Songs About Horizons

June 9, 2021
Writer: ajostu

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The VigilanteJudee SillParaMhor
2Sun Hits the SkySupergrasshappyclapper
3Ao Romper da Aurora / Choro SimIsmael Silvamagicman
4On the HorizonBen E. KingNicko
5Linha do HorizonteAzymuthpejepeine
6Soul HorizonThe Beauty Roomphilipphilip99
7The Circle Married the LineFeisttincanman
8Over the Edge of the WorldVirginia Astleymegadom
9Chapter 8: "Seashore and Horizon"Corneliusmagicman
10Vapor TrailRushphilipphilip99
11HorizonCat PowerNicko
12Over the HillsideThe Blue NileParaMhor
13HorizonRachael YamagataFred Erickson
14Event HorizonPeter Hammill TatankaYotanka

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The Sky Shall VanishSuns of Arqa ft John Cooper Clarke & Stanley UnwinShoegazer
2Here to StayNew OrderFred Erickson
3Over the Horizon RadarBoards of Canadamegadom
4NavigateBarenaked Ladiesphilipphilip99
5Vanishing PointCranesBanazirGalbasi
6HorizonTrash Kitmegadom
7The DawnOsibisaShivSidecar
8Walk in the SkyBonoboFred Erickson
9Beyond the HorizonZulyaNicko
10Dawn Part 1Erik TruffazNilpferd
11Beyond the Blue HorizonMike NesmithMussoliniHeadkick

Youtube Playlists

Side 1: Rising / Approaching / Anticipating

Side 2: Falling / Receding / Reflecting

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