Songs About Fractions

Sept. 26, 2018
Writer: ParaMhor
At: The Song Bar

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1TaxmanThe Beatlesmegadom
2Obscurity KnocksThe Trashcan Sinatrasbishbosh
31 Hour 1/2 AgoRain ParadeShivSidecar
4Mein HerrLiza MinnelliGreatGrendel
5Definition of a KingTwo Kings in a Cipherpejepeine
6DelawareDrop NineteensSkydog7
799 and 1/2Mavis StaplesSeth Miller
844 BluesMemphis Slim & Willie DixonRavi Raman
9Halfway to ParadiseBilly FuryBeltway Bandit
10Half the Perfect WorldMadeleine Peyrouxseverin
11A Very Small Piece of the Real WorldRobb JohnsonTatankaYotanka
12InchwormKurt Wagner Shoegazer
13Cassava PieceAugustus PabloUncleben

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Sixty Minute ManBilly Ward & his DominoesNicko
2Quarter to ThreeGary U.S. BondsTarquinSpodd
3Three Into Two Won't GoZZ Hillnosuchzone
4Splitting in TwoAlternative TVuneasy listening
5Eric the Half a BeeMonty Pythonsonofwebcore
6Half Cut, Wholly YoursJackBethnoir
7Half Heaven, Half HeartacheGene PitneyMarconius7
8Eight Men, Four WomenO. V. Wrightattwilightlarks
9Three Pieces of My HeartBella HardySuzi
10Half CasteThin Lizzyphilipphilip99
11Quatre MainsdEUShappyclapper
12Half OunceJoe Gibbs & the Professionalsmagicman
13Pearl of the QuarterSteely DanToffeeBoy

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