Songs Quietly Performed

May 6, 2020
Writer: Paul Hayes (DiscoMonster)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Sweet HarmonyThe Belovedvastariner
2A Canterbury TaleDreadzoneShivSidecar
3It's a Fine DayJanephilipphilip99
4Les Bras de MerCatrin Finch & Seckou KeitaSuzi
5In Paradisum (from Requiem in D minor)Gabriel Fauréattwilightlarks
6SilenceCharlie Haden with Chet Bakerflorian7
7Angel DustDJ CamNilpferd
8Melancholia IIWilliam BasinskiShoegazer
9Drunken GalleonWallsMussoliniHeadkick
10Koke'eDennis KamakahiTarquinSpodd
11Into DustMazzy Staramylee
12When Breathing StartsUlrich Drechsler Quartet with Tord GustavsenNicko
13John's Theme (Love Scene)Pino Donaggiountergunther
14Love ItselfLeonard CohenSuzi
15CradleAdrianne LenkerSeth Miller
16CellophaneFKA twigsbarbryn
17The LullCat's Eyesuntergunther
18NyalimagoteeS.E. RogieMogdog
19AmbreNils Frahmamylee
21ParallelogramsLinda PerhacsShivSidecar
22Love to ShareCarlton and the Shoesmagicman
23The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)Simon & GarfunkelAltraEgo
24Simply BeautifulAl Greenuntergunther

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