Songs With a Retro Style

May 19, 2021
Writer: philipphilip99

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1What I Like About YouThe RomanticsParaMhor
2TreasureBruno Marspejepeine
3Girls, Girls, GirlsSailormagicman
4Bathtime in ClerkenwellThe Real Tuesday WeldUncleben
5Who Do You Think You are Kidding, Mr. Hitler?Bud FlanaganLoud Atlas
6More, More, MoreCarmelvastariner
7True Spandau Balletamylee
8BloomsdaySamantha CrainParaMhor
9Faraway LookYolaseverin
10RocksPrimal Screamhappyclapper

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Are You Gonna Be My GirlJetSweetHomeAlabama
2Orange AmberThe VinesIsabelleForshaw
3Beautiful StrangerMadonnaAltraEgo
4Hold OnAlabama Shakesswawilg
5Uptown GirlBilly JoelSweetHomeAlabama
6Come On HomeEverything But the Girlswawilg
7That GirlNoisettesSweetHomeAlabama
8I Believe in a Thing Called LoveThe DarknessSweetHomeAlabama
9Black CountryBlack Country CommunionTincanman
10Dead End GenerationOxymoronCarpgate

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