Songs About What’s Normal

Dec. 2, 2020
Writer: Isabelle Forshaw

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Born This WayLady GagaLoud Atlas
2Ordinary Average GuyJoe Walshmagicman
3Everybody's WeirddEUShappyclapper
4They Say I'm DifferentBetty DavisNicko
5We Are NormalBonzo Dog Doo Dah Bandseverin
6Say GoodbyeBigg Jus (ft Jerold Marcellus Bryant)Nilpferd
7I Wouldn't Normally Do This Sort Of ThingPet Shop Boys SweetHomeAlabama
8It's Only NaturalCrowded Houseswawilg
9She's StrangeCameoamylee
10Ordinary AngelsFrente!severin
11Mr. NaturalMental as Anythingphilipphilip99
12I'm Going in a FieldIvor CutlerParaMhor
13Talkin' World War III BluesBob Dylantreefrogdemon

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1RelocateSaint Etiennehappyclapper
2Fixer UpperYard ActDiscoMonster
3It's All GoodSuperorganismMussoliniHeadkick
4We Try But We Don't Fit InDay Waveamylee
5Welcome to the Real WorldThe BusinessCarpgate
6Double Dare YaBikini KillMax Visconta Nuclerosea
7Ross Lomas, City Baby, Ignite BooksEnglish DogsCarpgate
8Empire of the SenselessThe MekonsUncleben
9Mr. WendalArrested DevelopmentMussoliniHeadkick
10Way to NormalBen Foldsswawilg
11I'm a Man You Don't Meet EverydayThe PoguesParaMhor
12Away AwayAlan PriceMarconius7
13That's LifeAretha FranklinOliveButler

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Author: Marconius

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