Songs About New Orleans

May 24, 2018
Writer: George Boyland (sonofwebcore)
At: The Guardian

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1My Dawlin' New OrleansL'il Queenie & the PercolatorsLyntonCrosby
2Steamboat StompJelly Roll Morton & his Red Hot Peppersmagicman
3New OrleansGary U.S. BondsAddicks123
4New Orleans (After the City)The Hot 8 Brass BandGreatGrendel
5The Lakes of PontchartrainPaul Bradysuzi
6Congo SquareSonny Landrethdave56
7Marie LaveauDr. JohnLyntonCrosby
8Lady MarmaladeLabelleFuel
9La danse de Mardi GrasThe Balfa BrothersMussoliniheadkick
10Meet de Boys on the BattlefrontThe Wild Tchoupitoulasngoo
11Later, On DecaturDave FerratoID877151
12Black RainBen Harperstevenjameshyde
13This CitySteve EarleGreatGrendel

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1HoustonMary Chapin Carpenterthoughtballoons
2Bourbon Street BluesLouis PrimaLyntonCrosby
3New Orleans FunctionLouis ArmstrongBeyondOurKev
4New Orleans The Staple SingersJustthem
5Street ParadeEarl Kingattwilightlarks
6Devil's QueenBlack Stone Cherrymisterbadexample
7Mardi Gras MamboThe Hawkettespmarfleet
8My Indian RedDr. JohnRavi Raman
9They Wore BlueOtis TaylorFuel
10Witch Queen of New OrleansRedboneRavi Raman
11Take Me to the Mardi GrasPaul SimonMaggie B
12Bourbon Street ParadeWynton Marsalisdrunkenpanda
13Jock-a-MoJames "Sugar Boy" CrawfordFMastropolo
14Canal Street BluesJohn Lee HookerStevenFlanagan
15Big Bad JohnJimmy DeanSpotTheWhopper
16Message to MichaelDionne Warwickseverin
17HomeCowboy MouthRavi Raman
18ChaptersCha Wauntergunther
19New Orleanian Love SongChristian Scott aTunde Adjuahnilpferd
20MagnoliaWilliam TopleyDarceysDad

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