Songs About Nicknames and Pseudonyms

Jan. 15, 2020
Writer: Uncleben

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1NicknameBobby RushBanazir Galbasi
2The Gypsy Faerie QueenMarianne Faithfullbishbosh
3Django JaneJanelle Monaébarbryn
4Grinder Man BluesMemphis Slimsonofwebcore
5Miss Wire WaistCarl Malcolmpejepeine
6Baby DriverSimon & GarfunkelMussoliniHeadkick
7Windy The AssociationSweetHomeAlabama
8Ragtime Cowboy JoeSons of the Pioneersphilipphilip99
9Wolfman JackTodd RundgrenIsabelleForshaw
10Mr. PitifulOtis Reddingmagicman
11Hard HandsRay BarrettoSeth Miller
12Lady Day and John ColtraneGil Scott-Heronmegadom
13Bird's LamentMoondog and the London SaxophonicNicko

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1NimrodEdward Elgarajostu
2Railroad BillRamblin' Jack ElliottRavi Raman
3King StrutPeter Blegvadmegadom
4Black Jack DavySteeleye Spanamylee
5The JokerSteve Miller Bandtreefrogdemon
6Catfish KatePixiesNoodsy
7SpeedoRy CooderWilliamsbach
8I Was Monty's DoubleGeoffrey Oi!CottCarpgate
9Greasy Joan (One Eyed Isaac)Jake ThackraySuzi
10Granny GruntRoyal Truxnosuchzone
11Doctor LoveFirst ChoiceParaMhor
12DoomsdayMF DoomNilpferd
13Me and the GangBohannonpejepeine

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