Songs About Butterflies & Moths

Mar. 15, 2023
Writer: Stephen Males (severin)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Como La MariposaLeyanis LopezNicko
2ButterflyScreaming Treeshappyclapper
3Poor ButterflySarah Vaughan with Hal Mooney & Orchestramagicman
4MelonellaCocteau Twinsvastariner
5Flutterby ButterflyFiona BurnettNicko
6Black ButterflyDeniece Williamsamylee
7Catching the ButterflyThe Verveswawilg
8Love is Like a ButterflyDolly PartonOliveButler
9Black ButterflyTioNicko
10Butterflies are FreeFree DesignOliveButler
11CaterpillarThe Curehappyclapper
12ButterflyTerry Callierpejepeine
13ButterflyTalvin SinghSuzi
14Iridescent ButterflyWagakki Bandajostu

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Melodies de Jeunesse III Les PapillonsSandrine Piauswawilg
2La Chase aux PapillonsGeorges BrassensNicko
3ButterflyCharlie GraceSweetHomeAlabama
4Za Pinattsu (The Peanuts) Mothra's SongMothra (movie)TarquinSpodd
5Butterflies are FreeThe Cinnamon ShopMarconius7
6The Butterfly SongPink MartiniFred Erickson
7Henshin (Metamorphosis)Hitsujibungakuajostu
8Un Cuento Para Mi NiñoLole y Manuelpejepeine
9Moth LightMercury Revuntergunther
10The MothAimee MannParaMhor
11As BorboletasGal Costapejepeine
12Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)Chaka Khanmagicman
13Butterfly BlueMallratnoodsy
14Butterfly BoysProcol HarumUncleben
15Un Bel di Vedremo from Madame ButterflyGiacomo Puccini (sung by Ying Huang)magicman
16Happiness is a ButterflyLana Del Reybarbryn
17Butterfly NetCaroline Polachekbarbryn
18Moth LightAudioslaveShashvat Shukla
19Misery is a ButterflyBlonde Redheadhappyclapper
20Cousin CaterpillarIncredible String BandUncleben
21Broken ButterfliesLucinda WilliamsTarquinSpodd
22Animals of the WorldGreat Lake SwimmersFred Erickson

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Author: Marconius7

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