Songs That Defy Genre

Apr. 24, 2019
Writer: nilpferd
At: The Song Bar

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Oh My GodKatzenjammerseverin
2Un DiaJuana MolinaShoegazer
3Washing Machine HeartMitskiTarquinSpodd
4OtisThe Durutti ColumnUncleben
5Egyptian GardensKaleidoscopeShivSidecar
6MilkPenguin Cafe Orchestranosuchzone
7Bitters EndRoxy Musicmagicman
8When the Revolution ComesThe Last PoetsMussoliniHeadkick
9iKendrick Lamartincanman
10Watermelon ManHerbie HancockNicko
11Midnight Black EarthBohren & der Club of GoreAbahachi
12Ganges Delta BluesRy Cooder & V.M. BhattRavi Raman

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Pretty SaroShirley Collins & Davey Grahamtreefrogdemon
2Bathtime in ClerkenwellThe Real Tuesday Weldphilipphilip99
3Come Meh WaySudan ArchivesUncleben
4GalvestonPeter Blegvad & Andy Partridgemegadom
5LavenderKen NordineOliveButler
6Human BehaviourBjörkIsabelleForshaw
9Wynona's Big Brown BeaverPrimusSweetHomeAlabama
10Skank Bloc BolognaScritti PolittiShivSidecar
11Glider EP remixes (Andrew Weatherall)My Bloody ValentineMussoliniHeadkick
12In the KitchenMatthew HerbertUncleben

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