Songs About Tigers

April 21, 2021
Writer: Stephen Males (severin)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Tiger FeetMudTraktorAlbatrost
2Set the Tigers FreeVillagersmegadom
3Like a TigerThe RicochetsBanazirGalbasi
4The Continuing Story of Bungalow BillThe Beatlesbarbryn
5Tiger BalmHollie CookUncleben
6Paper TigersThe Chameleonsvanwolf2
7Tiger RagLouis ArmstrongNicko
8Wounded TigersGordon HaskellFred Erickson
9Burning Tiger, Screaming MeHazel Nuts ChocolateTarquinSpodd
10El Tigre SabaneroAniceto Molinamagicman
11ParadiseNoName ft Queen SheCagoajostu
12Tiger ManRufus Thomas Jr.treefrogdemon
13TigresaGal CostaPop Off!
14Tyger Tyger (Dub Version)Jah Wobbleshoegazer
15Sleep Tight TigerHusky RescueMussoliniHeadkick

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1I'm a TigerLuluSuzi
2Lion and TigerLinval ThompsonNicko
3TigressSongs: OhiaUncleben
4Sleepy TigersHer Space HolidayShoegazer
5Stepping TigerJackie MittooTatankaYotanka
6Eye of the TigerSurvivorSuzi
7Black TigerY&TTatankaYotanka
8Taming the TigerJoni MitchellMussoliniHeadkick
9Tiger in Your TankMuddy WatersMussoliniHeadkick
10Paper TigerBeckUncleben
11Shere Khan the TigerCarlos SantanaFred Erickson
12El Tigre del GuadarramaVainica Doblepejepeine
13Riding the TigerPhyllis HymanFred Erickson
14Ride the TigerThe Boo Radleysbarbryn
15Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)Peaking LightsDiscoMonster

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