aqui Esta Tu HijoVigoth, Ariespejepeinelove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022Who KnowsProtoje ft ChronixxNickolove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022Dimanche à OrlyBécaud, Gilbertajostulove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022Bahía de CádizCamarón de la IslaMakilove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022New York, I love You But You're Bringing Me DownLCD SoundsystemLoud Atlaslove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022Goodnight JuarezRussell, Tom & the Norwegian Wind Ensembletincanmanlove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 9, 2022FinlndiaSibelius, Jeanmagicmanlove songs to placesUncleben
Mar. 16, 2022London CallingClashDiscoMonsteromens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022Free RangeFallShoegazeromens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022Born Under a Good SignTeenage Fanclubhappyclapperomens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022I Ain't SuperstitiousHowlin' WolfParaMhoromens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022JuliusPhishJoelleomens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022Estimated ProphetGrateful DeadChris7572omens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022Bad NewsBlack Francisvanwolf2omens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022The PsychicCrash Test DummiesMarconius7omens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022What's Your Business Here Elijah?Maher Shalal Hash BazShoegazeromens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022Weird SistersSparklehorse magicmanomens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022All We Have is NowFlaming LipsNoodsyomens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022The Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms)Mitchell, Joni & Herbie Hancockmagicmanomens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 16, 2022VoluspáWardrunaTraktor Albatrostomens & propheciesamylee
Mar. 23, 2022Ouses, 'Ouses, 'OusesImagined VillageSuziurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022La NiñaRodríguez, MalaMakiurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022Beat the StreetRedd, SharonNickourban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022It Was a Good DayIce CubePop Off!urban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022Baker StreetRafferty, GerrySweetHomeAlabamaurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022TransmetropolitanPoguesUnclebenurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022BadalaTata PoundNilpferdurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022Wild in the StreetsCircle JerksTarquinSpoddurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022Night BusBurialmagicmanurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022I Have Travelled the Buses Late at NightBand of Holy JoyTatankaYotankaurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022West End GirlsPet Shop BoysNoodsyurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022FinisterreSaint Etiennebarbrynurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022Street PlayerChicagoSweetHomeAlabamaurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022CitiesTalking Headshappyclapperurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022No More Ghettos in AmericaWinston, StanleyShoegazerurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 23, 2022Nowhere Like HomeBug CentralCarpgateurban environmentDiscoMonster
Mar. 30, 2022Le Rossignol et la RoseSaint-Saëns, Camille (singer: Edita Grubarova)ParaMhornightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022Solovey (Nightingale)Go_Amagicmannightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022Yiddisha NightingaleMaggart, MaudeAlaricmcnightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022NightingaleKing, CaroleBanazirGalbasinightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022BlackbirdLady BlackbirdDiscoMonsternightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022NightingaleVeirs, Laurahappyclappernightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley SquareCole, Nat Kingmagicmannightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022One May Morning EarlyBellowheadSuzinightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022He Can Surely Turn the TideOsbourne, JohnnyNickonightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022NightingaleDeLuca, Rocco & the BurdenUnclebennightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022NightingaleGil, GilbertoBanazirGalbasinightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022Wood Thrush's SongLewis, LauriePop Off!nightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022NightingaleRoxy MusicCarpgatenightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022The NightingaleBadamenti, Angelo & Julee Cruisemagicmannightingales and thrushesseverin
Mar. 30, 2022The Tan Yard Side (singing with nightingales)Lee, SamAlaricmcnightingales and thrushesseverin
Apr. 6, 2022Harpsichord ShuffleFrog, Wynder K.ShivSidecarharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022ContinuumLigeti, GyörgyLoud Atlasharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022HunrosGwennoAlaricmcharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022Cyprus AvenueMorrison, VanUnclebenharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022Love is BlueMauriat, Paul & his OrchestraAltraEgoharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022Wanna Be Where You AreJackson 5magicmanharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022Le HorseGainsbourg, Serge & VannierNickoharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022For Your LoveYardbirdsamyleeharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022I Need You to Turn ToJohn, EltonSuziharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022Back to NatureBarry, JohnIsabelleForshawharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022Promises (Movement 1)Floating Points & Pharoah SandersNilpferdharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 6, 2022Violin Sonata No 12, D Minor.Op 5.FoliaCorelli, ArcangeloJamesOwen4TSharpsichordpejepeine
Apr. 13, 2022BreakFugazihappyclapperbreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022BrokenA Place to Bury Strangersvanwolf2breaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022WindowApple, Fionabarbrynbreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022Television ScreenRadiators from SpaceMax Visconta Nucleroseabreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022EyeoneyeBird, Andrewtreefrogdemonbreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022Wrecking BallWelch, GillianGeorge Boylandbreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022Smash Shit UpDropkick Murphysswawilgbreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse DownPeebles, AnneAltraEgobreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022Break Down the WallsDread, MikeyNickobreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022Chains of LoveErasurePop Off!breaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022Break AwayBeach Boysmagicmanbreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 13, 2022The BreaksBlow, Kurtisamyleebreaking thingsUncleben
Apr. 20, 2022Blood Red RosesStingSuzicetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022Last Great American WhaleReed, LouseverincetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022Whale Meat AgainCapaldi, JimNickocetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022Orca SongTulkutincanmancetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022The Whale Has Swallowed MeLenoir, J.B.NickocetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022Starving in the Belly of a WhaleWaits, TomShoegazercetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022DolphinsReader, EddiAlaricmccetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022Pacific Ocean BlueWilson, DennisFred EricksoncetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022Forever Dolphin LoveMockasin, ConnanShoegazercetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022Home of the WhaleMassive AttackNickocetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022It Ain't Necessarily SoBronski BeatUnclebencetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022Race to Be KingLakeman, SethSuzicetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 20, 2022Dolphin's SmileByrdsChris 7572cetaceansGeorge Boyland
Apr. 27, 2022Welcome to the VoidMorgenuneasy listeningfairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022Yellow Brick RoadCaptain BeefheartGeorge BoylandfairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022(Hey There) Big Bad WolfSham-Ettesuneasy listeningfairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022Fairy Tale Song (Cade)Nascimento, MiltonNickofairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022RapunzelGeckoToffeeBoyfairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022Scissor ManXTCParaMhorfairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022Fairy TalesBaker, AnitaSongBarLandlordfairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022Once Upon a DreamDel Rey, LanaShoegazerfairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022La Reve de l'Oiseau Koto DjimeBa CissokoNickofairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022Goldilox & the Three BearsCollins, Al "Jazzbo"NickofairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022DotterinePortman, EmilyAlaricmcfairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022The King is Half-UndressedJellyfishShivSidecarfairytalesLoud Atlas
Apr. 27, 2022Song of ScheherazadeRenaissanceToffeeBoyfairytalesLoud Atlas
May 4, 2022UndergroundWaits, TomGeorge Boylandbasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022Paranoia of PowerStewart, Mark & MaffiaShoegazerbasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022SubterraneansFlesh for Luluuneasy listeningbasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 20226 UndergroundSneaker PimpsShoegazerbasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022Storm CellarElysian FieldsBanazirGalbasibasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022Hold Me Close (Underground)Beautiful SouthMarconius7basement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022Waiting for the End of the WorldCostello, ElvisAltraEgobasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022Coincidence on the Circle LineJohnson, RobbTatankaYotankabasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022FazonSopwith CamelUnclebenbasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022I WonSundaysBanazirGalbasibasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022Spiders (In Neal's Basement)McLuhanFred Ericksonbasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022Porton DownHammill, PeterTatankaYotankabasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 4, 2022The Temptation of AdamRitter, JoshUnclebenbasement and undergroundShivSidecar
May 11, 2022Graduation DayRover BoysSweetHomeAlabamahigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022Letting GoBogguss, SuzySweetHomeAlabamahigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022The Whiffenpoof SongVallee, RudyTarquinSpoddhigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022CollegeSmoking PopesFred Ericksonhigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022Rose Goes to YaleJefferson StarshipFred Ericksonhigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022Berkeley Campus BluesRushing, JimmyNickohigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022Ohio/Machine GunIsley Brotherspejepeinehigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear ShadesTimbuk 3Loud Atlashigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022Hard to BeBazan, DavidShoegazerhigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022Campus Vampire WeekendLoud Atlashigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022College Green, PatFred Ericksonhigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022HBCU ThereGriot Bpejepeinehigher educationMarconius7
May 11, 2022University of LifeWebby, Chris ft Madi WolfBanazirGalbasihigher educationMarconius7
May 18, 2022BeeswingMoore, ChristyseverinbeesAlaric
May 18, 2022My GirlTemptationsGeorge BoylandbeesAlaric
May 18, 2022Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)Fitzgerald, EllaUnclebenbeesAlaric
May 18, 2022A Taste of HoneyBeatlesmagicmanbeesAlaric
May 18, 2022Wood BeezScritti PolittiShoegazerbeesAlaric
May 18, 2022Flight of the BeePerrey, Jean-JacquesTraktor AlbatrostbeesAlaric
May 18, 2022Birds and the BeesBird and the BeeBanazirGalbasibeesAlaric
May 18, 2022Dark HoneySimpson, Cutting and KerrSuzibeesAlaric
May 18, 2022Up the MountainSpektor, ReginaSong Bar LandlordbeesAlaric
May 18, 2022Honey BeeUnthanksseverinbeesAlaric
May 18, 2022Honey for the BeesMoyet, AlisonPop Off!beesAlaric
May 18, 2022Eric the Half a BeeMonty PythonseverinbeesAlaric
May 25, 2022Love in VainJohnson, RobertDiscoMonsterheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022If You're looking for a Way OutOdysseyParaMhorheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022Pain in My HeartRedding, OtisTarquinSpoddheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022Without You Nilsson, HarrySongBarLandlordheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022Apartment Number 9Wynette, TammyTarquinSpoddheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022I'm Nobody's Baby NowReparata & the Delronsvastarinerheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022I'm Still WaitingRoss, DianaParaMhorheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022Through the FiresOlsen, AngelTarquinSpoddheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022StopBrown, SamAltraEgoheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022CryingOrbison, RoyParaMhorheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022What Becomes of the Broken HeartedRuffin, JimmyNickoheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022The End of the WorldDavis, Skeeterseverinheartbreakmagicman
May 25, 2022Ronan (Taylor's Version)Swift, TaylorEnglishOutlawheartbreakmagicman
June 1, 2022FlamingPink Floydvanwolf2invisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022How to Be InvisibleBush, KatemagicmaninvisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022Secret Cloak of Invisibility Mik Artistik's Ego TripMax Visconta NucleroseainvisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022The Boy Who Stood StillFrost*DiscoMonsterinvisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022Invisible Married Breakfast BluesRosselson, LeonTatankaYotankainvisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022Invisible PeopleJohnson, RobbtreefrogdemoninvisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022To Be InvisibleMayfield, CurtispejepeineinvisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022That Summer, At Home I Had Become the Invisible BoyTwilight Sadvanwolf2invisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022Mikhi Nathan Mu-TomaKeita, SeckouAlaric invisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022Secret Girl Sonic YouthDiscoMonsterinvisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022Perfume do InvisivelCéupejepeineinvisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022The Invisible DogElectrelaneUnclebeninvisibleNoodsy
June 1, 2022The World UnseenCash, RoseanneFred EricksoninvisibleNoodsy
June 8, 2022Dancin' FoolZappa, FrankBanazirGalbasiawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Shy BoyKippington LodgeNickoawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Please Take a Letter, Miss BrownInk SpotsUnclebenawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Wrong BathroomTribe 8Max Visconta NucleroseaawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Does Everyone StarePoliceParaMhorawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022The Train From Kansas CityShangri-LasMussoliniHeadkickawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022I Write Sins Not TragediesPanic! At the DiscoNilpferdawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Excitable BoyZevon, WarrenMarconius7awkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Wet DreamWet LegseverinawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Awkward BreakfastArt BrutFred EricksonawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Dyltgir?Rio RomeoMax Visconta NucleroseaawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Tongue TiedJohn-Jules, DannyBanazirGalbasiawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022It's All So Incredibly LoudGlass AnimalsNilpferdawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 8, 2022Who Is He (And What Is He to You?)Creative SourceNickoawkwardnessLoud Atlas
June 15, 2022Swimming SongWainwright, Loudon IIINickoswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022Learning to SwimSkintsUnclebenswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022Swimming Pools (Drank)Lamarr, Kendrickmagicmanswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022Underwater LoveSmoke CityNickoswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022Swim Until You Can't See LandFrightened RabbitSuziswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022月夜海水浴Wakusei AbnormalTarquinSpoddswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022BathBjorkVikingChildswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022Wade in the WaterStaple SingersNickoswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022Cinnamon WaterBoden, JonAlaricswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022SwimmingEno, RogerBanazirGalbasiswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022SwimmingThorn, Traceymegadomswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022Swim Victories at Seavanwolf2swimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022Swimming in the Longest RiverChaney, OliviaMakiswimming & bathingseverin
June 15, 2022Gone UnderSnarky Puppy ft Shayna SteeleNilpferdswimming & bathingseverin
June 22, 2022Beads of SweatNyro, Lauramegadomperspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022TB SheetsMorrison, VanMarconius7perspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022SweatJon Spencer Blues ExplosionTraktor Albatrostperspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022Black DogLed ZeppelinMakiperspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022Cold SweatBrown, JamesNickoperspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022Lose Yourself to DanceDaft Punk ft Pharrell WilliamsFred Ericksonperspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022SweatingAlewyaMarconius7perspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022Black SweatPrincehappyclapperperspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022Make Me SweatBasement Jaxx ft Roxanne ShanteUnclebenperspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022Night SweatsFindleyJamesOwen475perspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022La CanciónJ Balvin & Bad Bunnymagicmanperspirationpejepeine
June 22, 2022HeatBryant, DanaNilpferdperspirationpejepeine
June 29, 2022Darktown Strutter's BallCharioteersNickopunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Me and Mrs. JonesPaul, BillySuzipunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Car on a HillMitchell, JoniseverinpunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Build Me Up ButtercupFoundationsAltraEgopunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Is You Is or Is You Ain't My BabyWashington, DinahLoud AtlaspunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Come On, Let's GoTyler, the CreatormagicmanpunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Modern LoveBowie, DavidamyleepunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Well Respected ManKinksFred EricksonpunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Taking Care of BusinessBTOFred EricksonpunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Nick of TimeRaitt, BonnieSweetHomeAlabamapunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Waiting for the BusViolent FemmeshappyclapperpunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Out of Time ManMano NegraswawilgpunctualityMarconius7
June 29, 2022Enjoy YourselfPrince BustermegadompunctualityMarconius7
July 6, 2022Impossible GermanyWilcoswawilgthe impossibleMaki
July 6, 20220+2=1NoMeansNohappyclapperthe impossibleMaki
July 6, 2022VenusTelevisionUnclebenthe impossibleMaki
July 6, 2022Can't Kick the HabitDupree, Champion Jacktincanmanthe impossibleMaki
July 6, 2022Boat to BoliviaStephenson, Martin & the DainteesNoodsythe impossibleMaki
July 6, 2022Attics of my LifeGrateful DeadChris 7572the impossibleMaki
July 6, 2022I Can't Let Maggie GoHoneybusGeorge Boylandthe impossibleMaki
July 6, 2022I Can't Get StartedMcRae, CarmenNilpferdthe impossibleMaki
July 6, 2022The Impossible DreamCarter USMhappyclapperthe impossibleMaki
July 6, 2022Mission Impossible ThemeSchifrin, LaloLoud Atlasthe impossibleMaki
July 13, 2022ShamabalaStevenson, B.W.BanazirGalbasiparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022ZionFlamesUnclebenparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022Adam and EveSundae TimesShivSidecarparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022Havoc of HeavenHoop, JescaShoegazerparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022Kingdom of Heaven13th Floor ElevatorsTarquinSpoddparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022ParadiseO'JaysFred EricksonparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022Heaven is EmptyHarding, AldousmegadomparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022North of HeavenCollins, EdwynShoegazerparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022Cabin in the SkyWaters, EthelMarconius7paradiseNicko
July 13, 2022ParadiseBuzzcocksvanwolf2paradiseNicko
July 13, 2022SacrificeIsaacs, GregoryUnclebenparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022ParadiseSadeswawilgparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022Wondrous PlaceFury, BillyParaMhorparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022Somewhere There's an IslandSeaman DanJamesowen475paradiseNicko
July 13, 2022Bird of ParadiseParker, CharliemagicmanparadiseNicko
July 13, 2022Paradise ExpressSlapp HappymegadomparadiseNicko
July 20, 2022Glasses Sha Na NaFred EricksoneyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022Eye Examination40meterP ft GUMIajostueyewearMarconius7
July 20, 202220/20 VisionHaden, CharlieNickoeyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022Cheap SunglassesHuman HeartsJamesowen475eyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022Rose Colored GlassesJackson, MillieseverineyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022Little Magic GlassesCash, JohnnyFred EricksoneyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022Ft. Walton Wake-up CallMcMurtry, JamesFred EricksoneyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022Dark GlassesKershaw, NikFred EricksoneyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022Past My ShadesB.0.B. ft Lupe FiascoLoud AtlaseyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022Lady Liberty Needs GlassesWarner, Malcolm-JamalmagicmaneyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022LibrarianMy Morning JackettincanmaneyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022Las Gafas de LennonGuerra, PedroMakieyewearMarconius7
July 20, 2022ShadesPop, IggyNickoeyewearMarconius7
July 27, 2022The OwlSlapp Happy/Henry CowTarquinSpoddowlsMaki
July 27, 2022The Owl of LoveClogs ft Shara WordensaneshaneowlsMaki
July 27, 2022California OwlsDeath and Vanillavanwolf2owlsMaki
July 27, 2022Lady FuschiaStrawbsAlison DempsterowlsMaki
July 27, 2022Night OwlRafferty, GerryswawilgowlsMaki
July 27, 2022Nite OwlChandler, GeneMarconius7owlsMaki
July 27, 2022Night OwlDale, DickPop Off!owlsMaki
July 27, 2022An Owl SongCanned HeatShivSidecarowlsMaki
July 27, 2022Owl EyesBanhart, DevendraNickoowlsMaki
July 27, 2022A CorujinhaRegina, ElispejepeineowlsMaki
Aug. 3, 2022Milkcow Blues BoogiePresley, ElvisMarconius7music as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Move Your FeetJunior SeniorIsabelleForshawmusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Rave OnHolly, BuddyShivSidecarmusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Lilizela MlilizeliMahlathini and the Mahotella QueensTarquinSpoddmusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Add Some Music to Your DayBeach BoysSweetHomeAlabamamusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Listen to the BandMonkeesTarquinSpoddmusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Get in the GrooveHeptonesNickomusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Eat the MusicBush, Kateseverinmusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Sleep on the Left SideCornershophappyclappermusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Pomp and PrideToots and the MaytallsGeorge Boylandmusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022Levi Stubb's TearsBragg, Billymegadommusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022LivingstonCarpenter, Mary Chapintincanmanmusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 3, 2022XOYOPassagemegadommusic as nutritionParaMhor
Aug. 10, 2022The TraderBeach Boysmagicman19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022The MexicanBabe RuthTraktor Albatrost19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Days of '49Dylan, BobGeorge Boyland19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Slavery DaysBurning SpearNicko19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Harriet Tubman's BalladGuthrie, Woodymagicman19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Follow the Drinking GourdHavens, RichieBanazirGalbasi19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Elephant RidersClutchTraktor Albatrost19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 202240 Acres and a MuleSound Experiencepejepeine19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022The Ballad of Blind TomJohn, Eltonmagicman19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022When the Master Calls the RollCash, RoseannePop Off!19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Sufferin' Till SuffrageJames, EttaIsabelleForshaw19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022The Ballad of Billy the KidJoel, BillyFred Erickson19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Cabin EssenceBeach BoysTarquinSpodd19th century history - AmericasShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Towers of LondonXTCGeorge Boyland19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Spoilt Victorian ChildFallShoegazer19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Songs on the TimesChumbawambaMax Visconta Nuclerosea19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Two Match LadsMegsonSuzi19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022IronmastersMen They Couldn't HangNoodsy19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Thousands are SailingPoguesNoodsy19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022The Koran, the Ghan and a YarnBridie, DavidNicko19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022LudwigAmon Duul IIFred Erickson19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Vincent Van GoghRichman, Jonathan & the Modern LoversTarquinSpodd19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022I Like CezanneInnes, NeilUncleben19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022Comme RimbaudFontaine, BrigitteTarquinSpodd19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 10, 2022WaterlooABBATarquinSpodd19th century history - Rest of WorldShivSidecar
Aug. 17, 2022Let's Get MarriedGreen, Alseverinpick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022Rescue MeBass, FontellaIsabelleForshawpick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022HeyPixiesNoodsypick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022Quando Bate Aquela SuadadeRubelpejepeinepick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022The Keys of CanterburyShow of HandsSuzipick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022I Want to Hold Your HandBeatleshappyclapperpick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022Baby, If We Had TimeHall, CarolFred Ericksonpick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022Step Into My LifeWare, Jessiemagicmanpick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022Do Fries Go With That Shake?Clinton, GeorgeIsabelleForshawpick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022Hey, Good Lookin'Williams, Hankswawilgpick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022Call Me MaybeJepsen, Carly RaeNoodsypick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022Raised on RobberyMitchell, JoniBanazirGalbasipick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022I Like You So Much Better When You're NakedMaria, IdaFred Ericksonpick-up lines and proposalstincanman
Aug. 17, 2022Touch the LeatherFat White FamilyShoegazerpick-up lines and proposalstincanmanBass Player
Aug. 24, 2022BassologyGaillard, Slim & his Flat Foot FloogiesNickodouble bassLoud AtlasSlam Stewart
Aug. 24, 2022Mood IndigoMingus, Charlesmagicmandouble bassLoud AtlasCharles Mingus
Aug. 24, 2022Blue Moon of KentuckyPresley, ElvisParaMhordouble bassLoud AtlasBill Black
Aug. 24, 2022Seven SeasCohen, AvishaiNilpferddouble bassLoud AtlasAvishai Cohen
Aug. 24, 2022Three HoursDrake, Nickhappyclapperdouble bassLoud AtlasDanny Thompson
Aug. 24, 2022Alice in Wonderland (Take 2)Bill Evans TrioNilpferddouble bassLoud AtlasScott LaFaro
Aug. 24, 2022ZebraJohn Butler TrioIsabelleForshawdouble bassLoud AtlasShannon Birchall
Aug. 24, 2022My Baby Just Cares for MeSimone, NinaSuzidouble bassLoud AtlasJimmy Bond
Aug. 24, 2022Music EvolutionLeFonque, BuckshotIsabelleForshawdouble bassLoud AtlasReginald Veal
Aug. 24, 2022Big Noise From WinnetkaBobcatspejepeinedouble bassLoud AtlasBob Haggart
Aug. 24, 2022MelaSpalding, Esperanzaseverindouble bassLoud AtlasEsperanza Spalding
Aug. 24, 2022OverjoyedSpalding, EsperanzaMarconius7double bassLoud AtlasEsperanza Spalding
Aug. 24, 2022Haitian Fight SongThompson, DannyChris 7572double bassLoud AtlasDanny Thompson
Aug. 31, 2022We Shall Walk Through the Streets of the CityKid Sheik, John Handy & FriendsBanazirGalbasifrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Tell It Like It IsNeville, AaronUnclebenfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Junco PartnerBooker, JamesNickofrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022TipitinaProfessor LonghairLoud Atlas/Nickofrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Canal Street BluesKing Oliver's Creole Jazz Bandseverinfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Baby Scratch My BackHarpo, Slimtincanmanfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Raise Your Window HighBreaux, CleomaTarquinSpoddfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Darktown Strutter's BallJackson Square AllstarsTatankaYotankafrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Jock-A-MoCrawford, Sugar BoyNickofrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022J’ai Été Au BalLeJeune, IryTarquinSpoddfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Ma Tit FilleZydeco, BuckwheatIsabelleForshawfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Big MamouLewis, SmileyTarquinSpoddfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Get Out of My Life WomanDorsey, Leepejepeinefrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Fortune TellerSpellman, BennyShivSidecarfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Here Come the GirlsK-Doe, ErnieShivSidecarfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Stomping GroundNeville, Aaron & The Dirty Dozen Brass BandUnclebenfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Just a Closer Walk With TheeJackson, Mahalia & Louis Armstrongseverinfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Why Your Feet HurtRebirth Brass BandUnclebenfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Be YouThomas, IrmaGlass Halfemptyfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Barefootin'Parker, RobertIsabelleForshawfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Under YouBetter Than EzraFred Ericksonfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Something's Wrong With This PictureGalacticNickofrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Petite FleurBechet, SidneySuzifrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Aug. 31, 2022Am I BlueBoutte, LillianParaMhorfrom New Orleans and south Louisianamagicman
Sept. 7, 2022Ark of the CovenantCongosUnclebenformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022ContractGang of FourVikingChildformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022Rent CollectorKofiNickoformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022Complete ControlClashpejepeineformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022Rent Romeo, MaxNickoformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022Tin SoldiersStiff Little FingersEnglishOutlawformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022Peace TreatyTosh, PeterNickoformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022EMI Sex Pistolspejepeineformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022Confirm ReservationIsaacs, GregoryUnclebenformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022The ContractU.S. BombsFred Ericksonformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022Beautiful LocksGladiatorspejepeineformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022The HandshakeBad ReligionFred Ericksonformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 7, 2022Declaration of RightsAbyssinianspejepeineformal agreementsTatankaYotanka
Sept. 14, 2022Shakin' All OverGuess Whomagicmanbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022Orange CrushR.E.M.ShivSidecarbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022Right Side of My NeckWebster, Fayebarbrynbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022Wear My Ring Around Your NeckPresley, ElvisTarquinSpoddbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022Kiss Me on the NeckBadu, ErykahFred Ericksonbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022My Neck, My BackVandalsFred Ericksonbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022Dry BonesDelta Rhythm BoysGeorge Boylandbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022My Spine (Is the Bassline)ShriekbackMussoliniHeadkickbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022I'm a Woman (I'm a Backbone)Rufus & Chaka KhanSongBarLandlordbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022Ride OnParliamentpejepeinebackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022ShakeCooke, SamParaMhorbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022South America, Take It AwayCrosby, Bing & The Andrews Sistersmagicmanbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 14, 2022Backbone of NightTenor, Jimi & the Riga Symphony Orchestramagicmanbackbone and neckLoud Atlas
Sept. 21, 2022WastelandsSuedeseverinwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022Talking Dust Bowl BluesGuthrie, WoodyseverinwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022Dust BowlTroggsFred EricksonwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022Used to Be a MountainOld Crow Medicine ShowtincanmanwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022Death in the WildernessCale, J.J.Fred EricksonwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022Sodom and GomorrowCongosUnclebenwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022Walking Through a Wasted LandThompson, RichardseverinwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022Newest IndustryHüsker DüUnclebenwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022The Ministry of DefenceHarvey, PJShoegazerwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022No Fracking WayRovics, DavidTatankaYotankawastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022The Human GermSnogNickowastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022When We RemainCrain, SamanthaUnclebenwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 21, 2022When the Music's OverDoorsseverinwastelandsGeorge Boyland
Sept. 28, 2022KokoParker, CharlieNilpferdsongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022Chega de SaudaeGilberto, Joaomagicmansongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022M.J.Peacock, Annette & Paul BleyTarquinSpoddsongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022Virginia PlainRoxy Musicseverinsongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022Why Theory?Gang of FourCarpgatesongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022AquariusBoards of CanadaUnclebensongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022Was Dog a Doughnut?Stevens, CatFred Ericksonsongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022Second Self We Speak Music)Reeps One (ft AI)ajostusongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022Wooden ShipsJefferson AirplaneAltraEgosongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022Rebel Without a PausePublic EnemyMussoliniHeadkicksongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022A PaléRosalíaMakisongs that questionpejepeine
Sept. 28, 2022Jenny OndiolineStereolabTarquinSpoddsongs that questionpejepeine
Oct. 5, 2022TaxationPrince BusterUnclebentaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Tax Paying BluesLenoir, J.B.MussoliniHeadkicktaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Offshore Banking BusinessMembersmagicmantaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Copper KettleDylan, BobGeorge Boylandtaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022The Taxes on the Farmer Feeds Us AllCooder, RyChris 7572taxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Tax HavensMassive Attack (with Saul Williams & Prof. Gabriel ZucmanNickotaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Don't Pay the Poll TaxExploitedCarpgatetaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Death and TaxesCaesar, Danielmagicmantaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Pay Your RatesFallUnclebentaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022La LiebreLos Tigres del NorteMakitaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Anarchy in the T.A.X.Village Man's Storeajostutaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Pay as You EarnMighty SparrowJamesowen475taxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022California Uber AllesDisposable Heroes of HiphoprisyTraktor Albatrosttaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?Jones, Sharon & the Dap KingsLoud Atlastaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022Tax SexRip Rig + PanicNickotaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 5, 2022I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin'?Wesley, Fred & the JBsmagicmantaxes and redistributionsevern
Oct. 12, 2022Why Do You Exist?WeirdosTarquinSpoddmeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022Life is a JourneyFearon, ClintonShoegazermeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022Get a LifeSoul II SoulNoodsymeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022Our Lives Are Shaped by What We LoveOdysseypejepeinemeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022Closer to FineIndigo GirlsNoodsymeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022What is Life?Black UhuruShivSidecarmeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022Young PilgrimsShinshappyclappermeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022Life is Just a Bowl of CherriesVallée, RudySuzimeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022Eat, Sleep, RepeatEllis, Joyajostumeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022Born for a Purpose/Reason for LivingDr AlimantadoNickomeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022Dream Within a DreamPropagandaMakimeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 12, 2022CabaretMinelli, LizaParaMhormeaning of lifeUncleben
Oct. 20, 2022Steel Band MusicLord KitchenerNickosteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022Wings of a Dove Madnessvastarinersteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022Northern LitesSuper Furry Animalshappyclappersteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022If I Find You AgainJamal, AhmadNilpferdsteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022FranceGrateful DeadChris 7572steelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022Cantina BandWilliams, Johnpejepeinesteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022Jane SaysJane's Addictionhappyclappersteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022KokomoBeach Boysseverinsteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022Liberty CityPastorius, Jaco ft Herbie Hancocknosuchzonesteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022Tribute to Spree SimonLord KitchenerNickosteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 20, 2022Hookin' MehInvaders Steel Orchestramagicmansteelpan bandsLoud Atlas
Oct. 27, 2022Good Morning JudgeHarris, Wynonieseverinjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022On a MondayLead BellyTarquinSpoddjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Bind the King in ChainsBlyth PowerShivSidecarjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Oswald Defense LawyerFallhappyclapperjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Eight Men, Four WomenWright, O.V.Fred Ericksonjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Judge, Jury and ExecutionerAtoms for Peaceswawilgjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022TestifyCommonUnclebenjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022You Can Leave, But It's Going to Cost YouGaye, Marvinpejepeinejudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Judge Harsh BluesLewis, FurryTarquinSpoddjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Better Get a LawyerCruel Seaajostujudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Little SadieCrooked StillLoud Atlasjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Dear JudgeErickson, RokyTarquinSpoddjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Seven CursesTabor, June & OysterbandSuzijudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Two Good Men (Sacco & Vanzetti)Guthrie, Woodytincanmanjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Tougher Than Tough (Rudie in Court)Morgan, DerrickGeorge Boylandjudges and trialsNicko
Oct. 27, 2022Battering Down SentenceWailer, BunnyUnclebenjudges and trialsNicko
Nov. 2, 2022We Are the BoyzPulpMax Visconta NucleroseagangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022Rebel GirlBikini KillMax Visconta NucleroseagangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022London GangsSaultUnclebengangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022Sorority GirlsMommy Long LegsUnclebengangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022Can I Join Your BandCreationTarquinSpoddgangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022Crew LoveDrake magicmangangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022Jet Set JuntaMonochrome SetTraktor AlbatrostgangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022Show MeDexys Midnight RunnersCarpgategangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022Bad Man PosseeJunior MurvinTatankaYotankagangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022All Things Are Quite SilentCollins, ShirleyShivSidecargangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022Lippy KidsElbowShivSidecargangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022JunglelandSpringsteen, BrucetincanmangangsParaMhor
Nov. 2, 2022Baader MeinhoffCabaret VoltaireMussoliniHeadkickgangsParaMhor
Nov. 9, 2022TimePink FloydParaMhorfear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go to the PartyBarnett, CourtneyShoegazerfear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022FashionBowie, Davidajostufear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022Green DoorShakin' Stevenspejepeinefear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022Missing OutShed SevenBanazirGalbasifear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022I'm on the Outside (Looking In)Robinson, Smokey & the MiraclesMussoliniHeadkickfear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022GeoffJeays, PhilipTatankaYotankafear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022Gotta Get Into SomethingClark, Gary Jr. tincanmanfear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022DriveLawrence, LizParaMhorfear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022Delicious ThingsWolf Alicehappyclapperfear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022I Do This All the TimeSelf EsteemDiscoMonsterfear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrdseverinfear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 9, 2022After HoursVelvet UndergroundTarquinSpoddfear of missing outLoud Atlas
Nov. 16, 2022Dinah-Moe-HummZappa, Frank & The Mothers of InventionBanazirGalbasiorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Bonny Black FareFairport ConventionSuziorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Push the ButtonSugababeshappyclapperorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Rocks OffRolling Stonesamyleeorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022WAPCardi B & Megan Thee StallionParaMhororgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Love Won't Let Me WaitMajor HarrisSweetHomeAlabamaorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Little DeathBethsajostuorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022French KissLil LouisUnclebenorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Afternoon DelightStarland Vocal Bandamyleeorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Turn Off the LightsPendergrass, TeddyFred Ericksonorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022RelaxFrankie Goes to HollywoodSuziorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Do Me BabyPrinceNickoorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Let Me Be Your Dirty Fucking WhoreMachine Gun FellatioNickoorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022HentaiRosalíapejepeineorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 16, 2022Between the SheetsIsley BrothersFred Ericksonorgasmsmagicman
Nov. 23, 2022Armstrong, Aldrin & CollinsByrdsIsabelleForshawspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Sputniks and MutniksAnderson, Ray & the Home FolksNickospace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022EVAPublic Service Broadcastingmagicmanspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Space Travel is BoringModest MouseGeorge Boylandspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Climb on BoardLabrinthmagicmanspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Astral TravellingSanders, PharaohSeth Millerspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Lopin' Through the CosmosSill, JudeeTatankaYotankaspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Rocket ManJohn, Eltonamylee/AltraEgospace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Space AgeSmiley, BrettMax Visconta Nucleroseaspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Space GirlImagined VillageSuzispace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Crimson StarOgledd, Henvanwolf2space travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 20222000 Light Years from HomeRolling Stonesamyleespace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Astronomy DominePink Floydmagicmanspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022Subterranean Homesick AlienRadioheadParaMhorspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022The Ghosts of American AstronautsMekonsShoegazerspace travelShivSidecar
Nov. 23, 2022A Deep Space Romance (Ariane)Honeymoon Killerspejepeinespace travelShivSidecar