Songs About Edges & Ledges

Jan. 27, 2021
Writer: Andrew Morrissey (Makinavaja)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The Razor's EdgeDefunktpejepeine
3At the Edge of the WorldBilly Mackenziephilipphilip99
4Stella MarisEinst├╝rzende Neubauten ft Meret BeckerTraktor Albatrost
6Primo on the ParapetPeter HammillTatankaYotanka
7Alas de Algod├│nVainica Doblepejepeine
8Livin' on the Fault LineThe Doobie BrothersOliveButler
9Standing on the Edge of LoveB.B. KingLoud Atlas
10Close to the EdgeYesmegadom

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Standing at the Sky's EdgeRichard HawleyToffeeBoy
2Meet on the LedgeFairport ConventionTubby Brewster
3On the EdgeOyster BandSuzi
4Estimated ProphetGrateful DeadChris7572
5Iron Sharpening IronCulturenosuchzone
6The BorderLos MocososPop Off!
7Water's EdgeNick Cave & the Bad Seedsmegadom
10Boundary RiderThe Go-BetweensNilpferd

Author: Marconius

Marconius is the creator of this index and also hosts a travel blog and a political blog. He is retired after 40 years in broadcast television. He lives in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife. They are the parents of two adult children and proud grandparents of two wonderful grandchildren.

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