Songs With Great Keyboards

May 13, 2020
Writer: ParaMhor

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Swanee River BoogieAlbert AmmonsRavi Raman
2Good Golly, Miss MollyLittle RichardSongBarLandlord
3Happy New YearBeverleyvastariner
4Time of the SeasonThe ZombiesShivSidecar
5Love Action (I Believe in Love)The Human LeagueAltraEgo
6Bizarre Love TriangleNew Orderhappyclapper
7Step OnHappy MondaysUncleben
8Saturn 5Inspiral Carpetshappyclapper
9I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)Grace Jonesajostu
10GiantThe TheNilpferd
11HeartbeatsThe KnifeIsabelleForshaw
12StepVampire Weekendamylee
13HopoponoGoGo PenguinFretlessBasser
14LifeJames BookerSeth Miller
15The Sweetest GirlScritti PolittiMogdog

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Ain't That a ShameFats Domino9hairs9knots
2CherokeeArt TatumBanazirGalbasi
3Boogie RebopPiano RedTarquinSpodd
4On the ReboundFloyd Cramer9hairs9knots
5Honky CatElton Johnmagicman
6Monkey SpannerDave and Ansell CollinsShivSidecar
7My ConversationThe Uniquesmagicman
8How Can We Hang On to a DreamTim Hardinattwilightlarks
9Inflammatory WitJoanna NewsomSkippyisaCult
10Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnJerry Lee LewisRavi Raman
11Drown in My Own TearsRay CharlesNicko
12That's the Way God Planned ItBilly Prestonseverin
13Raga Megh MalharCharanjit SinghRavi Raman
14Plastic DreamsJaydeePopOff!
15ChameleonHerbie HancockTarquinSpodd
16Temperature Is RisingOtis Spanntincanman
17MemorialSusanne Sundførbarbryn
18Walk Spirit, Talk SpiritMcCoy TynerNilpferd

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