Songs About the Circus

Mar. 29, 2023
Writer: Loud Atlas

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The Greatest ShowHugh JackmanMarconius7
2The PosterThe MonkeesFred Erickson
3CircusNerina PallotOliveButler
4O Circo ChegouJorge Benpejepeine
5Funambulist We Love YouBand of Holy JoyTatankaYotanka
6La Complainte du Phoque en AlaskaBeau DommageMarconius7
7Carried Water for the ElephantLeroy Carr & Scrapper BlackwellNicko
8The ClownCharles Mingus & Jean Shepherdmagicman
9Death of a ClownDave DaviesGeorge Boyland
10Cirque dans la RuePlain White T'sFred Erickson
11Human CannonballLoudon Wainwright IIIJamesowen475
12Nellie the ElephantThe Toy Dollshappyclapper
13Man on the Flying TrapezeBruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions BandSuzi

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Entry of the GladiatorsCircus Bandamylee
2The JugglerFoxShivSidecar
3The Lion This TimeVan MorrisonFred Erickson
4Hartfordtown 1944Mark ErelliFred Erickson
5CircusTom WaitsOliveButler
6Killer KlownsThe DickiesCarpgate
7Fire EaterThree Dog NightOliveButler
81941Harry NilssonNicko
9Upsidedown Circus WorldTucker ZimmermanTarquinSpodd
10High WireMen at Workflorian7
11Man on the WireMichael Fix & Mark Cryledeanofromoz
12ClownRalph McTellNicko
13Lydia the Tattooed LadyThe Marx BrothersVikingchild

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Author: Marconius7

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