Songs About Body Language

Mar. 3, 2021
Writer: pejepeine

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Walk On ByDionne Warwickmegadom
2Body TalkImaginationmegadom
3BootyliciousDestiny's ChildIsabelleForshaw
4Tous les Gar├žons et les FillesFran├žoise HardySuzi
5The Affectionate PunchThe AssociatesTatankaYotanka
6Cut HereThe Curehappyclapper
7Smiling Faces SometimesThe Temptationsmagicman
8It Was a Strange Time in My LifeJens LekmanLoud Atlas
9Strange Street Affair Under BlueTim BuckleyFred Erickson
11Blank ExpressionThe SpecialsParaMhor
12Body LanguageJohn Holt & Gregory IsaacsNicko
13Shakin' All OverJohnny Kidd & the PiratesOliveButler

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Nodding Your Head BluesCharles MingusBanazirGalbasi
2The Nearness of YouSarah VaughanSuzi
3Hand JiveMiles DavisNilpferd
4Give Me a Little SignBrenton WoodBanazirGalbasi
5Don't Touch My HairSolangemagicman
6Snap Your FingersBarbara Lewismagicman
7Fake HappyParamoreEnglishOutlaw
8Touch a Hand, Make a FriendThe Staple Singerssonofwebcore
9Body LanguagePatti AustinNicko
10BowSault ft Michael KiwanukaParaMhor

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