Songs About Nuts & Edible Seeds

Dec. 1, 2021
Writer: TatankaYotanka

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Wha Me EatMacka BNicko
2NuttyThelonious MonkNilpferd
3My Nutmeg PhantasyMacy Gray (ft Angie Stone & Mos Def)Nicko
4It's Not Just the Size of a WalnutThe Soft BoysShivSidecar
5Pumpkin SeedsDevendra BanhartFred Erickson
6Une NoixCharles Trenetswawilg
7In the Chestnut TreeIvor Cutlerseverin
8Gather Ye AcornsMischief BrewEnglishOutlaw
9Like PopcornTrilok GurtuNicko
10Kandy KornCaptain Beefheart & his Magic Bandsonofwebcore
11Schwarzbraun ist die HaselnussHeinoTarquinSpodd
12Disco PeanutsWarmduschermegadom
13Pecan PieGolden Smoghappyclapper
14Le Temps des CacahuètesJuliette Grécoswawilg
15Picking the Benelnut (Cai Bin Lang)Zhou XuanTarquinSpodd
16El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor)Don AzpiazuNicko
17Little Nut TreeThe MelodiansUncleben
18PistachioPee Wee EllisFred Erickson
19I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We’re The Royal Macadamia Nuts)The TurtlesTraktor Albatrost
20PeanutSonny SharrockFred Erickson

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Oats and BeansTim Hart & Maddy PriorSuzi
2Java JiveThe Ink SpotsIsabelleForshaw
3Red Beans & RiceSpearheadIsabelleForshaw
4Baked BeansMother GooseIsabelleForshaw
5Beans and CornbreadLouis JordanIsabelleForshaw
6Beans for BreakfastJohnny CashTarquinSpodd
7Goober PeasTennessee Ernie FordTarquinSpodd
8Sausage Beans and ChipsChaotic DiscordCarpgate
9My Baked BeanSplodgeCarpgate
10Green BeansThe Lovely Eggsmegadom
11Ghafoor's BusThe Young 'UnsSuzi

C List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1I've Got a Lovely Bunch of CoconutsBilly Cotton and his BandIsabelleForshaw
2Coconut SkinsDamien Riceswawilg
3Poppa JoeThe SweetAlaricmc
4Coconut TelegraphJimmy BuffettFred Erickson
5Sitting in the Palm TreeAbbaajostu
6Don't Take My CoconutsKid Creoleswawilg
7Coconut JamTony Allen & Hugh Masekelamegadom
8Coconut CreamThe Tragically HipFred Erickson
9CoconutTy Segallvanwolf2
10CoconutManu DibangoFred Erickson
11Coconut OilAugustus Pablomegadom
12Milk From the CoconutJohnny GentleTarquinSpodd
13Coconut WomanLaurel AitkenNicko

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