Going through the Topics I find that there has not been one with drums or percussion as the subject. Percussion has a very long rich and varied musical history. From combs and spoons to pots, cans and skins we all seem to tap a beat or tattoo as the mood takes us.
Can think of a few right off in the R&B/Rock genre
* T.N.U.C by Grand Funk Railroad
* Toad by Cream
* Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock version) by Santana
* Hobbit by Ten Years After
And here’s one from my own land: (we also have a very special instrument – a pot called the Ghatam – part of the Shakti ensemble)
Bet the RR faithful will come up with loads more

Suggested by Ravi Raman

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Songs featuring screams, falsetto,

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Severin’s List

Storms and Extreme Weather
Crossdressing (and disguising as opposite sex)
Churches, Temples and Mosques
Unreliable Narrators
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I looked under “F” for fireworks, I looked under “P” for pyrotechnic displays… but I don’t think that we’ve had much opprtunity to nominate Katy Perry’s best known (?) song. Yet. Obviously, it might have to wait until next year now.

Sugested by Zalamanda.

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Fairground Attraction?

We seem to have neglected this blog of late. I recall that JonD said the best way to suggest a topic was to send him an e-mail, so I shall do that as well as sharing this with the class.

Anyway, I don’t think we’ve had funfairs yet. Or circuses, which could be bundled in with  fairs if the guru feels like it (although I rather think each would be fertile ground for a list apiece). Obviously, we do run the risk of multiple nominations of a certain Simply Red song for the former…

Suggested by Zalamanda

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SweetHomeAlabama List II

• Love, forbidden – Their spouse, parents, friends, society, or (gulp) the law disapproves

• Clergy – Preachers, priests, rabbis, imams, and more

• songs based on classical music compositions

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One of my friends on Facebook was looking for songs about housework (inspired by the video for Queen’s “I Want to Break Free”).

I did a quick Google search for songs about housework but didn’t come up with much. Apparently there is a B-52s song called Housework, but that’s about it.

I’m sure we coud do better…

Potential overlap with “Domestic Songs” but the lists don’t seem to really cover much in the way of cookin’ and cleanin’.

Suggested by Zalamanda

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Living A Quiet Life

A lot of rock ‘n’ roll and, indeed, other genres, likes to live life in the, um, fast lane; partying, having fun, making lots of noise. But there are, I think, a fair few songs that celebrate the quieter pleasures in life. Perhaps they even complain about their noisy neighbours (who may even reside in the adjacent album track!).

Possibly any such list would be disproportionately populated by aging pop stars and wimpy 30 somethings, but I still think it could be interesting.

Edit: This was also suggested by Zalamanda.

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I suggested this on a RR blog a year or two ago. We’ve had “school”, but folks learn stuff outside of traditional schools, and there is quite often a “teacher” of some sort involved. Of course, there is also the formal setting of higher education, which I don’t think was covered by Dorian’s list.

It would be nice to focus on the personalities of the people who impart knowledge. Hopefully in a mostly good way.

Suggested by Zalamanda
(who also had another really good idea that she’s forgotten).

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Songs about people with low self-esteem

Either about another person, or when the singer/narrator is that person.


Similarly: Songs about emotional blackmail


Suggested by treefrogdeon

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