A-Z by Artist

The integration of the A-Z by Artist from the Old Marconium has been completed.  After the page listings below you’ll find an explanation of the naming conventions used in the indexes.

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A short note on naming conventions: If you are trying to find an artist alphabetically, here is how I have organized them.

  • Solo singers: alphabetically by last name
  • Duets: e.g. Al Bowlly & Anona Winn – listed under each singer individually by last name
  • Groups with a front man: e.g. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – listed under the last name of the singer
  • Groups named after one of the members: e.g. Spencer Davis Group or Dave Clark Five – listed under the first name of the person (e.g. Spencer Davis Group would be listed under S)
  • If there have been name changes then both names of the artist will be listed. For example, The Lurkers are also listed alphabetically as GLM.