Songs About Deserts

June 7, 2018
Writer: Scott Blair (misterbadexample)
At: The Guardian

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1In a Big CountryBig Countrybuskerdoo
2Midnight at the OasisThe Brand New HeaviesLuDux22
3ContrastCount FivePairubu
4Mon LégionnaireEdith Piafsuzi
6Antarctica Starts HereJohn CalePairubu
7Mojave WintersBrenda KahnBlueMagus
8Shnitzled in the NegevShpongleScorchTheBlueDragon
9A Horse With No NameHorace AndyLyntonCrosby
10MirageSiouxsie & the BansheesShoegazer
11Traveller in the DesertTinariwenMussoliniheadkick
1229 PalmsRobert Plantmikedow

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
3Desert KnightIhab DarwishameliaAD
4Hotter Than the Mojave in My HeartIris Dementjrowen81
5Desert RavenJonathan WilsonRichard Banks
6Desert SongMichael Schenker Groupphilipphilip99
7No One KnowsQueens of the Stone AgeDavid Kelly
8Dry Is the DesertScreeching WeaselPairubu
9Charlton HestonStumpvastariner
10Pressure DropToots & the MaytalsLilyDale
11There's Just Nothing Better Than a BeardThe BeardsFatherChewyLouie
12The Sands of MexicoThe Chieftains ft Ry Cooderjrowen81
13He Told Her the City Was Killing HimThe DelinesDarceysDad
14Far from Any RoadThe Handsome Familyattwilightlarks2
15Nights Over EgyptThe Jones GirlsSpotTheWhopper

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