Songs About Tea

Oct. 13, 2021
Writer: Paul Hayes (DiscoMonster)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Tea for TwoArt Tatumsonofwebcore
2Cup A TeaDillingerNicko
3T.U.S.A.Masters of RealityLoud Atlas
4Katie's TeaCamilleAlaricmc
5Melon TeaMelon Kinenbi & Going Under GroundNicko
6Cup of TeaShackUncleben
7Life in MonoMonosaneshane
8The Tea DancePhilip JeaysTatankaYotanka
9Green TeaShonen KnifeIsabelleForshaw
10Cup of Tea in BedLorraine BowenTatankaYotanka
11Mate AmargoAmalia de la VegaMakinavaja
12A Nice Cup of TeaGracie FieldsAlaricmc

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Tea with CinnamonKatzenjammerseverin
2TeaJim Noirsaneshane
3On and OnErykah Baduvanwolf2
4Sugar in Your TeaHarumiShivSidecar
5Sugar Honey Iced TeaKelisFred Erickson
6Tea for Two (Chris Shaw Remix) (2008)Sarah VaughanNicko
7Tea for the TillermanCat Stevensamylee
8Earl Grey with HoneyLoveninjasbarbryn
9Have a Cup of TeaCorikyvanwolf2
10Cup of TeaSage Francissaneshane
11Beautiful CosmosIvor Cutlerseverin
12Are You Making the Tea?Dogshit SandwichCarpgate
13Flying TeapotGongLoud Atlas

Author: Marconius7

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