Songs About Zombies and the Undead

Feb. 24, 2021
Writer: Marco den Ouden (Marconius7)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Zombie ChristmasEmmy the Great & Tim Wheelerhappyclapper
2Zombie DelightBuck 65Shoegazer
3Zombie PropheciesThe TaikonautsPop Off!
4Zombie JamboreeHarry BelafonteOliveButler
5El Muerto VivoPeret with Marinapejepeine
6Vienen los ZombiesMister Chivopejepeine
7Living Dead Diner GirlsTommy heavenly6TarquinSpodd
8Phantom 309Red SovineTraktor Albatrost
9The Turning of Our BonesArab Strapmegadom
10Moon Over Bourbon StreetStingphilipphilip99
11ZombieThe Cranberriestreefrogdemon
12Zombie ApocalypseKing MasNicko
13Walk with the ZombieGraham Wood Drout's Iko-IkoDarceysDad

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Anthem (Living Dead) Black UhuruTatankaYotanka
2Joan CrawfordBlue Öyster CultTraktor Albatrost
3Zombie ZooTom Pettytreefrogdemon
4Black ZombieNasmagicman
5ZombieElectric MamaTarquinSpodd
6My Wife and My Dead WifeRobyn Hitchcockmegadom
7Legend of Sleepy HollowThe MonotonesTarquinSpodd
8I Could Always Eat Your BrainsHarley PoeEnglishOutlaw
9Elvis Is DeadLiving ColourSweetHomeAlabama
10Living Dead GirlRob ZombieSweetHomeAlabama
11CamouflageStan RidgwayTraktor Albatrost
12Cold Blows the WindBellowheadSuzi
13Zombie RumbleLeroi BrothersBanazirGalbasi
14ZombieBad WolvesBanazirGalbasi
15Infidel ZombieThe DickiesCarpgate
16Mi Novio Es un ZombieAlaska y DinaramaPop Off!
17Dracula's Tango (Sucker for Your Blood)Toto CoeloPop Off!
18All You ZombiesThe HootersPop Off!
19Cheer Up LondonSlavesShoegazer
20Do the ZombieMr. Baseman & the SymbolsPop Off!
21Zombie for Your LoveKim Lenz & the JaguarsPop Off!
22Plague of ZombiesScientistUncleben
23Cool ZombieAdam AntIsabelleForshaw
24Are We Not Men?Paul RolandShivSidecar
25FacesJackie Leven ft David ThomasTatankaYotanka
26Vampire BluesBlack UhuruDiscoMonster
27Dead Mum WalkingBigottUncleben
28VampirePeter ToshNicko
29Grave Situation Part 1The Burning Hellmegadom
30Zombie ProstituteVoltaireSongBarLandlord

C List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Zombi: Theme from Dawn of the DeadGoblinmegadom
2East HastingsGod Speed! You Black Emperormegadom
3Sweet Zombie KillerM. ZiPop Off!
4ZombieXavier CugatPop Off!
5John Dalton StreetGiuliano Sorginipejepeine
6White Walkers ThemeCzech Film OrchestraSongBarLandlord

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Author: Marconius7

Marconius is the creator of this index and also hosts a travel blog and a political blog. He is retired after 40 years in broadcast television. He lives in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife. They are the parents of two adult children and proud grandparents of two wonderful grandchildren.

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