Songs About Raptors

Apr. 26, 2023
Writer: Nicko

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Bird of PreyJim Morrison & The Doorsmagicman
2The Great White Sea EagleJames Yorkston & the Second Hand Orchestra ft Nina PerssonDiscoMonster
3The WindhoverLorcán Mac Mathúnapejepeine
4Man Walks Among UsMarty RobbinsTarquinSpodd
5The Boat of Millions of YearsVan der Graaf GeneratorTatankaYotanka
6Eagle Man / Changing WomanBuffy Sainte-MarieGeorge Boyland
7Saint Jerome in the Desert Observes Hunting HawksThem Bird ThingsDiscoMonster
8L'Aigle NoirBarbaraajostu
9Goaskinviellja (Eagle Brother)Mari BoineTraktor Albatrost
10Gamen (The Vulture)GarmarnaTraktor Albatrost
11Where Eagles DareOddjobuntergunther
12VulturesIsrael VibrationUncleben
13CarcaráMaria Bethâniapejepeine
14Aerie (Gang of Eagles)Jefferson AirplaneTarquinSpodd
15Day of the EagleRobin TrowerFred Erickson
16Eagle RockDaddy Coolajostu

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Last Lonely EagleNew Riders of the Purple Sagemagicman
2ThrasherNeil YoungUncleben
3The Redtail HawkKate Wolf & the Wildwood FlowerBanazirGalbasi
4FalconRichard & Mimi FariñaLoud Atlas
5The Vultures Fly HighRenaissanceFred Erickson
6The FalconerNicoseverin
7Red KiteGrasscutuntergunther
8Casual VultureJames DomesticCarpgate
9Hello HawkSuperchunkhappyclapper
10Eagle RockThee More ShallowsShoegazer
11Eagle's SonThe Electric BananaShivSidecar
12I Was an EagleLaura MarlingMaki
13The VultureGil Scott-HeronBanazirGalbasi
14Viva Super EaglesSuper EaglesUncleben
15El Condor PasaLos IncasBanazirGalbasi
16Buzzard SongMiles DavisParaMhor

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