Songs About Rare Events

Feb. 8, 2023
Writer: Marco den Ouden (Marconius7)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1In the Unlikely Event of an All Life Erasing Gamma-Ray Burst, This Is the SoundtrackProcessoryBanazirGalbasi
2Halley's CometBillie Eilishmagicman
3Sounds of EarthJim Moraytincanman
4Sleeping SatelliteTasmin Archerpejepeine
5The HurlersSeth LakemanSuzi
6Marie CelesteThe PolecatsOliveButler
7The TitanicMance LipscombNicko
8TupeloAlbert King, Pop Staples & Steve CropperNicko
9My Neighbors in DelrayRod MacDonaldLoud Atlas
11Dunsinane Blues (After Macbeth)Cleo Lainemegadom
12ApocalypseCigarettes After SexShoegazer
13Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)Cowboy JunkiesShoegazer

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Big Bang TheoryBarenaked Ladiesamylee
2Higgs Boson BluesNick Cave & the Bad Seedsmegadom
3C.T.A.-102The Byrdsmegadom
4Once in a Very Blue MoonNanci GriffithBanazirGalbasi
5Needle in a HaystackThe Velvelettesmegadom
6Morning DewBonnie DobsonShivSidecar
7Supermoon Charly BlissNoodsy
8A Total Eclipse of the SunDon McLeanJoelle
9100 Year FloodThe String Cheese IncidentBanazirGalbasi
10Stars Fell on AlabamaBillie HolidayNilpferd
11Santa Never Made It Into DarwinBill and BoydNicko
12Poor Jason WhiteThe AbyssiniansNicko
13TempestBob DylanNicko
14California MudslideLightnin' HopkinsNicko
15Exploding SunsKing Gizzard & the Lizard WizardOliveButler
16Once in a Blue MoonVan MorrisonLoud Atlas
17Last Words of a Shooting StarMitskiMax Visconta Nuclerosea
18Back to NormalParanoid VisionsCarpgate
19Louisiana 1927Randy NewmanNicko

C List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Kometenmelodie 2KraftwerkOliveButler
2AsteroidPete MooreOliveButler
3Rare EventsMichael LowensternBanazirGalbasi
4Solar FlaresSven Libaekpejepeine
5The Final EclipseThe Comet Is Comingajostu
6Halley's CometAl Cohn QuintetNicko
7SkylabThe MonksNicko
8Prince of the SeaLenny WhiteFred Erickson
9KahoutekJourneyFred Erickson
10OumuamuaArmin van BuurenGeorge Boyland
11Spontaneous CombustionCannonball Adderleyseverin
12OutlierSnarky PuppyNilpferd
13Black SwanWayne KrantzNilpferd

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Author: Marconius7

Marconius is the creator of this index and also hosts a travel blog and a political blog. He is retired after 40 years in broadcast television. He lives in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife. They are the parents of two adult children and proud grandparents of two wonderful grandchildren.

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